193 countries officially adopted the historic new agenda ‘Transforming Our World’

While millions of people are spellbound by falsehoods, actual threats go unheeded and unchecked.

The conspiracy to turn the world into a giant marketplace for the benefit of the wealthy elite is not a conspiracy theory.

The corporates of the fossil fuel industry and the fallacy of man made climate change. The raking in of trillions of dollars by transnational multi-stakeholder corporations.

A Global Corporate One World Governance of human incorporating human capital. People, planet a profit, lots and lots of profit.

The massive conspiracy to rape the world of its carbon based planet by using carbon capturing mechanisms. Without carbon life on earth cannot survive. Jacinda Ardern announces ‘Climate Emergency’ in Parliament ‘Zero Carbons Act’.

Has the world gone insane?. Wake up people the earth is a carbon based planet.

Follow the money, always follow the money.

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