WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND: It’s NOT about you and your wellbeing, but they will lead people blindly up the garden path with their psychological bullcrap to make New Zealanders believe that Ardern’s Labour led government can be trusted. Don’t be sucked in and blown out in bubbles by words of kindness and you can trust us and our transparency.

COMPLIANCY-MANDATING-DEMANDING- All end decision making is made from Ardern’s centralized Government, top down., and when the people have been downed they get kicked down even further. This is not democracy, it’s a dictatorship, it’s a do as your told otherwise you will be punished and her who governs Parliament and the people is the ‘only source of truth’ There is something very sinister about all of this.

Ardern appears to have the power over all those political cronies in the stinky toilet bowl of Wellington, the proof of this is surely in the pudding, when she told every political crony in Parliament they were not to go and speak to the protestors that were residing in Parliamentary grounds.

Behind the closed doors of Parliament we have a cultural Marxism, and obsessiveness’ to be silent and obedient to the self rewarding tribal elite. Speaking out, opposing He Puapua, Three Waters is like standing on a piece of broken glass, be prepared for the ‘ouch’ moment. The Goal-Entrenchment of the UNDRIP into New Zealand Society, Economy, Health, Education, Infrastructure etc., etc.,

Tribal Marxist Elite that weld the power in their hands as they work hand in hand with other political cohorts- the Green and Labour MP’s. I am also throwing National in the pot here, Collins has been shut down and National has shut the hell up. Peters has come out of the woodwork all guns blazing calling out the other political cronies for what they are.

Then it was Tracy Martin NZ First that introduced the ‘Take Down’ Online Internet law, the Act that’s being used by the political policing to punish Kelvyn and Hannah of Counter spin Independent News media, a valuable tool in the Hate Speech political leftist, Marxist, Socialist toolbox.  Act Party, David Seymour is doing his rounds, saying all the right things, but check on his political actions over the last couple of years, the picture may tell a different story. And remember the COVID-19 Preparedness Response Act is still alive and well.

Ardern’s co called political curves still exist, don’t be fooled, she definitely is NOT kind. She is not serving New Zealanders best interests, she is a very prominent, significant key player of the One World Private-Public WEF/UN Global Governance.

Ardern,  the WEF’s Global Shaper of the NZ Guineapig state of New Zealand. Hey but how many of those political cronies in Wellington have publicly spoken out about NZ leading the world in a pilot scheme on behalf of Schwab’s World Economic Forum ‘Reimaging Regulation For The Age Of AI’, the WEF platform for ‘Shaping The Future Of AI Governance’.

Behind the closed doors of Parliament it remains, silenced by mainstream media and public platforms. The general public of NZ were not consulted prior to the labour led government agreeing to this, yet the govt is using NZ tax payer dollars to pursue it.

Research led me to the Digital Government Of New Zealand, and that truly is the name and is heads ‘Reimaging Regulation In The Age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‘

Alastair Farr is the lead for the Dept of Internal Digital Rights and Ethics program, he wrote an article that discusses the WEF Fourth Revolution and what this means for New Zealand. The replacing of manual labour with mechanized production. The introducing mass production techniques, Artificial Intelligence and other technological innovations to usher humans into the AI digital era, the unleashing of substantial new opportunities and benefits to accelerate further innovation.

This means a massive re-engineering of peoples lives, workplace, social, health, diet, education, transport, infrastructure, political, societal etc., (The New Normal)This is the New Normal and as Guterres announced in the UN Assembly “We must NEVER go back to the Old Normal.

At the World Economic Forum’s own admittance they stated ‘The World Economic Forum established the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution’. The global non governmental WEF introduced a world revolution platform for heads of UN Member Governments, Philanthropists such as Gates and Rockefeller Foundations etc., Entertainers from Silicon Valley and CEO from very large companies and corporations.

All meeting annually at the famous ski resort in the Swiss Alps ‘The DVOS Gathering’. They fly into this wealthy resort in their private jets to live it up, to discuss the planning of shaping all the lives of humans, animals all living beings on this planet. Mainstream Media in NZ of course will not report on this story.

The life of the most wealthiest, powerful and famous. The WEF that represents the global ‘Multistakeholder Corporate’ replacement of ‘Free-market enterprise-economy’.

The NZ mainstream media did not report on the official ‘Strategic Partnership Agreement of the United Nations and World Economic Forum that was signed on 13th June 2019.

The WEF a silent whisperer in the ears of a One World Global Governance.  The UN was not originally created for this, the partnership incorporates a massive conflict of interest favoring the global elite that the WEF represent. Therefore a global democratic deficit.

The World Economic Forum reports that NZ Govt found that ‘Algorithms support operational activities across the public sector. (NZ Govt AI WEF Assessment Report). Further refers to Ardern’s ‘Christchurch Call’ stating NZ Govt is working with foreign government and online service providers to eliminate terrorist and violent extremism online

 I believe this eludes to anyone who publicly speaks the truth and opposes what Ardern’s Labour led government is up to. (Counterspin-Hannah and Kelvyn, Graham Philips, Vinny Eastwood, Brian Tamaki etc., and it won’t stop there).                  Be mindful pre election year, Ardern’s curve would have flattened but the Labour led government already have long term plans, laws pending for 2023 and beyond and the so called invisible opposition are not talking about these on the public stage.

To support the WEF AI Guineapig NZ Pilot the WEF and the NZ Dept of Internal Affairs hosted a community workshop in Wellington. This involved businesses, te-ao Maori, Academia and Government to discuss and identify individual pilot projects in New Zealand that can test the WEF AI roadmap.

Dept Of Internal Affairs website  ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) Workshop’ dated 4th November 2019. Co-sponsored by the NZ Government and the World Economic Forum.  New Zealand perspective to a global discussion on regulating AI.  An initiative closely tied to cross government work of the  Chief Digital Officer to ensure all NZ r’s thrive in this new digital era. Please note replace ‘thrive’ with ‘deprive’.

NZ Govt “We are excited about being the co-sponsor of the WEF project, working with international partners to truly collaborate a global approach’. Another one of Ardern’s schemes to have a key position at the head of the world table.

The NZ Govt representative reports that the  Te Ao Mâori worldview gives NZ a unique perspective to approaching some of the problems in the AI space”, says GCDO Paul James.  And their ‘wellbeing’ is critical.

Note: This importance to gain the trust of the NZ public by stating the obvious that people want to hear, but do you buy into this. Be aware, past experience speaks a million words.

Past experience speaks for itself. The Christchurch Call for instance involves online stalking of anyone who publicly opposes this labour led socialist, Marxist government that quite clearly has the overtones of communism.

On 30th October another gathering was held which included AI Experts, businesses, civil society (the chosen ones). Maoridom (the chosen ones) and Academia (the chosen ones)

This was a discussion as to the contributing role NZ Govt will take in the global conversation on the WEF AI Revolution. Of course included in the discussion was ‘how to build trust’ with the NZ public and businesses.

Ensuring that the language of empathy, transparency is used to implement and design the WEF Guineapig plan in New Zealand. Building, designing tools for responsive rules. (The WEF/NZ Partnership Global Rules). Dept of Internal Affairs.

NZ Herald reported on their business page 22nd November 2021 ‘First AI White Paper Calls for Major Measures and Investment in Artificial Intelligence Research’.

Refers to the software running in the ‘cloud’ of large overseas companies, creating risks for country’s technology, data sovereignty, independence. This being the conclusion of NZ’s first ‘White Paper’ issued by NZ AI Researchers Assoc.,

NZ is being regulated to users of overseas technologies, developed by countries with different standards and values to that of New Zealanders.

“One of the many visions of UN Agenda  2030 (UN) is for more tax payers money spent on WEF-NZ Research centres, hubs that apply AI Research. Investments in AI strategic sectors including Climate Change (the so called man-made global warming).

Of course again the propaganda machine  plays on Ardern’s kindness of protecting NZrs, looking after NZ’s domestic needs- the building of trust between the government and NZ Public. (We care about you NOT)

The NZ Govt-WEF  White Paper involved the input, discussion between Waikato, Auckland, Victoria, Massey, Lincoln Universities, senior academics and Plant & Food Research partners.

Under the veil of COVID19 the WEF/UN Global Public-Private Corporate Governance has perpetrated a massive plan to degrowth, destroy the world’s economy, to re-engineers populations lives worldwide.

The name of this massive global criminal plan is ‘People, Planet and Profit’,  for the extreme wealth and power of the few. To mandate the global economy with multistakeholderism. This was always Schwab’s supreme universal goal.

What is a Multistakeholder Economy? It is re-imagining democracy, and Democratic Deficit, and why should we be so concerned. I will touch on this very import issue in my next blog.!OpenDocument



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