Murder, Torture, Imprisonment, Rape and highly descriminated against… this is the pandemic the mainstream media will never publish or report on.

The UN and this so called wonderful Utopia worldwide is a whopping lie, a fallacy.  Yet 193 UN Nation Governments fo along with this and promote the UN existence, therefore also promote the ugly godless world where people as slaughtered for their faith.

Researched reports were made by  a Worldwide Humantarian rganization and the Gladstone Institute also reported by the organization for ‘Security and Cooperation in Europe.





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There is a massive  ‘Global Pandemic’ that is being ignored. The mainstream media globally, nationally are deliberately ignoring it. Between October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021:  360 Million Christians were persecuted worldwide.  (source of info – Gladstone Institute International Policy Council). This is absolutely horrific.

You won’t hear this being reported in mainstream media news nor from any other media unless its an independent media source. Over the past 5 years Christian persecution worldwide has increased 70% and there is no sign of letting up.

In 2021 an average of 16 Christians were murdered every day, because of their faith every day (Source- World Watch List-2022 ), World Watch is an humanitarian International Organization.. I repeat this again because its hard to take in that so many Christians are being persecuted and continue to be persecuted from 1st October 2020- September 30th 2021 Over 360 million Christians suffered high levels of persecution and discrimination.

A rise of 20 million from the previous year. This equates to 1 in 7 Christians worldwide suffer persecution for their faith. The latest report record the high Christian persecutions since the International World Watch published their list-report 29 years ago.

5,898  Christians were murdered for their faith.. 24% more than the year before when 4,761 Christians were murdered.  Additionally 6,175 Christian believers were detained without trial, arrested, imprisoned and 3,829 Christians were abducted. 5,110 Churches and other Christian buildings (schools, monasteries etc.,) were attached and profaned. REPEAT-EVERY DAY AROUND THE WORLD 16 CHRISTIANS ARE MURDERED.

Afghanistan is the most dangerous place in the world to be for any Christian. – Christian men face almost certain death if his Christian faith is found out by the Taliban. Women and girls in Afghanistan may escape death and may be married to  Taliban fighters. Often women and girls are raped and used for human trafficking.

.The incoming Taliban regime had access to recordings and reports that helped them ID where and who the Christians are. These Christians were often detained, before they were murdered they were made to tell the identity of other Christians and where they could be found. The Taliban is said to go door to door tracking down Christians. The incoming Taliban regime gained access to recordings and reports that helped to identify Christians.

North Korea is no. 2 on the list then Somalia, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran, India and Saudi Arabia are all on the top 10 of the worst persecutors of Christians. Christians face being  beaten. Raped, imprisoned, slaughters for merely attending a church. – Nine of the Eleven worst places to be for Christians have Muslim majorities.

Extreme persecution” meted out to Christians in nine of the top 11 worst nations for persecuting Christians  takes place in Muslim-majority nations- and are governed by Sharia Law (Islamic Law)39 out of the 50 countries on the World Watch report are overwhelmingly governed by Islamic Law (Sharia Law), that’s directly enforced by the government or by society or both.

The Taliban show no fear of reprisal from the West as the West has expanded their own Agenda’s, have weak or corrupt governments, or exploiting their own people..

In Sub Saharan Africa violence against Christians is extremely high due to the increased rise of jihadist violence. There are great fears that a significant part of the region faces destabilization.  The Boko Haram in Nigeria and Cameroon continue to murderously wreak havoc.

These Islamic State Groups are active in West Africa and Mozambique.    Al Shabab control large parts of Somalia and Islamic Extremism is seriously advancing as Westernized Governments choose not to look in that direction.

When ISIS took over parts of the Middle East, Christians were executed, abducted, sexually assaulted and hunted.  Groups like Boko Haram and Al Shahab severely threaten Christians.  When Taliban took control of Afghanistan being Christian is about having a death plastered all other them.

Muslims that convert to Christianity find themselves severely persecuted by their families and the communities they live in, so they have to move away from their homes.”  The persecution of Christians in India has intensified Hindu extremists aim to cleanse the country of the presence of  Christians and have minority religions.

Under the veil of COVID19 pandemic Christians have been deliberately, intentionally overlooked when it comes to the distribution of government aid and have been blamed for having spread the virus to others.

The COVID19 Pandemic has been used to shut down churches in China and to keep them permanently shut. In China Christians have been imprisoned and tortured to death, bibles were destroyed, churches and homes looted. Christians suffered humiliation.

Forbes. Com reported in 2021 that Christians are subject to various methods of discrimination and persecution in China. A Christian Chinese website that had existed in China for 20 years this year ceased to exist.

In Qatar violence against Christians rose sharply, many churches  were forced to stay closed because they were targeted using  COVID restrictions.”  Local authorities in Bangladesh told Muslims who covert to Christianity to return to Islam or receive no government aid.  Under the Veil Of COVID19  in the Central African Republic, Christians were also denied Government Aid , however they were told if tghey revert back to Islam they will be able to eat.

84 million Christians are fleeing religious persecution. These Christians end up as refugees in neighbouring Muslim Nations. They cannot escape from the fear they are trying to run away from. Christian women fleeing their homes reported how they have been sexually assaulted, there are many reports of women and children having been raped, used in sexual slavery. Many drawn into prostitution to survive.

As jihadism spreads a much larger Christian exodus is expected.  Hate Crime against Christianity is very evident in Western Europe it is at its all time high.  According to a November 16th 2021 report by the organization for ‘Security and Cooperation in Europe’ over a  quarter of all hate crimes registered in Europe in 2020 were ‘Anti- Christian’ compared to 2019.

Jews were the next who were most targeted against when it came to Hate Crime. (A very close 2nd on the list to Christians) However there are significantly fewer Jews worldwide than Christians. Approx.,  15 million Jews as opposed to approx.., 2.8 billion Christians. NOTE: The media do not report on those that are ‘Christian Haters’.

360 million Christians around globally are being persecuted the world are experiencing “high levels of persecution and discrimination… The number of Christians highly persecuted, discriminated against in 2018 was 215 million.  In 3yrs has increased by 45 million Christians persecuted for their faith. This is horrific yet Ardern’s political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington busy themselves with Hate Crime Laws

Using Tarrant as a scape goat. Tarrant an Australian citizen not a Kiwi. We have this Islamophobia and White Supremacy, Right Wing Extremism thrown at good law abiding Kiwi’s, those with Christian Values & Belief’s.

3.Why were the police and SIS looking the other way in March 2019?  Was it because there had so many Islamic Extremist’s on their NZ Designated watch list in New Zealand. On NZ Police Website lists associated with Resolution 1373- namely terrorist designated in New Zealand

A list formed at the Prime Ministers discretion. The dates from which these terrorists have resided in NZ, and how many have had been dates renewed as being still designated in NZ since February 2010 until now.

Al-Shabaab from Somalia and the Liberation Army, Harakat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami, Bangladesh (HUJI-B), Indian Mujahideen (IM), Military Wing of Lebanese Hizballah, the Islamic Resistance, ISIL, Jundallah and Maute Group-also known as Islamic State in Lanao; Islamic State of Lanao;,  Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), Tarrant’s on the list,-Brenton-Harrison Tarrant, the Shining Path

An deliberate extremist Islamic attack against shoppers in a supermarket in New Lynn Auckland with a  number of serious injuries. Police are outside the shop, not in view of the terrorist whom they were watching so closely.

The Govt knew  the terrorist was a serious threat, what happened Police shoot him dead. But what does Ardern say. BBC reported that Ardern said “Supermarket stabbing was a ‘terrorist attack’. Six people had been wounded, the Sri Lankan was under police surveillance

Ardern publicly  in a news conference said, “this was despicable, hateful, was wrong, it was carried out by an individual, not a faith” But what a whopping lie, a witness heard the attacker shouts “Allahu Akbar (God is Greatest). This is a phrase uttered by Muslims many times a day in prayers and in in greetings. New Counter-Terrorism Laws, Hate Speech Laws will also target Christian minded Conservative law abiding citizens. Persecutions & Discrimination against Christians

Christian believes, values- One man that courageously stands up, has been to  prison, is discriminated against and character assassinated, targeted by Ardern’s purchased Media is Brian Tamaki.  Then there is Pastor Carl Bromley from Christchurch his house ransacked and damaged by police whilst they watched him leave the house they then moved in to do their ransacking. Carl Bromley was reported by Newshub as saying ‘The Govt are seeking to rape me of my right to worship as a church gathering targeted

Police confronted him over his hosting of an alert level 4 church service over the weekend. Police warned Carl Bromley he could face arrest or a fine but Carl said “I will not bow down to legislation that deprives me of my God given right to worship”. Carl Bromley told Police “Just because its legal, does not mean it is right, just because its illegal does not mean its wrong “

For every Nigerian Christian Minister who prays at the alter in his church, who gathers together fellow Christians to prayer he and those that worship with him know the dire risks they take, that the church doors could at any time be thrown open, or kicked by ruthless Islamic extremists. They know full well, they will be brutally murdered for practising their Christian faith-they are  ‘Christian Martyr’s.






The Ignored Pandemic: 360 Million Christians Persecuted Worldwide

A GLOBAL PANDEMIC THAT IS IGNORED:- 360 Million Christians Persecuted Worldwide. Reported February 13th 2022 by The Gladstone Institute International Policy Council  the persecution of Christians, which was already horrific, has increased by nearly 70% over the last five years, with no signs of abating. How long will it be before this seemingly irreversible trend metastasizes into those nations currently celebrated for their religious freedom?

The year 2021 “saw the worst persecution of Christians in history” — with an average of 16 Christians murdered for their faith every day.

That observation comes from the World Watch List-2022 (WWL-2022), recently published by the international humanitarian organization, Open Doors. The report each year ranks the top 50 countries where Christians are most persecuted for their faith. The WWL uses data from field workers and external experts to quantify and analyze persecution worldwide.

According to the WWL-2022, covering October 1, 2020 – September 30, 2021:

Over 360 million Christians suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination for their faith—a rise of 20 million from last year. The number represents one in seven Christians worldwide. This year records the highest levels of persecution since the first list was published 29 years ago…”

For the same reporting period, 5,898 Christians were murdered “for their faith,” a number representing a 24% increase from 2021 (when “only” 4,761 Christians were killed). Additionally, “6,175 believers [were] detained without trial, arrested, sentenced or imprisoned,” and 3,829 abducted.

Perhaps even more reflective of the hate for Christianity, 5,110 churches and other Christian buildings (schools, monasteries, etc.), were attacked and profaned.

Crunching these numbers into daily averages, the above statistics mean that every day around the world, more than 16 Christians were murdered for their faith; 27 were either illegally arrested and imprisoned by non-Christian authorities or abducted by non-Christian actors; and 14 churches were destroyed or desecrated.

For the first time since these WWL reports were published, Afghanistan, which for years was usually ranked the #2 worst nation (after North Korea) shot up to the #1 spot, meaning “Afghanistan is now the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian.” Additionally:

Christian men are facing almost certain death if their faith is discovered.  Women and girls may escape death but may be married to young Taliban fighters who want the “spoils of war.” After women and girls are raped, they are trafficked.

The incoming Taliban regime gained access to recordings and reports that helped to identify Christians. They were often detained, in order to identify networks of Christians, before being killed. Taliban fighters are still actively tracking down Christians from existing intelligence, sometimes going door-to-door to find them.

Ten other nations, after Afghanistan, received the same designation of “extreme persecution.” It means that these places, for Christians, are only marginally safer. They are: North Korea (#2), Somalia (#3), Libya (#4), Yemen (#5), Eritrea (#6), Nigeria (#7), Pakistan (#8), Iran (#9), India (#10), and Saudi Arabia (#11). In these countries, Christians face persecution ranging from being harassed, beaten, raped, imprisoned or slaughtered merely for being identified as a Christian or attending church.

Notably, the “extreme persecution” meted out to Christians in nine of these top 11 worst nations comes either from Islamic oppression or takes place in Muslim-majority nations. This trend affects the entire list: the persecution that Christians experience in 39 of the 50 nations on the list also comes either from Islamic oppression or occurs in Muslim majority nations. The overwhelming majority of these nations are governed by some form of shari’a (Islamic law). It can either be directly enforced by government or society or, more frequently, both, although societies — family members outraged in particular by relatives who have converted — tend to be more zealous in its application.

In a section titled, “Emboldened: The ‘Talibanization of West Africa and beyond,” the report suggests that this trend is worsening: “[T]he fall of Kabul has fuelled [sic] a new mood of invulnerability among other jihadist groups worldwide. The groups believe that they won’t face serious opposition from the West for their expansionist agendas and are exploiting nations with weak or corrupt governments…. Sub-Saharan Africa, already the place where violence against Christians is highest, has faced further steep rises in jihadist violence, with fears that a significant part of the region faces destabilization….”

In another section, the report elaborates:

“In Nigeria and Cameroon, Boko Haram continues to wreak havoc, the Islamic State group is active in West Africa and Mozambique, and al Shabab controls large portions of Somalia. It seems like nothing can be done to stop the advance of Islamic extremism.

“We know what radical Islamic ideology looks like for believers because we’ve seen it in Iraq and Syria. When ISIS took over parts of the Middle East, Christians were executed, abducted, sexually assaulted and hunted. Where groups like Boko Haram and al Shabab are active, similar threats are inevitable. When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they tried to appear moderate—but there’s no sign that Christianity will be anything other than a death sentence.”

Although Islam continues to have the lions’ share of persecution, religious nationalism in non-Muslim nations is also causing them to rise in the ranks. In Myanmar (#12),

“Converts to Christianity … find themselves persecuted by their Buddhist, Muslim or tribal families and communities because they have left their former faith and have thereby removed themselves from community life. Communities who aim to stay ‘Buddhist only’ make life for Christian families impossible by not allowing them to use neighborhood water resources.”

Rising Hindu nationalism has catapulted India into #10, among the “extreme persecuting” nations:

“The persecution of Christians in India has intensified, as Hindu extremists aim to cleanse the country of their presence and influence. The extremists disregard Indian Christians and other religious minorities as true Indians, and think the country should be purified of non-Hindus. This has led to a systemic—and often violent—targeting of Christians and other religious minorities, including use of social media to spread disinformation and stir up hatred. The COVID-19 pandemic has offered a new weapon to persecutors. In some areas, Christians have been deliberately overlooked in the local distribution of government aid and have even been accused of spreading the virus.”

Several other nations have, one way or another, exploited COVID-19 to discriminate against or persecute Christians. For example, “COVID-19 gave Chinese authorities (#17) a reason to shut down many churches—and keep them shut.”

Similarly, in Qatar, “Violence against Christians rose sharply because many churches were forced to stay closed after COVID-19 restrictions.” Moreover, Qatar—”host for this year’s World Cup, where converts from Islam especially face physical, psychological and (for women) sexual violence”—jumped 11 spots (now #18, from #29 last year).

In Bangladesh (#29), local authorities told Muslim converts to Christianity who, like their Muslim counterparts, sought governmental aid, “to return to Islam or receive nothing.” As one Bangladeshi explained, “We see many villagers and neighbours receive relief aid from government support but we Christians do not get any support.”

In the Central African Republic, which was “hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic … Christians were denied government aid and told to convert to Islam if they wanted to eat.”

Another notable trend concerns the growing number of internally or externally displaced people — 84 million: “a significant number [of whom] are Christians fleeing religious persecution.” Those Christians that end up as refugees in neighbouring Muslim nations “can be denied humanitarian and other practical assistance by authorities.”

Additionally:- “Christian women fleeing their homes and seeking safety report sexual assault to be the leading source of persecution, with multiple reports of women and children subjected to rape, sexual slavery, and more, both in camps and while they journey in search of safety. Poverty and insecurity compound their vulnerability, with some drawn into prostitution to survive. As jihadism spreads and destabilizes nations, we can expect this Christian exodus to multiply further.”

Although the report is limited to the 50 worst persecuting nations, it appears that persecution in general is growing around the world. For example, although North Korea is now ranked #2, as a reflection of how bad matters have gotten overall, the report explains that “The persecution score for North Korea actually went up [compared to last year], even though its ranking went down.”

Similarly, hate crimes against Christianity in Western Europe are at an all-time high. According to a November 16, 2021 report by the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, at least a quarter, though arguably much more, of all hate crimes registered in Europe in 2020 were anti-Christian — representing a 70% increase compared to 2019. Christianity is, furthermore, the religion most targeted in hate crimes, with Judaism at a close second. There are, however, significantly fewer Jews worldwide (roughly 15 million) than Christians (2.8 billion.

Although media outlets rarely identify those behind these anti-Christian hate crimes, many of which revolve around the vandalism of churches, it is telling that the European nations suffering the most also happen to have Europe’s largest Muslim populations — namely, Germany (where anti-Christian hate crimes have more than doubled since 2019) and France (where two churches are reportedly attacked every day, some, as in the Muslim world, with human feces).

As a reflection of how bad persecution has gotten elsewhere around the globe, no Western European nation made the top 50 list.

In the end, perhaps the most disturbing trend is that the number of persecuted Christians continues to grow annually. As seen, according to the newest statistics, 360 million Christians around the world are experiencing “high levels of persecution and discrimination.” This represents a 6% increase from 2021, when 340 million Christians experienced the same level of persecution; and that number represented a 31 % increase from 2020, when 260 million Christians experienced the same level of persecution; and that number represented a 6% increase from 2019, when 245 million experienced the same level of persecution; and that number represented a 14% increase from 2018, when 215 million was the number

In short, the persecution of Christians, which was already horrific, has increased by nearly 70% over the last five years, with no signs of abating.  How long will it be before this seemingly irreversible trend metastasizes into those nations currently celebrated for their religious freedom?



Christian Persecution by the Numbers – Open Doors USA – Open Doors USA