The Australian Senate  is referring to the Senate Inquiry to Draft Terms of Reference for a Future COVID Royal Commission, they had their first hearing yesterday 1st Feb 2023  at the demands of  Malcom Roberts First Nation Party in Canberra. They focused on what Australians have to say as to the fully empowered Royal Commission into the COVID mismanagement in Australia. There were eleven submissions . Australia’s best research tool for interpreting adverse events from COVID jabs plus FOI Information has been published all in one place and its free, ‘OpenDAEN’ an easy to use database of TGA reported COVID19 Jabs Adverse Events on a non commercial, non profit website. (February 1st 2024) NZ Government is not so forthcoming.

The quiet inquiry, New Zealanders will not get the blow by blow dramatic reports into the nations handling of COVID19 pandemic, the head of the inquiry said :it gets a lot of more work done that way” (RNZ 13/11/2023). Tony Blakely is the Chair of the NZ Commission into the COVID19 Inquiry. So many many people have spoken about their experiences  during the pandemic, especially the handling of this, the mandating, the surveillance, the character assassinating and the deliberate lies and indoctrination purposely pushed upon New Zealanders. The loss of jobs, not being able to go to loved ones funerals . The whole control, totalitarianism. The banks gained more profit as did corporations, big Tech and Big Pharma, digital id surveillance of every day law abiding citizens. The jab injured, severe harms the so called ‘River Of Filth’.  The only River Of Filth laid behind those closed doors of Parliament. And now it is reported that want to sell New Zealander short, it will make it easier.

The confidential setting of the meetings enables the commissioners – former government minister Hekia Parata, former Treasury head John Whitehead, and Blakely himself – to speak to a wide range of New Zealanders in a short period of time and have “free and frank” discussions.

This speaks for itself when Blakey says “We’re up to more than 200 organizations that we’ve spoken to in engagements, and we do that in a confidential setting so that we can cut to the chase. We can get more done in an hour than it might take eight hours in a courtroom to do.” And of course add ‘Identity Politics to the mix ‘The Inquiry will examine policy measures such as border closures, appropriate use of government power, and the impact on Māori within a Treaty of Waitangi context.’

This is what Blake said “Blakely says that feedback will be used to work out how it could be done better next time, and improve the way iwi and other providers are used. And, he says, the information could not only be used for the next pandemic, but between pandemics in other emergencies.’

Anthony Albanese Lies to the Australian People


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