Starting with a history lesson:- 1957 A special presentation of a feathered Maori cloak was given to Chair Mao Zedong by a pioneer film maker Ramai Te Miha Hayward on behalf of the 5th  Māori King Koroki as a gift of goodwill (Beehive). Pita Sharples and the Prime Minister Delegation were involved in a ceremony at the National Museum in Beijing on 12th April 2013, they were there to bring the Māori cloak back to NZ. The cloak was displayed at Te Papa Wellington from 13/6/2013 for one week. Chairman Mao Zedong has a huge legacy of mass murder (Heritage Foundation) The greatest mass murder of the 20th century. Referenced in the ‘Black Book of Communism’ He murdered an estimated 65 million Chinese people he was merciless in his attempts to create a new ‘socialist’ China. Anyone who opposed him was executed, tortured, imprisoned or died of starvation. He forced famine on millions of Chinese people. He was named as the ‘major accomplishment of the ‘Great Cultural Revolution’ 1966-1976, the transformation of China by using the mass weapon of fear. Mao ordered ‘collectivization of China’s agriculture under the slogan of ‘The Great Leap Forward’ A deadly combination of lies about grain production, disastrous farming methods, misdistribution of food that forced the worse famine in human history. Gangs of Red Guards, women and young men aged between 14-21yrs old targeted enemies of the State especially teachers. Chinese people were ordered to get down on their hand and knees and bark like dogs. However Chairman Mao Zedong still remains the most honored figure of the Chinese Communist Party (In the spirit of Chairman Zedong)

If China’s flag had a big swastika across it the NZ Government would still probably do business with the CCP. Robert Muldoon met with Chairman Mao on 30th April 1976 on his trip to China ( The first visit of a NZ PM to China. Thus a new relationship with China was established by Parliamentarian leaders. 1920 The Communist Party was founded in NZ. The Socialist Unity Party was formed in 1966 with a strong position as to pro Chairman Mao. The CP (NZ) made frequent trips to China on numerous occasions in 1967. The Communist Party of NZ produced the weekly newspaper called ‘The Peoples Voice’ and the monthly ‘NZ Communist Review’ at a far left bookshop in Derby Street, off Queen St, in Auckland. It was called ‘Progressive Books’

Ray Nunes and a communist delegation went to Albania to address ideological differences on their return to NZ, the Communist Party adopted a ‘pro Mao Zedong Resolution’. Former members of the NZ Communist Party included VG Wilcox, Alec Ostler, Don Ross. In 1988 the CP (NZ) changed its name to the ‘Organization for  Marxist Unity’ this was founded with new far left students and ex CP (NZ) members. In 1980 Ron Smith of the Wellington Marxist Leninist organization merged with the Northern Communist Organization to form the ‘Workers Communist League. Later they absorbed a smaller Marxist group called the ‘Workers Party’, they too declared their support ‘in the spirit of Chairman Mao’ and were a signatory to the ‘Declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement in March 1984. Later just remnants of the Communist Party in NZ remained until it merged with the International Socialist Organization in 1994. (Ardern being the President of the International Socialist Youth Org.,) Their politics based on Socialism/communism. Hence the Communist- Socialist merger of what then became another Party called the ‘Socialist Workers Party’. The extreme left wing communist party of Aotearoa. (Pro Chairman Mao)

Ray Nunes was influential in forming the Communist Party of NZ under the spirit of the murderous Chairman Mao and founded the Workers Party in 1991. The Socialist/Communist Workers Party published the ‘Spark’ describing themselves as ‘pro Mao Zedong’. There former National Party leader was Daphne Whitmore, other influences were Philip Ferguson and Don Franks. June 2011 these individuals joined with other member of the ‘Workers Socialist Party NZ’ to launch an online publication called ‘Redline’. They were previously called the ‘Anti Capitalist Alliance’ a Socialist/ Communist political party.

In 2013 they transformed from a mass socialist workers party to a ‘fighting Marxist socialist communist propaganda group’ called ‘Fight Back’. Rebecca Broad was the National organizer and secretary. They campaigned, organized themselves in workplaces as field candidates in local and general elections. 2007 The Workers Socialist Party stood in four mayoral elections Christchurch, Wellington, Dunedin and Waitakere, Auckland. Rebecca Broad was the candidate for Waitakere. In July 2008 they produced four candidates for the general elections. In 2011 they resigned from the elections, their registration cancelled in May 2011. Teacher, Paul Hopkinson stood in the 2005 election, he was charged after burning the NZ Flag and was suspended as candidate for Christchurch General Election as the ‘Workers Party Candidate’. Joe Cosgrove of the socialist Workers Party was president of Victoria University Wellington Students Association 2008.

Byron Clark a influential member of the Workers Party stood as Mayoral Candidate in 2007 (Scoop News 20/8/2007). He described himself as a History Student and a Retail Worker. It was Byron Clark that recently authored the book ‘FEAR’ NZ’s Hostile Underworld of Extremists in February this year. Clark obsessed with gaslighting what he calls the ’Alt Right’ of NZ. The book advertised as Non fiction however several reviews would argue with that.  Newsroom reported his book as a best seller on 2/3/2023. However reviews include ‘lack of evidence’, badly classified. Cries of fascism in the book by anonymous persons namely X and X X X and another X. Calling the WEF a conspiracy theory.

Clarks book using political ideology, presenting little to no evidence, lack of demonstratable activity are paragraphs flawed. Clark being a commentator of government owned TVNZ1. Commentator for Stuff NZ and Newshub. Govt funded news media.  Clark was a guest writer of the SpinOff he authored an article about the ‘Women and the Alt Right in New Zealand.  Lauren Southern  and closer to home Carol Sakey with her campaign and video against the UN Global Compact of Migration. Other names he stated were Hannah Tamaki, Helen Houghton, Hannah from Counter spin and Voices for Freedom.

Byron Clark The Socialist/Communist Workers Party Activist that promoted tee shirts for sale that raised $1,000 to go directly to the Terrorists the Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. T Shirts written across them “Resistance is not Terrorism’. A 48 page pamphlet released by the Workers Party Clark was named as the contact as supporting the PFLP Terrorist group that is committed to extreme violence. Is a designated terrorist entity in four out of the Five Eyes countries.(Not designated as terrorist by NZ Prime Ministers Cabinet).

Byron Clark notes that “ The PFLP – socialist around the world their duty is to support the PFLP.  In one of the Workers Party’s articles they support a women terrorist from the PFLP who threatens to blow up passenger airlines.  Of course Byron Clark will try and worm his way out of this supporting of his comrades selling Tee Shirts to fund a Terrorism.  His own post on ‘Fight Back’ website in 2009 reports that ‘All profits from Tee Shirts go directly to fund the PFLP

PFLP the politically,  militarily PFLP. It was in 2010 that the Workers Party referring to raising money to support the PFLP. The United Nations Security Council 1st November 2021 reported the PFLP as a murderous terrorist organization responsible for countless terrorist attacks against Israelis and other nationals. The PFLP have been reported as a Palestinian Militant Group that takes part in suicide attacks. Making the martyr of female suicide bombers and military use of children. Another reference to Byron Clark ‘Plain Sight’ March 6th 2023.


INCLUDES:  Clark was a prominent member of the Workers Party – a socialist activist group – that raised money for the PFLP through the sale of T-shirts with ‘Resistance Is Not Terrorism’ emblazoned across them

A PDF 48 PAGE Byron Clark’s Socialist Workers Party Pamphlet by John Edmundson is well worth a read.

Yet Mainstream Media allow Byron Clark to character assassinate law abiding citizens, tell terrible lies about them. Including me that I inspired the Mosque Attacks yet complaints about this to Human Rights Commission, Broadcasting Council, Ombudsman they do zilch.

A very important informational video has been produced by Trevor Loudon. His report on the Pro Beijing NZ National Security Threat by the Communist Chinese Party and the political influences within parliament itself. Refers to the manipulations of minority populations, Hipkins and others abetting the Beijing agenda. The Chinese Communist Party buying up farmland m in New Zealand




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Mainstream media report ‘Warns Rates Payers of Rates Rise Shock’ that they could face a 13% increase in their rates, and a 9.5% increase in water bills this year. A combined cost for the average household $4,900 during a cost of living crisis. Auckland Council warns that this is likely to worsen next year. Auckland Council is in debt to the tune of $12.4 Billion, plus interest on this massive debt, add inflation and depreciation. More Public Assets may be sold off (Public assets owned by the public), there has been a substantial offer to purchase the Ports Of Auckland by DP World based in Dubai. Mayor Wayne Brown inherited all of these huge problems from the previous Mayor Phil Goff. New Zealanders are facing significant increases in the  basic living expenses, increased rents, mortgages, loans, fuel and services Central Government are call for the return on GST on Rates and Crown Properties.

Surely this is enough, and we keep saying ‘enough is enough’ Wayne Brown also inherited a much bigger problem from Phil Goff that is hugely detrimental to all New Zealand Citizens. Phil Goff made absolutely sure that Auckland’s membership to the C40 global network would continue by renewing Auckland City membership to the C40 Network before he left office. C40 Cities Global Network is a collaboration between C40 Mayors and the Mayors Migration Council. The Global Mayors Migration Council  advises local mayors on policies on Climate and Migration  that focuses on a ‘Climate Crisis’. Global mayors of C40 Cities are ‘front line’ to mass migration in cities worldwide.

It is documented C40 Cities goal is to ‘achieve a COVID-19 Pandemic Green Recovery’. The integration, inclusion of migrants and displaced environmental migrants to be implemented by C40 city mayors. City mayors to include urban policies inclusive of non discrimination against migrants. Global Mayors to accelerate the Global Response to Climate Migration. The C40 Cities and Global Mayors Task Force on Climate migration launched in June 2021 bringing together mayors worldwide. Accelerating local, national, regional response to climate mitigation in cities namely ‘Valuable lessons for a future of greater mobility’.

Open Borders and illegal migration. The Global Agenda of COP26, action on climate migration by local, national, international key actors. Huge risks to New Zealand’s Security. Open Borders:  Risks are:- False passports, child trafficking, slave labour, terrorism. Drug cartels, weapons etc., Open borders are a massive risk puts individuals, communities at risk and a threat to public health. Auckland Council (Local Government) and Central Government are not telling you about the Global Mayors Migration Task Force. The economic, social and political problems this will include, the adverse effects on public health and education services, civil unrest and much stricter legislations. The need for a larger police force. The latest figures show that application  numbers to join the police force has  decreased by 48.5%.  Over the last few years policing is shown to be not so an attractive career to be in. Larger migration risks deterioration in the rural and urban sectors.

Governments worldwide have committed themselves to doing everything possible to facilitate the integration of migrants/ refugees..C40 Mayors inspire a coalition of city and National governments, multilateral organizations, financial institutions for the urbanized dimension of Climate and Human Mobility. The adoption of the endorsed:-

Put people at the centre of climate action (Climate migrants)   *Leveraging reserves from COVID-19    *Promote inclusive climate equitable climate actions   *Recognize ‘Climate Crisis’ impacts  *The vulnerability of the marginalized people-migrants and displaced peoples *Help migrants adapt in a way that preserves their assets, their rights and their dignity   *Ensure migrants fundamental rights of access to services regardless of migration status  * Legal or non legal status. (Open Borders) *To Promote good quality jobs for migrants and displaced people including in the informal sector  *Recognize migrants contribution to ‘greening’ local economies and the delivery of climate action  *Partner with migrants, displaced people- amplify their voices in local policy making, in national and global advocacy.

Cities (C40) to meet and exceed these goals that are already set out in the UN Global Compact of Migration (Peters signed in December 2018) and the UN New York Refugee’s Declaration 2016 also the Paris agreement and other UN Global Agenda’s. Of which NZ Parliamentarians over decades are a party to 1900 UN Agreements. The Mayors Migration Council advises City Mayors to shape National, International policies on migration, displaced people. Wayne Brown inheritance of $12 Billion plus debt from previous Mayor Phil Goff. Plus Interest – plus inflation and depreciation. Warning 13% increase of rates and 9.4% increase of water bills, less services.

The selling of assets the public own. Add providing more services, huge added costs of infrastructure. Increased waiting at hospitals, doctors. Lack of rentals now, higher mortgages, higher rents. The inability to measure Carbon Dioxide and other chemical because the Keeling Curve has been wiped out by an erupting volcano in Hawaii. An observatory is wiped out by lava flow,  where the Keeling Curve Detectors are located near the top of the erupting volcano, which is crucial to measuring Carbon Dioxide and other chemicals in the atmosphere worldwide. And still the political liars keep bullying throwing the farms under their tractors, using them as their whipping boy. Pushing plant based foods, C40 Plant based city. Planning to decreasing dairy, beef and sheep numbers. The Auckland Council Events want to measure your carbon footprint. Be deliberately ignorant to struggling New Zealand Citizens whom face  economical and social disharmony, an uncertainty about their future.

Those political cronies from the cesspit of Wellington on their general election campaign paths, tell you all those things that you want to hear, its their golden opportunity to get their feet back in the door to continue to do what they have always done.. do what they want to do, follow the global agenda deliberately ignore the citizens of New Zealand.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This is Communist De Growth.

Researched by Carol Sakey




DO YOU KNOW JUST HOW BIG THE PORKIES ARE THEY ARE THAT DRIBBLE OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS? Here is one of the biggest porkies on CO2 Greenhouse Emissions.

Countries worldwide rely of IPCC Assessment Reports in the decision making around Climate Change Policies, decision making, regulations. I have researched IPCC where I have found information that states ‘high accuracy of atmospheric CO2 concentrations were initiated by Charles David Keeling in 1958, that constitute the series of documenting the changing composition of the atmosphere. This has iconic status in climate change science as the evidence of human activities on the chemical composition of the global atmosphere.

Keeling’s measurements on the global carbon cycle are used effectively today and record the burning of fossil fuel.  To record fossil fuel emissions, demonstrate long term changes in the exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere, biosphere and oceans. The Keeling Curve is necessary in IPCC Assessments. The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii measures the carbon dioxide molecules in dry air. Data collected is namely the Keeling Curve. This has been a critical measurement in climate science since the late 1950’s. The location of the Keeling Carbon Dioxide Detectors are on a site high on the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano. The CO2 measurements globally are measured on the high slopes of a Hawaiian volcano. The elevation level is 3,400m top of the volcano elevation is just over 4100m

Volcano’s emit carbon dioxide, thus the carbon dioxide measurements cannot be trusted, therefore they do not know whether global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is rising or not. The Mauna Loa Observatory has played a critical role in record gathering for more than 60 years by charting inexplorable rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  But now the lava is flowing, the volcano erupted in November 2022, cut access and power to the site, halting critical monitoring. Detailed record taking since the late 1950’s, says Ralph Keeling son of David Keeling who is the Director of the Carbon Program at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  He said “Of all the evidence scientists have collected about our planets health, none is more important than a long running climate record gathered at the lonely post a top of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano”. Saying “Its played a critical role in understanding global climate change by charting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Its reported that the Mauna Loa Observatory is the world’s foremost monitoring site for Carbon dioxide and other altering greenhouse gases, CO2 monitoring has now been put on hold. Peiter Tans former scientist with NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory stated “there is no other CO2 monitoring site with the same advantages as the Hawaiian Observatory, it’s the worlds foremost observatory for Greenhouse gases. This has caused climate scientists huge concern. He also said the Mauna Loa record loss increases uncertainty of relationships of tracing CO2 and drought, and other climate anomalies on a seasonal and annual basis.

What Climate Scientists measure is about the sum of all their predictions wrapped up in an erupting volcano going up in ash, and lava slivering down the sides of the volcano. The Mauna Loa eruption of 1855 began in a similar location and sent lava flowing down the side of the volcano. That one lasted for six months. Its reported the  prospect of a similarly long pause in operations makes efforts to establish interim solutions all the more critical. For now, seismic activity is continuing beneath the currently active fissure, according to the U.S. Geologic Survey. The ground continues to rumble because magma is still rising up into it. When it will stop is anyone’s guess. But IPCC Climate Change Report was released on 2oth March 2023. The 2023 Global Stock take under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report.  The  measuring of Carbon Dioxide in the air globally, where methane emissions are significant.

A US Geological Survey (Gov) update reported the Mauna Loa Volcano as fast moving lava flows that happen on average every 6 years. Since 1843 has erupted 33 times. However, IPCC, Climate Scientists states that the Observatory on the Volcano is crucial in measuring Carbon Dioxide globally, green house emissions, chemicals in the atmosphere? Surely this is enough proof that you are being told a whopping porkie. This is about control of population worldwide. Its about the dilution of sovereign nations (countries) to a one world of global corporate capture. Of Stakeholder Capitalism to destroy farmers and small businesses. To destroy the Free Market Enterprising economy. Free market (Freedom to choose). It’s about Mass Migration implemented through a global Migration Task Force. It saddens me to hear at the Farmers Groundswell gathering at Ellerslie yesterday that so many farmers have bought into this global warming crap. I totally support the farmers, so I feel very sad about this.



Carol Sakey


We the people need to drain the swamp again another UN Agreement signed by the Labour Party only a few weeks before the General Election. I question how legal is this when Parliament has already broken up and resumes by different parties, hopefully when Parliament reopens..?? Daily Telegraph NZ 22nd September 2023 reported Winston accuses Mahuta of breaking constitutional convention over UN Agenda 2030 Agreement signing. Nanaia Mahuta has signed the ‘Beyond Biodiversity National Jurisdiction Agreement (BBNJ) at the UN in New York on 21st September 2023. Winston Peters has accused her of breaking the ‘caretaker government’ constitutional convention in signing the international UN agreement.

This agreement is part of the accelerated push across the world of the UN Agenda 2030 Global Development Goals (SDGs). To manage at lease 30% of the worlds terrestrial and inland water area by the year 2030. Parliament has already risen and its less than 2 weeks from when early voting begins which is the 2nd October 2023. This should have been left for the next government to deal with. Mahuta when interviewed said she was doing this on behalf of Aotearoa New Zealand. Wrong the name of our country is still officially New Zealand you will not find Aotearoa on the world map. The dirty tricks of Labour, this UN Agreement is open for signatures for another two years, but she chose to do this just before the election. Why would you ever trust those behind the closed doors of Parliament, of course they all knew about this, but they all kept it secret from the public eye, until it was signed. There you have it, this means that UN approval will be required when it comes to shipping and deep sea mining, all activity on the high seas. This also means the inclusion of a diverse range of voices beyond UN Nation States (Beyond New Zealand) The BBNJ is legally binding under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). This was agreed upon under the Kunming-Montreal Global Diversity Framework in December 2022

The Kunming Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework was adopted at COP15 it represented the most ambitious global agreement on biodiversity in the history of environmental governance, serves as the worlds framework for actions taken at all levels as to worldwide biodiversity. This has extensive provisions as well as reference to ‘survey activities, prospecting, exploitation in relation to seabed mining. The implementing of sustainability and blue economic objectives. The agreement Mahuta signed is interlinked with the SDG’s of Agenda 2030, namely to contribute to the realization of the ASDGs learning opportunities (SDG4) gender equality (SDG5), sustainable economic growth (SDG8 and climate action (SDG 13), Oceans (SDG14) All Global Goals.

Agenda 2030 Target 14.C aims to enhance the conservation sustainable use of the oceans and their resources by implementing this international law under the Convention, with international efforts on the attainment of the SDGs by using science, education and gender empowerment as drivers for this one world global transformation. The UN Agreement Mahuta provides a legal basis for partnerships with the private sector and holders of traditional knowledge. Drives a codification of new norms. The Global Biodiversity Frameworks refers to ‘valuing nature after COP 15, systems, policy, action. The key takeaways include- Giving corporate sectors an economic reason to act in support of the GDF objectives. Where Nature is essential to the global economy, in accounting systems and corporations etc.,  Today there are Public/Private asset classes that offer ‘nature positive investments’. Leaders of Governments help scale up so called sustainable investments by detailing policies, objectives of  the Global Biodiversity Framework (Corporate Capture)

The GBF articulated by the Kunming Montreal COP15 is Agenda 2030 Target 19 focuses on the mobilization of US$200 billion annually by 2030 from public and private sources, is crucial for large businesses, corporations and governments. New Zealand Government joined nearly 200 parties in adopting the Kunming Montreal Biodiversity Framework on 19th December 2022 at COP 15 meeting all but two countries signed up to this. Conservation Minister Poto Willians refers this global deal of nature as protecting land and oceans, ecosystems where the government committed to $1.3 billion to International Climate Finance to support global ambition. NZ doubling its contribution to the Global Environment Facility to $23.5 million

Poto Williams states “The global biodiversity framework recognizes the essential contribution of Maori and other Indigenous peoples to UN Sustainable management, and now we must partner with others to play our part. To implement our commitments through Te Mana  o te Taiao” . NZ Government introduced a National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity (NPSIB). This includes a Biodiversity Credit System Iwi Elite and Government Partnership. The growing interest in investing in Nature partnering with Local and Central Govt.






Carol Sakey


FEBRUARY 2023. New Zealand Visa Officers told to ignore criminal activity of migrants to New Zealand. ‘Take them on face value’. RNZ Reported that Immigration officers were told to ignore criminal convictions and investigations, not to read supporting documents on visa applications, not to check work visas at the border so as to accelerate migration visa’s much faster. A completely corrupt visa regime of what is namely UN irregular (Non Legal’ Migration introduced into NZ. Where non-legal becomes legal, where dummy  visa’s were allegedly approved. A system that is completely corrupt and put the people of NZ at serious security risk. Immigration Staff told Stuff about their concerns, about the visa regime. A senior INZ official Peter Elms admitting that visas have been manipulated by bad actors. Now more staff have come forward saying there are serious issues right across the system, which include visitor and student visa’s, where there has been a streamlined approach and this has been mandated

Multiple officials have told Stuff that they were told to ignore criminal convictions and investigations when granting visa’s and residency to individuals. They were told not to open and check attachments on visa applications as this would delay processing times.  Staff told to accept visa’s on face value. One officer tried to decline application under the AEQV scheme, but was over-ruled by senior managers. It was reported there were genuine concerns about an employer exploiting migrants, but a senior manager told them “it had gone over their heads” and he had been told to issue the visa. Officers have said they are deeply unhappy about the migration directives, a lot of officers have left their jobs gone elsewhere to work, many were emotionally affected, because they wanted to do the right thing, and what was happening did not sit well on their conscience.

We are talking about migrants that have committed serious crimes and still issued visa’s. The deliberate ignoring of the risk of serious security issues that are implanted into NZ Society. Visa staff being told to ignore alerts on clients that are criminals. Border staff being told not to intervene where there are question marks on newly arriving work visa holder. Do Not Check them, let them go. There are tensions with many Customs officers whom know this is wrong. Reports of concerns see no action taken. Referencing 200 cases per day of suspicious arrivals. Border staff have been under significant pressure, and concerns about reducing security barriers, allowing what is namely a ‘light touch assessment’

Last November a general instruction to Visa Staff re-classify some high risk applications for a more ‘streamlined’ approach. The removal of human decision making by operating a system called ADEPT, means there is to be no records of area’s of concern. Visa Branch staff under significant pressure not to open documents, just approve and approve and approve.. just approve them. Referencing fake bank statements, CV’s, references and pieces of paper with the typed words “Bless you”. Visa officers were threatened with Performance Improvement Plans if they did not make enough decisions and so called ‘shout outs’, that is ‘shout outs’ to those that passed the most visa applicants. Visa staff have spoken out because they cannot see they themselves can force change, they don’t want to see migrant exploitation, morale is bad amongst many visa officers. They say the upper management will only listen if this hits the media. Visa staff have been told to close their eyes to what is going on, jut hit ‘approve’. Acting head of Immigration Catriona Robinson said that the govt agency constantly reviews and adjusts settings to speed economic recovery- open border. Obviously means open to crims, and  a serious security risk for all of New Zealand when we do not know who are crossing our borders. She could not provide accurate numbers of fraudulent visa’s arriving in New Zealand.

This leaves NZ open, exposed to human trafficking, organized crime, illicit goods, weapons and drugs. Illegal migration by individuals of terrorist groups, jihadists. Human trafficking is a global business generating approximately $150 billion in illegal profits, forced labour, sex trafficking, child trafficking through open borders. It was reported in 2018 that children make up almost one third of all human trafficking of victims worldwide, they are especially vulnerable (UNICEF).  The risk to New Zealand society has significantly increased. What does the government document about NZs Security threat for the year 2023? Referenced is the Christchurch 15/3/2019 terrorist attack by an Australian Citizen, and reported that there needs to be more discussions around these threats we face reports Andrew Hampton Director-General of Security, whom works with the Cabinet and PM’s office also Govt’s Communications Bureau.

Reports: The traditional identity, faith and political motivations are still identified in violent extremists we detect and monitor in New Zealand but this new trend has emerged around the edges.

The traditional identity, faith and political motivations are still identified in violent extremists we detect and monitor in New Zealand but this new trend has emerged around the edges they are the CCP and Islamic Republic ISIL (ISIS) Daesh etc., 11th August 2023 Time News reported that NZ SIS said “China is the main exponent of foreign interference to the Pacific Nation. NZ SIS stating there are a small number of states who attempt foreign interference have the ability to cause significant harm. Referring to Chinese individuals and groups in NZ, NZ SIS is aware of ongoing activity in and against NZ linked to the CCP which is of complex intelligence concern for New Zealand. The wariness of China in the Pacific. The UN Security Council 10th February 2023 warns UN Nations States that Daesh/ISIS threats remain high. said the threat has “increased” near areas of active hostilities where the terrorist group and its affiliates are active. “The level of terrorist activity continues to be a concern to member states,” he added.. Refers to radicalizing recruiting new supporters for ISIL/Daesh

Yet in NZ, the  ignoring of  criminals entering NZ, the fast tracking of  visa’s on face value. As this government put New Zealanders lives at serious risk, without care or consideration for the harm this risks to you and your children’s lives. 53 pages pdf



New Zealand Visa Officers told to ignore criminal activity of migrants entering New Zealand. ‘Take them on face value’, ignore criminals. NZ Government threaten the security of our country and the lives of NZ Citizens, their loved ones and families. NZ Government Security still promoting the Christchurch Call and White Supremacists and Right Wing Extremists. Yet the Muslims in Christchurch were not threatened by any such entities, they were threatened by ISIL/ISIS/Daesh. (17 Community Questions responded to by the Christchurch Royal Commission Inquiry).

Over 7,500 terrorism reports by Five Eyes in 2018 were referred to the NZ Govt, not one relating to Right Wing Extremism or White Supremacy. Wake Up New Zealand to the lies and corruption of this Far Left Socialist Regime running havoc across the lives of NZ Citizens. Do they care about you? “NO”