Bill Gates another of those famous Elit e investors of ‘ the WEF/UN Corporate Stakeholder Capitalism’. puppeteers , have jumped on the gravy train of methane emissions (cow burps)

Bill Gates and his  ‘Breakthrough Energy Ventures has invested in Perth based Rummin8 that produces a  synthetically produced additive to feed cows to cut down on the burp..burp..burp.. bugger far too many burps.Breakthrough Energy Ventures was founded in 2015 by Bill Gates, same year as UN Agenda 2030 was introduced globally, always fully promoted and supported by the wealthy global elite that gather at annual DAVOS meetings. Breakthrough Energy Ventures is backed by Amazon, Alibaba, Jeff Bezos

It was reported that over a 100 year period methane is 28  to 34 times as warming as CO2.

But and there is always a but, what are they not telling you whilst they are busy targeting the farmers and his cows on the farm?  Well Christopher Luxon has not said he would completely take targeting the farmer with  methane emissions out of the picture, just a pause until 2030.  Lets take a leap back to 2011 to British Climate Researcher Dr, Wilson Flood, he wrote an article for the Academic Journal ‘Energy & Environment to counter the growing hysteria around methane. He publicly put the record straight about the misconceptions that methane is a dangerous greenhouse gas. He explained “the quantity of methane in the air is so small that even doubling it would not produce any appreciable warming, but that the rate of the increase of the gas in the atmosphere is so slow it would take 360 years to double” He added “Since the warming ability of methane is only 7 times that of carbon dioxide, livestock presents “no conceivable threat of any kind”, and cows and sheep “cannot contribute to global warming in any conceivable way”. He concluded that “research into altering the diet of farm animals to reduce dietary methane is hugely wasteful of resources.”.

It doesn’t end there. Barry Brill the president of the NZ Climate Science Coalition and a former  Government Minister also has a gave a comprehensive review  on methane as he referred to the UN IPCC saying that they now admits that “methane is 7 times (not 28) more effective at being a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide” – with their Sixth Assessment Report stating at page 1016 of Chapter 7, “…expressing methane emissions as CO2 equivalent of 28, overstates the effect on global surface temperature by a factor of 3-4.” Barry Brill went on to say  “No doubt this took the legs out from under Minister Shaw. He had been personally briefed on the flaws in 2019, but in a later answer to a Parliamentary Question said he was not a climate scientist himself and would be guided by the IPCC. That hasn’t happened yet.”

Barry Brill believes this revelation that the warming ability of methane is only 7 times that of carbon dioxide, instead of 28, “changes everything. All the scenarios and budgets are now clearly wrong… If methane will cause only 25 percent as much warming as previously expected, then we won’t need those huge reductions, that appear in the now-outdated scenarios. With this new understanding, the 1.5°C aspirational goal comes back within our collective grasp – and with much less pain and anxiety than used to be expected. It’s wonderful news, and a win-win all around. Let’s celebrate!”

The Political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington still are insistently, persistently attacking the farmers and the cows down on the farm.. The NZ Government announced in 2022 NZ farmers will be the first in the world to be targeted with the methane emissions levy., hence ripping the guts out of rural small towns in New Zealand. . The billion tree’s in NZ scenario would take the place of honour. Hey people ‘Wake Up New Zealand’ “Your can’t eat dam tree’s”.   Corporate Capitalism is certainly being promoted by most MPs in Parliament.   I haven’t started on Blackrock or Vanguard as yet.  But the crazies Hipkins and Megan Wood praising BlackRock and the 2 Billion investment in the ‘Climate cow shite in NZ”.   A few wake up calls in my next blog.  People remember you are the target number 1. “You can’t eat tree’s” and if you think ‘Corporate capture will save your arse I suggest you join the insane ‘woke brigade’


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Fonterra had cleared the cows from 16 farms to use these farmlands to dispose of waste water The waste water was odorless, colorless but it was definitely a pollutant that Fonterra was leaching into private water supplies (This story was first published by RNZ) It was. Come 2017 most of the stock had vanished completely from two farms. Neville Ross first noticed that cows were slowly decreasing from local farms in his area In 2017 most of the stock had vanished from two farms in the area. In 2018 stock had also disappeared from a third Cambridge farm.

Neville was a Detective in the NZ Police Force for 40 plus years not a Farmer, at this time Neville’s wife noticed her husbands  health declining he had been unwell, sadly Neville had a brain tumour. In 2018 it was noticed that three farms in Cambridge had now become stock free. Fonterra’s ‘Buxton’ farm which is one of the farms in the area where Neville and his wife lived which was owned by Fonterra, although it was stock free the sign ‘ Dairy Is Life’ and ‘Wandering Stock’ remained on the farm gate. The farm looked smart but it was described as a tip.

The Fonterra Hautapu Milk Processing Plant described in the news article had been dumping it’s wastewater onto a farm near where Neville and his wife lived. At peak production times Fonterra’s Hautapu plant processes approximately 150 tanker loads of milk, uses between 6,000 to 8,000 cubic metres of fresh water daily. Some of the water is fresh water and other water that is piped and irrigated onto Fonterra owned farms is waste water  that they use to clean out their factory tanks and pipes that contains cleaning products, its this water that’s piped onto and then irrigates Fonterra owned farms.

According to Fonterra these farms are a well managed and a  good circular model for nutrient management, that the wastewater helps to grow the grass on these farms that then is fed to cows. (Source of information-RNZ and Otago Daily Times). Fonterra’s wastewater from their factories contains nitrogen from the cleaning products they use to clean pipes and vats, if you add nitrogen from the wastewater to nitrogen from the cows urine this then become a high nitrogen level. This higher load of nitrogen starts seeping into the ground water and then pollutes beyond the Fonterra owned farm fence. Because the cows have been removed from the equation more wastewater spreads on the land.

The grass from these Fonterra owned farms which are often called ‘Ghost Farms’ is cut, carted elsewhere and used to feed cows, this is called ‘cut and carry, Fonterra prefers to name these farms as ‘Nutrient Management Farming’. Fonterra has been reported as saying they have consent for their 16 farms which they say are used for ‘Nutrient Management’ (It is reported that Fonterra own 29 of these ‘Ghost Farms’ in New Zealand)

Neville and his wife Denise had no idea that the wastewater on the Buxton Farm was used to soak up the local dairy plants wastewater, it was only discovered in 2020 after the local community decided to fight Fonterra’s proposal to build a wastewater treatment plant on the property. The community was most unhappy at the prospect of an industrial plant with huge ponds in their rural setting they felt that this should be in an industrial zoned area. Since this Fonterra started investigating other locations for the plant. Fonterra’s original proposal however drew the local community to the testing of bores close to the farm to see what condition their water was in, it was only then that Neville and Denise realised there could be problems with their water.

Neville and Denise had purchased their piece of land in 2010 and while Neville was building the house, both he and Denise drank the bore water, when construction of the house was finished Denise chose to drink rainwater however Neville thought the bore water tasted better, so he drank that.  Fonterra tested some of the local communities bore water however there had been an 18month wait for the final results to be sent to them Fonterra never offered to test Denise and Nevilles wastewater. Fonterra reported that they did not do this because the ground water flow from Buxton Farm went north and Neville and Denise’s  property is to the west.

Fonterra had been testing the bore water of some locals, although there had been an 18-month wait to have results sent to them. The company never offered to test Denise and Neville’s water because Fonterra thought the flow of ground water from Buxton Farm went north and the Ross’s farm lay to the west. It was 10 years after they moved onto their property that the couple got their first test results which was found to be really high, however they did not know what the test result meant.

You can’t see nitrate-nitrogen in the water because its colourless, odourless and tasteless and nitrogen cannot be boiled away, boiling concentrates the levels of nitrates. The amount of nitrogen allowed in New Zealand’s drinking water is 11.3 milligrams per litre, this is the level suggested by the World Health Organization as reported to avoid what they call ‘Blue Baby Syndrome’ which is a fatal condition caused by consuming too much nitrate during pregnancy or via bottle feeding.

The amount allowed in drinking water in New Zealand is 11.3 milligrams per litre (mg/L). It’s a level suggested by the World Health Organisation to avoid ‘blue baby syndrome’, a fatal condition caused by consuming too much nitrate during pregnancy, or via bottle feeding. The nitrate is reported to reduce the ability of the red blood cells to release oxygen to tissues which can suffocate a baby thus turning the baby blue. Only one fatal incidence of this has been recorded in New Zealand. However other studies have showed the connection with nitrates in drinking water and colorectal cancer.

This news article also reports although there is evidence, its not strong evidence that shows a possible association between nitrate in drinking water with bladder and breast cancer, thyroid disease and birth defects. (This news article does not go into details of the source of information of these studies, where and when, by whom)  Other evidence, although not as strong, shows a possible association between nitrate in drinking water with bladder and breast cancer, thyroid disease and birth defects. It was when Neville’s wife was at a gathering in the local community hall of local community that were concerned about the Fonterra  wastewater plant proposal when she found out about the nitrates and the association with cancer. It had been two years earlier that Neville had been diagnosed with a  terminal brain tumour.

The results of their bore water tests were above New Zealand’s standards and well above those levels associated with colorectal cancer, therefore she had reason to think that this was part of the reason her husband is so sick, this was extremely upsetting for her. At the time this article was reported sadly Neville was extremely sick, had been in remission. Although Denise and Neville were not dairy farmers, they are not anti-dairy farmers and not anti Fonterra either, they saw both as being an important part of New Zealand’s economy. Denise said that Fonterra had been helpful since the quality of their water was discovered however Neville’s response was as to Fonterra’s wastewater being dumped next door  “is a bit untidy in regards to human beings” as he wondered if there is a better solution.

Although Denise says , in recent times there have been deaths in the area due to cancer  however there is no suggestion its due to Fonterra’s Ghost Farms, but has left Denise wondering. This has left Neville and his wife worrying about the rest of the neighbourhood too. Fonterra supplied Neville and Denise with a filtration system to remove the nitrate from the water, they supplied 38 water filter systems to other properties near the Hautapu factory because of groundwater contamination.  Fonterra now has another option for dealing with its waste water from the Hautapu factory, this project would see the wastewater from the Hautapu wastewater managed by the municipal system. Waikato District Council reported that Fonterra had bailed out of the project because of the cost impact to Fonterra and the uncertainty of cost, commercial arrangement and delivery times.

Cambridge is not the only area in New Zealand that Fonterra has supplied water filters to because of their plant’s wastewater spreading. People in the dairy intensive Canterbury area have also been given new filters by Fonterra, like Denise and Neville had no idea they were living close to Fonterra’s ‘ghost farms’, where Fonterra and other smaller dairy companies do just as Fonterra do with their wastewater. Often these farms are irrigated with wastewater for decades and also hold resource consents just as Fonterra do.

It is noted that these consents allow the amount of nitrogen in wastewater to be far higher than the new freshwater rules that they allow farmers on grazed land as fertilizer (190kg per hectare per year of synthetic nitrogen). Unless the wastewater is more than 5 percent nitrogen it’s not considered fertiliser.  Because these wastewater farms hold resource consent for disposal of waste water products they are able to sidestep the new rule and continue to spread their heavy nitrate waste water because their consents allow them to.

Because the wastewater farms hold resource consents for disposal of waste products, they will be able to sidestep the new rule which comes into play in July and continue to spread as much as their consent permits. Fonterra have been reported to saying “ they work between the guidelines of councils”. Fonterra have reported they have major plans over the next 10 years, with $400 million earmarked for upgrades to wastewater plants at their  Edgecumbe, Whareroa, Maungaturoto, Te Awamutu, Longburn, Reporoa, Kapuni, Clandeboye and Hautapu factories and aims to reduce the nitrogen in the water before it reaches other farms.

The Otago Times article reports “In some cases the differences between the new synthetic nitrogen cap for fertiliser and the amount of nitrogen for dairy companies in which they are allowed to spread waste water on these ghost farms is eye watering” It has been reported that the current highest consent amount is in Canterbury. The Clandeboye plant is allowed to spread up to 600kg of nitrogen per hectare per year. Environment Canterbury’s 2020 nitrate risk map links past wastewater irrigation with high levels of nitrate-nitrogen in the area. One survey describes a “contamination plume” and notes 53 wells, mostly near the Clandeboye dairy factory and Seadown fertiliser storage facility, exceed drinking water standards for nitrate-nitrogen. Fonterra has supplied two Canterbury homes with water systems because of nitrate in the ground water, and another house with a UV filter.

In the Waikato, Fonterra’s Hautapu plant has a resource consent to spread up to 500kg per hectare per year on Bruntwood farm and 400kg on Buxton and Bardowie farms. Maximum results from monitored bores show a reading of 17.80mg/L for Bruntwood farm, 18mg/L for Buxton farm and 26.8mg/L for a bore on Bardowie farm.

In Reporoa, wastewater has been spread for decades and at one point up to 800kg of nitrate-nitrogen was allowed, this has dropped to 420kg. The highest average reading from the 2017/18 fiscal year from a bore in the area is 18.7mg/L. RNZ’s efforts to gather resource consents and monitoring results from wastewater farms nationwide found some consents don’t require monitoring. For those that do, most show levels of concern in some, but not all the bores monitored for many of the farms where water is spread. Even if monitoring is a condition of resource consents, most don’t require a reduction in the amount of wastewater spread if the ground water is affected.

One must question the  “cumulative regulatory failure” of councils, and what about the Resource Management Act (RMA). Obviously the Governments whipping boy is the New Zealand farmer, where is the accountability and responsibly here? Oh, that’s right its always the farmers fault, thrown them under their tractors. One rule for the companies and another for the farmers. Get rid of cows, after all the International Biannual Parliamentary Gatherings (IPU) and the annual Global Convention of mayors are obsessed with their plan namely ‘The Global New Green Deal’, cull the cows, get of the cars off the roads, build at least 500km of cycleways across New Zealand and plant small urban forests in namely Human Habitats. Rural migration to Urban City highly populated and controlled area’s of surveillance. Whoever owns the land, controls the food hence controls the people. Farmers worldwide report land and water grabs. Severe restriction imposed on them so that they sell of their farms at cheap prices. Or authorities demand they give up their farms as they are doing in parts of Africa.

Note: The NZ Local Government Act 2002, just after  the Act was introduced Crown Law found a major loophole as to Trade Waste Water, this  has allowed NZ Companies to leach contaminants, chemicals, high level of nitrates into drains, hence leaching into water ways and some washed out to sea. It has been reported that  some treatment plants have been unable to deal with this. Twenty year have gone by the Act has never been amended although often bought to the Govts attention, as it has been bought to Nanaia Mahuta’s attention more recently. No prosecutions, no fines the government use an educative approach and the contamination continues. Ammonia in some of this contaminated water has eaten into under ground pipes hence they have been eaten away by the ammonia. These pipes cost rate payers approx.., $5,000 per metre to replace.  This my dear friends is the ‘New Global Green Deal’ scam. Nanaia Mahuta reports as to the Three Waters Reform that  the wastewater system will have to wait a couple of years before they deal with this. The massive plan to rob rate payers continues.  Wake Up New Zealand, the governments transparency is Zilch.

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Fonterra is investing in la-grown artificial meat. Fonterra is investing in Montif ingredients, a Boston biotech start-up that uses genetic engineering and cultured ingredients to ‘make foods that are more sustainable’. Once again be alerted to that word ‘sustainable’. UN Agenda 2030 and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals and also the Great Reset.
Beyond Meats CEO says fake meat is good for farmers, so who is behind ‘Beyond Meats? Non other than Bill Gates, he has invested in a number of start-up’s relating to fake foods, fake meats. Plant based food is all part of the tech revolution, the ‘Great Reset’ and ‘UN Agenda 2030’ (Climate Alarmism)
It has been reported that by 2040 the alternative to real meat could make $240 billion in revenue globally.

I personally believe that the global fake meat industry will have a big impact on farmers, causing a disruption in beef production, as if its not bad enough already with this targeting of farmers with stricter regulations and also targeting them to significantly reduce livestock numbers.

Global Multistakeholder Capitalist wealthy Corporations are jumping on the gravy train when it comes to climate alarmism. Philanthropists like Bill Gates has invested in several start-up in the fake meat, fake food industry.

COVID-19 has spiked the increase of fake meats in supermarket refrigerators. In US grocery stores sales of fake meat has increased 264%.

The farmers in New Zealand are about to have another ‘Groundswell’ protest nationwide, the second one this year. Thousands of farmers in New Zealand had descended on dozens of towns and cities across the nation. They were protesting, demanding the government loosen its environmental policies, regulations which they are finding very difficult to deal with.

Farmers are not climate villains. The IPCC methane measurements are questionable, biogenic methane has been stable or has reduced each year in New Zealand since 2001. One must surely question is this a global scamdemic aligning itself with the plandemic. WHo actually understands the wellbeing indicator modelling and every other modelling these so called scientists and researchers use, which is called evidence based. Predictabilities, assumptions, data in and data out?? After all the government fund the researchers in these universities to provide them with the evidence to introduce policies and regulations that effect New Zealanders.

So, when it comes to fake meat, should we question is it a healthy replacement for real meat, or can it cause disease?




Many years ago I use to do the pools weekly, hoping to win a fortune, but never won enough to buy a cuppa coffee.
Plan’s promises, assumptions, predictions and assumptions through visualizations and idea’s. There are always winners and losers. The goals have shifted to accommodate the winners.

Whom are the winners that have been planning this Glasgow Grand Final over the years that is taking place and what is it all about. The propaganda machine in New Zealand have as usual gone silently dumber than dumb on the reporting on the huge gathering in Glasgow. They obviously have been given strict orders by Ardern as to what they can and cannot report, after-all the government has purchased them as they have the University Data Research Laboratories. Money talks and bull shit walks.

James Shaw has headed off to Glasgow with delegates in tow, all paid at taxpayers expense. UN Member Nations leaders, the WEF CEO’s of wealthy greedy Stakeholder capitalist corporations and UN Agency staff thousands of these people gather together to focus on the UN Global Compact
The UN Global Compact was introduced in the year 2000. The Guidelines to the UN Global Compact came about in 2011. 9,500 participating large companies, CEO’s of Multi-Stakeholder Capitalist Corporations, 3,000 non- business participants have agreed and promoted the UN Global Compact.

The UN Global Compact was launched by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2000, this being a focus on aligning corporate and public policy. The CEO of the United Nations heads the UN Global Compact. This year Abdulla Shahid is in a leadership position at this massive gathering in Glasgow. He is now the new president of the UN General Assembly. He is a Maldivian politician of Foreign Affairs. UNGA will now be the real parliament of the World.

COP26 Glasgow 1 – 12th November 2021, the switch from the Free-market economy to Multistakeholder Capitalist Corporate Governance is happening real fast. The UN Climate Change Glasgow conference the rapid progression for Stakeholder Capitalist Corporations and large companies, Big Tech, Big Pharma and Bayers-Monsanto etc., This huge financial sector is moving to centre stage and I pray for those small businesses, small farms and the farming communities that these wealthy greedy monsters will destroy.

The UN and WEF official partnership has finally gone public, although their relationship had been going on for quite some number of years.
The Glasgow Conference will focus on the ‘Green Zones’, how crucial it is to meet zero emissions by target date 2050. Mission Zero is Mission Impossible, after-all this place called earth is a carbon based planet. Every living being has a carbon footprint, without carbon bye bye every living being on this earth..

This indeed is our government and those that collaborate with them that are betraying the people of New Zealand. UN Member Nations Governments betraying their peoples, destroying small businesses, services, tradies and the farming community. Already this stress is effecting individuals families all over the world.
Without the plandemic the multistakeholder Capitalist Organizations would not have the ability with such hasty brutality replace the world’s free-market econ, a corporate economy with a multistakeholder capitalist corporate economy.

The world is governed by a public -private global governance. New Zealand is to be controlled by a corporate governance. The rich become richer and the middle class worker poorer, and the poor population increase significantly. More people reliant on the welfare state thus the welfare state has increased power to control our everyday lives. And kits all about control and compliance.

Cop 26 accelerating Climate Action, climate alarmism. The green mask that hinds the ugly evil face of socialism. The climate of hypocrisy and betrayal, the theory of crisis, a spiritual warfare fiddling twiddling with peoples minds to modify peoples behaviour. Acceleration to UN Agenda 2030. Leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age . The decade of vaccines, the Global Strategy for Vaccines, leave no-one behind- everyone, every where at every age all pre-planned.

UN Agenda 2030 introduced 2015 17 SDG’s, global development goals, leave no-one behind. 17 out of these 17 global development goals relate to Climate Alarmism.

UN Agenda 2030, 14 out of these 17 global development goals relates to vaccines, leave no-one behind. Big Tech, Big Pharma, Bayer-Monsanto etc., and other Multistakeholder capitalist wealthy greedy corporations partnering governments all over the world.
Yes climate change is happening, it has since time on earth began roughly 8.5 billion years of variable climate, at times much warmer than it is now. It’s not the premature ending of the world, they just want to end the world you lived in before COVID-19 struck, as Antonio Guterres leader of the UN said “We Must Not Go Back To The Old Normal”.

But what if you want your life to go back to the old normal, before COVID-19, with great obsession and determination those meeting at the UN COP 26 Conference are determined you will never go back to that old normal again. They are planning your future, and they have been doing this for many years now, however now is crunch time, and they have used the plandemic to achieve their global mission. (The UN Global Compact)

Here are a few facts:-
Humans are not causing a sixth extinction and the Amazon is not the lungs of the world. Climate Change is not making natural disasters worse. Fires have declines 25% around the world since 2003.

The amount of land we use for meat, humankinds biggest use of land has actually declined by as much as the size of an area as large as Alaska. The build-up of wood fuel and more houses near forests, not climate change, explain why there are more and more dangerous fires in Australia and California.
Carbon emissions are declining in most rich nations and have been declining in Britain, Germany and France since the 1970’s. Netherlands became rich not poor while adapting to life below sea level.

We produce 25% more food than we need and food surpluses will continue to rise as the world gets hotter. Habitat loss and the direct killing of wild animals are bigger threats to species than climate change.
Wood fuel is far worse for people and wildlife than fossil fuels
Preventing future pandemics requires more not less industrial agriculture.

Anyone challenging climate alarmism will be character assassinated.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said “The world is going to end in 12 years if we do not address the climate” Green journalist Bill McKibbon stated “climate change is the greatest challenge humans have ever faced, it will wipe out civilization”
One out of 5 children in a study in England said they suffered nightmares because of what they were taught in school about climate alarmism.
Please people read Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All. The author is Michael Shellenberger. The author had been fighting for a greener planet for decades, he was a co-creator of the ‘Green Deal’. In 2019, it was claimed that billions of people were going to die, thus contributing to rising anxiety among children and adolescents.

After being a lifelong environmental activist, a leading energy expert and a father of a teenage daughter he felt the need to speak out. Michael Shellenberger felt this huge need to separate science from fiction.

The powerful force behind this Global Eco-Political Anxiety are those with massive financial interests, desires for power and status.
Michael Shellenberger apologized to his teenage daughter and to the world that he misled as his daughter shared with him how her friends had been misinformed. We have all deliberately been misinformed, money talks and bullshit walks.

Hence COP26 is the money talking as the bullshitting is planning its walking right across this planet called earth. ‘People, Planet and Profit-‘Human Capital’ which equates to ‘Human Cattle’.

The evidence is overwhelming that our high energy civilization is better for people and nature than the low energy civilization that climate alarmists would return us to.

Presently I am reading a very amusing book called ‘Obama Zombies’ author Jason Mattera, how the ‘Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation’ (Published in 2010). Will share some interesting bits of information from this with you on my next blog.


ALL MASKED (Part 1 of a 3 Part series)

The unregulated disposal of toxic chemical facemasks into the environment creating a disease transmission vector

It has been documented that we need to protect animals and wildlife from disposable facemasks
Quebec Health reported that dangerous toxic chemicals have been found in facemasks. https://www.aier.org/article/the-dangers-of-masks. 9th April 2021. Potentially toxic masks distributed in schools and day care centres in Quebec (Health Canada)

Discovered during a preliminary risk assessment that the masks contain microscopic graphene particles that, when inhaled, could cause severe lung damage.”
Many facemasks have been found to be very unsafe can cause unintended adverse effects

For all living beings on this earth we are what we consume, what we breathe as to what consequently effects our overall health and wellbeing, whether this be a living being be a human, animal, mammal, plant or insect