Gaia Goddess-(Mother Earth) teaches that an “Earth spirit”, goddess, or planetary brain must be protected.  It is this belief that fuels the environmental movement, sustainable development, and a global push for the return of industrialized nations to a more primitive way of life.

, Gaia has named Christianity as the obstacle to human evolution and our spiritual destiny.  A document mandated by the U.N.-sponsored Convention on Biological Diversity, the Global Biodiversity Assessment, explicitly refers to Christianity as a faith that has set humans apart from nature and stripped nature of its sacred qualities.

The UN condemning Christianity as the root of all ecological evil, the document goes on to praise Buddhism and Hinduism as they “did not depart as drastically from the perspective of humans as members of a community of beings including other living and non-living elements”.  Non-Christian religions are definitely favored by the global government as good stewards of Mother Earth.

Members of this “Green Religion” will all agree that the Earth is in a crisis state and this ecological emergency is the result of Christian traditions. Thus Progressive churches, Eco Churches worldwide, as well as in New Zealand are bastardizing Christianity

At the core of all environmental Eco-Socialist Marxist legislatgions, policies lives Gaia, Greek Goddess- Mother Earth. Why are Indigenous Peoples worldwide being used to be the leaders, voices of action for these Global Elitists? For more information please  CLICK ON THE LINK TO MORE INDEPTH INFORMATION IN THE ABOVE IMAGE THIS WILL LINK YOU TO MY RUMBLE VIDEO.


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The brutality, force used on the citizens of Victoria Australiaby Victoria’s police force is nothing new, it has seriously escalated since COVID19 lockdowns, restrictions.

One barrister acting on behalf of a victim relating to police violence made a report to the United Nations.

Although the UN have stated that the victim’s human rights were violated, the UN itself really has no powers.  After all the leader of the Security Council is a member of the Chinese Communist Party.

The UN Charter authorizes the UN Security Council to investigate crimes against humanity, however the leader of the Security Council is one of the worst Human Rights abusers in the world.

The voice of the United Nations fell on the deaf ears of Daniel Andrews.

Daniel Andrews has been the Premier of Victoria since 2010. He is a loyal Socialist leftist, that has close connections to the evil Chinese Communist Party



Australian Security Forces General Mike Burgess reported that he anticipates  a main security threat on Australian soil by Sunni terrorist and right wing extremists. New Zealand Government is non-transparant in its reporting of Islamic terrorism.

Globally,  nationalism is being labelled as right wing terrorism, white supremacy.  Anyone opposing the political narrative is character assassinated, this is a tool used to shut opposing political beliefs down.  Political Freedom has been deliberately targeted by the far left, Socialists-Marxists.

The United Nations have documented that nationalism is a threat,  the rise of Islamic terrorism is being seriously undermined.

The Islamic terrorist who viciously stabbed seven people in a New Lynn shopping mall only weeks later has been covered up in a veil of silence. The prime minister and Andrew Little blaming unqualified mental assessment reports.  The Government deliberately  failed to report that jurors had to watch horrific video’s of beheadings, that the terrorist had in his possession.

Andrew Little has been obsessed with his head down and his bum up trying to put together Hate speech laws to target patriots, those who put the best interests of the people of New Zealand first.

Patriotism, Nationalism has become what UN Member Nations leaders label as ‘Modern Day Terrorism’.

New Zealand Government’s loyalty rises above the safety of New Zealand citizens, this is a consequence of making  commitments to UN International laws relating to migrants and refugee’s.   Even when Refugee Status is taken away,  an Islamic Terrorist is rewarded with New Zealand residency, instead of deportation. One must wonder how many more Islamic Terrorists are residing in New Zealand!




Motoring has become an obstacle course in urban/city areas in New Zealand. Planter boxes in the middle of suburbia and cities. What else does modern technology have in store for us beside E Scooters and E Bikes?

The deploying of modern technologies what are the risks that may impact on millions of people living in urban/city area’s?

Should we be concerned what the future holds for our  children and grandchildren with the governments planned ‘sustainable solutions’ and  their build back better schemes?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Britain’s National Security Agency reports we should be very concerned



Scott Morrison was adamant that he would be the one who would lead the charge in asserting authority in Australia, not an International body such as the United Nations.

When the United Nations replaced the League of Nations in 1945. Many countries actually believed that the UN had that much power it could maintain peace worldwide, and still 194 UN Member Countries cling to the apron strings of the UN.

The New Zealand Government was one of the founding nations of the United Nations. The New Zealand Government is more loyal to the Globalist One World Government than to Nationalism and Patriotism.

After 70 plus years in existence 194 UN Member State leaders still believe that the UN have so much power it can make poverty on this planet disappear. They believe that everyone on this planet will live in this wonderful world of Utopia, no more conflict, how disillusioned they all are.

Scott Morrison the Prime Minister of Australia had simply had enough when he like Trump was determine Australia would remain a sovereign nation not ruled by a one world international body.