13th September 2007 under the labour Government they were totally opposed to the UNDRIP for the following reasons. But  for all these reasons that all these reasons why they rejected it, they are now supporting it, and promoting it.

In 2010 John Keys under a veil of secrecy arranged for Pita Sharples co leader of the Maori party to go to New York UN Assembly to be a representative of NZ where he adopted the UNDRIP.  The following is what he agreed upon on behalf of the peoples of New Zealand, which of course they did not even know about until after the dirty deed was done.

Iwi/Maori to have  Veto Rights over others. Control of NZ’s Natural Resources. Veto rights over the laws of Parliament. Two classes of citizenship. The UNDRIP was not compliant with the Treaty. Iwi/Maori  would have own  the entire lands of NZ, that others already legally own. The rights to redress lands (compensation) for the entire lands of New Zealand.

It was said by Rosemary Banks that represented New Zealand at the UN in 2007 that the UNDRIP is seen by others attending the UN Assembly as a document of Aspiration not a legal document to be acted upon.

He Puapua report that was commissioned by Ardern’s Cabinet in 2019. This is the action plan which includes the UNDRIP which is the hugely controversial undemocratic  Co-governance of New Zealand.

Researched By Carol Sakey


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It is clearly evidenced that soon after the Local Government Act 2002 was introduced that there was a serious  legal loophole which actually blows Ardern’s biodiversity, eco-socialism right out the window of anticipation.

RNZ published several news articles in 2021 referred to this loophole that the government has deliberately ignored for almost 20 years, that has often bought to their attention by local council representatives and other water experts. RNZ news reports refer to ‘Trade Waste Water Breaches, literally hundreds of them in one year, some of these companies have breeched these trade  waste water consents multiple times in one year. Some of these companies are well known brand names and market themselves as ‘sustainability’. No company has been prosecuted or fined for leaching contaminants down drains.

RNZ  reported an amendment to close an loophole in the Local Government Act 2002 has been ignored by a succession of govts.

Christopher Luxon  was approached by RNZ, he had some choice words for these companies but has any political party done anything about amending this major loophole in the Act ?-NO.

Luxon replied “ Being a former CEO of Air NZ  and at Unilever as well, its quite shocking companies would breach trade consents. But Luxon does not let the cat out the bag that Unilever has been named multiple times in the news for plastic pollution. News articles such as  Nestle, PepsiCo and Unilever plastic pollution. ‘Conflicts, companies, human rights and water.(Link, https://www.world-psi.org › documents › research )

Three Waters–NZ Govt would not fix their own fkups so be real do you really trust them after-all like crooks they are robbing tax payer assets. Mining and oil production uses large amounts of water, and pollutes water … the drinks (and food) companies Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle and Unilever,..

Unilever named as one on the top companies in Indonesia for plastic waste pollution along with Santos, Jaya Abahi and IndoFoods (LINK  https://www.theindonesia.id › ..2022  )

There was a drafting error in the law which meant the regulations of the Local Government Act that has caused the problem of companies polluting water ways for almost 20 years.  Regulation to fine, prosecute companies therefore could not be written. It was a drafting error- governments fault perhaps we should throw them under the tractor instead of the farmers.

Mahuta was approached by RNZ, she responded saying “ the new water regulator Taumata Arowai would be looking at ways waste water is treated”. In another interview Mahuta.the polluter referred to an educational approach to these companies that breach trade waste water consents. She also said it would be at least another two years before the new waste water regulating body tackles the problem”

Use this response by Mahuta and all those other political cronies in cesspit of Wellington, this will surely give you some idea that Three Waters is already a problem in the making.

RNZ named some of the companies in one of their news articles that have breached trade waste water consents- Talleys, Ernest Adams, Yoplait are just a few of the hundreds of companies that have breached trade waste water consents in just one year. Some companies have dumped toxins, high nitrates, ammonia, chemicals, blood and yellow yukky glob down drains.

This includes bakeries, supermarkets and other businesses. A lot of gunk over almost 20 years. Dumping contents of grease traps. Some of the biggest manufacturers and brands discharging contaminants, many of them are dangerous, and some have breached consents multiple times.

RNZ reported they had obtained data from 68 city and district councils that revealed a grim pictures of non compliance of trade waste water consents of at least 267 companies

RNZ 5th February 2021 news article referred to a description of some of the evidence they were provided with “blood red water and globs of yellow animal fat, greasy liquid clogging filters and coating ultraviolet lights used to disinfect the effluent. These same scenes were being played out right across NZ. An expert reported that even once treated, the waste being dumped can destroy biodiversity, choke rivers, wreck havoc on marine life. Some company’s have dumped toxic chemicals, eg., ammonia, sulphides into sewers. RNZ reported that in Timaru every trade waste water  holder had  breeched consent conditions.

In Hawkes Bay 6 out of 8 companies breached consents, companies that call themselves sustainable such as ‘the sustainable fishing company Sanford’, DB Draught Brewery, frozen food manufacturer-McCains, Heartland  Potato Chips, Medallion Pet Food, the Wallace Groups rendering plant and Sth Canterbury By-Products.  In Palmerston North 8 out of 9 consent holders breached consents multiple times, including 2 sites belonging to Fonterra, Goodman Fielders Ernest Adams and Yoplait factories also the largest Maori owned fishing company in NZ “Moana NZ’

RNZ revealed that no every council keeps track on consent breaches & not every council is transparent.  In several regions its hard to get an accurate picture on how companies behave because some councils do not have rules about what is dumped in the sewers, some rarely monitor dumping, some companies are left to manage this themselves. RNZ also reported that Auckland Councils Watercare services which manages the largest wastewater network in NZ refused to answer questions posed by RNZ about companies breaching consents. They responded ‘for privacy reasons’

The point is the government is hugely  responsible for the serious issues of toxins, contaminants and  dangerous chemicals being dumped into sewers and drains because they deliberately let this happen for almost 20 years. They ignored this serious problem time and time again. Despite all of this dumping of contaminants RNZ reported ‘ not one company has been slapped with fines or prosecution’. Some companies that are breaching their trade waste water consents are also potentially costing rate payers, tax payers a heap of money

Because for instance ammonia and other chemical eat away underground concrete pipes, damage public infrastructure that has to be paid for my rate payers. One trade Waste Water expert reported that industries have deliberately pushed their consents so close to the mark to maximise shareholder value. This expert said that  “trade water is usually a lot more toxic than other things can have a major impact, it can kill rivers” and “chemicals poured down the drain can produce sulphuric acid which can dissolve concrete infrastructure. Expensive infrastructure that’s put in the ground at a minimum cost of $5,000 per metre, is now being eaten away. “ That pipes have burst, there have been situations where vehicles and people have actually fallen into pipes which have collapsed under the ground”.  He said that “Contaminated waste water can kill microorganisms inside a waste water treatment plant and suffocate creatures in the waterways where its eventually discharged, as contaminants which suck  up all the oxygen.

Nanaia Mahuta has held this portfolio since 2017, when asked about this serious issue she told RNZ “I ‘will  have to seek some advice” and “this concern has only just been raised with me” Her reply 10 days later to a LGNZ plea was “While I recognise the law is not working as well as it could, it is not clear to me that infringement offences are always effective in changing behaviour”. Mahuta said Bylaws give councils flexibility to establish rules suited to their circumstances in order to control behaviours in public places. It is my view that careful consideration should be given before extending powers” Mahuta’s key adviser, Michael Lovett, Dept of Internal Affairs Deputy Chief Executive was also unconvinced a law change was needed. He said “Why change the legislation when you can change the infrastructure”. Precisely, no accountability and no transparency, accept no responsibility. No instead they throw the farmers under their tractors, use them as the govts whipping boy, but allow serious polluted shit in drains and sewers that escape into rivers.

Nanaia Mahuita and her ‘Three Waters Reform’ how in hell could anyone trust this govt, almost 20 years of shit, toxic chemicals, contaminants and successive govts ignored this. Nanaia Mahuta and her Three Water Reform- Mahuta the Polluter. Never mind the insanity of the Fart and Belch Tax the general public need to get wind of this.

And what does Mahuta say about the new waste water regulator -Taumata Arowai that’s been created to oversee reforms of the Three Waters Reform. Oh, they won’t be tackling this trade waste water pollution for another 2 years at least. Said Mahuta the Polluter  Well its been almost twenty years now, whats another 2 years. It was reported that some trade waste water officers have had to stand down and when they would not, they have been moved out of their jobs. I have provided links to the RNZ news articles on my website.

Lastly one of RNZ news articles named companies that had breached their  trade waste water consents, including one company that  discharged too much contaminants. Discharged too much sulphide, zinc, chromium and ammonia. RNZ referred to 267 breaches to trade waste water consents in one year. Remember the Labour Govt, Aunty Helen when she tried to introduce the fart tax several years back. National MP Shane Ardern driving the tractor up the stairs of Parliaments

I had to laugh after reading the Rural News on Fart Tax where one person said that vegans and vegetarians in the country should pay a greater tax contribution under the ETS “By eschewing high quality meat proteins for a bean based diet, they will be adding considerably more to global emissions”. Note: An article published on the fraud on the European Union Emission Trading Scheme, that the ETS scheme has grown in size and value and has become an increasingly attractive playground for fraudsters.

The Guardian reported that Australia’s carbon credit scheme ‘largely a sham, says whistle-blower who tried to rein it in. Prof Andrew MacIntosh said the system, which gives credits for projects such as regrowing native forests after clearing, is a fraud on the environment, tax payers and consumers. He described the govts emission scheme overseen by the govt and the clean energy regulator as ‘largely a sham’, as most of the carbon credits approved did not represent real or new cuts in greenhouse emissions, describing the fraud as hurting the environment and wasting a billions dollars of tax payer funding. MacIntosh is an environmental law and policy professor at the Australian National University.

Ardern continues to be seen as the world  eco socialist leader if this Fart and Belch Tax comes about NZ will be the first country in the world to charge farmers on this insanity. The payable amount will depend on how much stock the farmer owns and the size of the farm, the type of fertilizer used.

NZ relies on the meat and dairy industries for our economy. However it appears that the  Eco Socialist globally are looking at Ardern as their leader with her Wellbeing Budget, 4th year running and her happiness indicator index. This is none other that destructive strategies for the degrowth of New Zealand. Transformation for a Red-Green Future.

Productive forces that are really destructive forces, destructive Marxist strategies. You will own nothing and you will be happy. The plundering of NZ.

Land grabs, Water Grabs, Water as an algorithm on the stock market. Follow the money, always follow the money. Massive exploitations of populations worldwide. NZ the outpost of the UN and the guineapig state of the world Economic Forum

No Farmers No Food.  Time to speak out about this hypocritical government that deliberately attacks farmers as they have been highly influential players in mass pollution and huge infrastructure costs over almost twenty years because they deliberately ignored the serious problem that the drafting of the Local Govt Act loophole was never amended

Why Not??????

And why should we replace a free-market enterprise economy with a multistakeholder corporate one that destroys the farming industry and small businesses?

PLEASE NOTE: Again I add that the people are the solution. The solution are the people. There is no such thing as democracy in New Zealand. New Zealanders are living in a democratic deficit. I urge the people of New Zealand to talk with minor parties who have established themselves as political parties for the coming NZ General elections – 2023 to speak with them about adopting a policy that gives citizens end decision making rights.. ‘A Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum. The Citizen Initiated Referenda Act in Non Binding therefore no matter how many signatures you have that support your issues and concerns you have no end decision rights. All end decision rights belong to the government. Carol Sakey. ‘WakeUpNZ’









One crisis after another diverting New Zealanders attention from what is really happening when it comes to freshwater contamination in New Zealand.

Blame the government, as they push forward with their Three Waters Reform they will not tell you how they themselves are guilty of  their own neglect that has allowed contamination of fresh water to continue over several decades.


Please click on the link in the image above to be directed to my Rumble video on this subject because its time to stop throwing the farmer under the tractor.


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Its Up To Us, we are the ones…It’s all about the people for the People. God Save New Zealand.

Omicron, is also known as  B.1.1.529 strain,  first identified in mid-November 2021. The World Health Org., (UN) rapidly classified Omicron as a variant of concern. Evidence shows it is mild and more transmissible. But the WHO do not understand this variant or even COVID19 itself.  WHO(UN) state they need more data to understand Omicron.

NZ Government, MOH are doing an almighty push for the population. The rapid emergence of Omicron only  approx. 10 weeks ago states requires changes in the way NZ manages COVID19

Police at your door with warning letters for law abiding citizens. The Political Thought Police. New Police are to undergo ‘Military Training’

Doctors are silenced in New Zealand bought before the Medical Council to be investigated – what are their crimes related to “For passionately caring about their patients health. The health of New Zealanders”

These Doctors character assassinated, risking losing their professional status and risk being condemned judicially for telling the truth.

Pharmaceutical patents  remain confidential. The Government, health authorities, the people do not know the full ingredients in those COVID19 Jabs. Kiwi  Human Guineapigs, worldwide populations of Human guineapigs.

Big Pharm collaborating with Big Tech. Saving Big Pharma heaps of dollars through cutting short long extensive studies, clinical trials, that would normally take many years to conclude.  Human Capital are the Human Guinea Pigs.

A RAT or PCR test concludes an individual is COVIS19 positive. Told you must go into home detention. And the authorities will make sure you stay there, checking, checking. Tests that have flaws, inaccuracies.

Home detention for being a law abiding citizen, treated like a crim in home detention.

The global playbook that has been well preplanned.                                                  Social Engineering, behavior engineering. Work from home. Next will b e the 4 day working week. The intentional deliberate hastening of the technocratic elitism that will destroy lives.

Millions more dependent on the Welfare state, less employment, significantly increased surveillance.  The deliberate, intentional plandemic that is intended to break civilizations back. To kill the human spirit.

The destruction of the global economy, the replacing it with elitist, leftist socialist multistakeholder capitalist corporations, Big Tech, Big Pharma -Monsanto-Bayers etc.,

The World Economic Forum, Agencies, allies, NGO’s of the UN agencies. Government leaders like Ardern and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington. All key players in this Global Dramatic Nightmare Playbook.

The world is a global stage, there are actors and players, there are puppets and puppeteers…take your pick, which side of history do you want to be on.

Tedros Leader of the UN publicly reported to the whole world “We must never go back to the old normal”. This is demanded of us, that we never return to the way we lived our lives prior to the introduction of COVID19.

We now have the hasty insensitive deliberate evil psycho babble mind fecking populations through the Global/Domestic Propaganda Machine.

The domestic, global political economical social narrative, bludgeoning peoples minds to death with the mass weapons of fear. The continuous psycho babble, fear tactics, techniques that are documented, a one script for all..

The major influencer the global propaganda machine. The WHO COVID19 Surveillance Manual states Governments, Health Authorities must have an excellent ongoing relationship with the Global/ Domestic Media.

The World Health Organization producers reports as to tactics to target those who have decided not to partake in the COVID19 jabs. Stating use well known personalities, people in high places, church leaders, comedians to get the message across.

Reward Sports clubs for every member that has club members jabbed.  Government, Health Authority officials remain in a constant good relationship with the propaganda machine.

Mallard demands the media (Propaganda machine not to interview those protestors on the parliamentary grounds. Well the prop machine, the influencers of peoples minds are being paid well to be a political, govt obedience machine. They are paid to do as they are told. Truth or not.

Bloomberg Press-News .. Vaccinated people appear to be getting the coronavirus at a surprisingly high rate. There is serious concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious illness than previously thought

This is pitting personal conscience against a Paycheck. No jab-No Job,  This is shallow, evil and disgusting. Its not ok for masses of businesses to be destroyed because people wont take these jabs that are continuous human experiment.

I say its better  a person walks in their own truth and integrity than a government that walks in its tyrannous crooked corruptness. Together, united in truth in our individual uniqueness we stand united, we can do this. This is about People for the People’ There is no geographical cure. We are it. In Gods name, God defend New Zealand.





TREVOR MALLARD DOB 17TH JUNE 1954 MEMBER OF LABOUR PARTY. MALLARD IS KNOWN AS ‘THE FATHER OF THE HOUSE’ More like ‘The Godfather’ conveying the immense power that he seems to have over all political cronies that reside in the toilet bowl of Wellington.

As ‘The Godfather’ in the movie said “Revenge is a dish best served cold”. How cold was the water from the government 4 Waters Sprinklers’ – Mallard ‘The Godfathers’ Revenge on those that are demanding their Human Rights, Democratic Rights are restored.

And the people stand united and call comes out from a strong Christian character I know in the crowd “Frankly, my dear I don’t give a dam”

“The only real prison is fear” ….  “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” Gloria Steinem

“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” – –Albert Camus

Ronald Reagan said “. “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

One of the ways that we recognise the fundamental worth of every person is by acknowledging and respecting their human rights. Human rights are a set of principles concerned with equality and fairness. They recognise our freedom to make choices about our lives and to develop our potential as human beings.

From the very top down, the UN/WEF Private-Public Partnership ton control People, Planet for massive profit, promoting and supporting authoritarian UN member Country governments to follow UN/WEF evil traits.

UN International laws have hugely escalated have been adopted into NZ’s domestic policies to bring forth a massive globalist agenda. They shield themselves from all public criticism by adopting this worldwide propaganda machine. As they wield more and more power over the worlds populations repurposing

First with subtleness, and now very confident, the time is nigh as they hastily obsessively roll out their worldwide acceleration of UN Agenda 2030 through using strategies to assert, severely restrict any opposition to their global resetting, reshaping and redesigning of People Planet for ginormous profit, wealth

In doing so NZ Government themselves are disobedient, deliberately ignore the law itself. They intentionally exit, and most deliberately destroy Human Rights. NZ Government welcome into NZ – IUN International Laws, engage in them in order to advance their socialist fascist goals.

Internal Laws are a driving force in crafting international legal norms since the second World War. 1945, The found of the United Nations. NZ Government under Fraser, was one of those founding members of the UN.

With the UN/WEF official partnership signed 13th June 2019 this has become an accelerated global advancement where under a global partnership forming a one world governance there is a combination of International Law- including criminal – where Nationalism is being labelled Domestic Terrorism collaborate are allies of trade and  Investment. (Multilateral Multistakeholder Capitalist Corporations, Big Tech, Big Pharma etc.,

Human Rights Agreement, Declarations are designed to explicitly to protect citizens human rights, the fundamental core of all Human Rights is Human Dignity. But lets be real about this, this is not about protecting people its about protecting capital, supporting tyrants to remain in power over citizens.

Arderns Zero Emissions, Climate Alarmism- scaremongering- the global virus the continuous blast of public speeches and influence of the propaganda machine.

War threatening the Ukraine population and Russia tipping the scales. Germany will not support Ukraine because Russia is threatening to stop Germany’s Oil supplies from Russia.

Russia and China are two permanent members of the UN Security Council. China has made huge investments in legal institutions. China used to back away from UN International Laws, Beijing was suspicious of them. Bot in recent decades Beijing has sought a much greater role in international legal institutions and the UN. ‘

In a 1996 speech Jiang Zemin of the CCP called for “using International Law as a weapon in China’s national interests”. Four of seventeen leaders on UN Agencies represent the Peoples Republic of China (CCP). The building of the UN in the CCP image.

Hence this gives Beijing the leverage over the structuring of regional and global institutions. Beijing pushing and UN promoting China’s interests and concepts. Nations globally are being dictated to by fascist authoritarian governments.

It has become very noticeable to many New Zealanders that Kiwi’s are being controlled by Ardern and her political cronies from the top down, by an authoritarian eco-socialist come communist regime by using  a Chinese Communist Social Credit System in their demands over NZ Citizens.

Rewards and Punishments, Compliance or Non-Compliance, either one or the other you lose your democratic Rights- your freedoms. A system of debits and credits- both controls- similar to that used over the citizens in China. Because China are old hands at this, well practised do not underestimate NZ Government will not advance these evil methods of controlling people. They will, and have already started to follow down this path

Global Authoritarianism. Russia and China have both been very active in the UN, working together to articulate a join vision of International laws, captured in a 2016 joint statement on the promotion of International Law.China and Russia both have veto powers on the UN Security Council.

There is an aggressiveness for the UN to interfere with Domestic Laws in UN Member Country’s, the problem is that UN Member nations such as New Zealand welcome UN Agreements, declarations into NZ’s own domestic policies making them Law in NZ. Laws that NZ Citizens must obey.

A core strategy of autocracy, that is a system of government in which absolute power over the state is in the hands of one person, in New Zealand’s case-Jacinda Ardern. I am personally adding the New Zealand Government to the list of country’s whose governments have a form of ‘Autocracy’. The others listed include China, Iran, North Korea, Laos, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

An ‘autocratic leader of government is also known as an authoritarian leadership.  A leadership characterized by individual control over all decisions with little input from any opposition within that government, absolute authoritarian control. Under this absolute control our democratic rights have been severely attacked.

We are talking unaccountable, irresponsible dictators within a top down centralized government where peoples lives are being hijacked by fascist socialist governments worldwide, New Zealand included.

There has been manipulated general elections in pursuit of common socialist/ Marxist and communist political ideologies. Manipulated election to preserve, maintain and retain power. Whether its Arderns climate alarmism, the global virus, inequality, racial injustice whatever governments worldwide have their solutions to these so called legal fictions mapped out, pre-planned as future solutions.  These solutions rely and promote on ‘Immense Wealth before Health’ of global populations.

There is nothing left when citizens human rights are destroyed, their human dignity violated, the people have but two choices, become enslaved or stand united as one demand your ‘God given Human Rights’. This New Zealand autocratic political cronies that all share the same stinky toilet seat in Wellington are NOT God, they never will be.

For New Zealand to be a healthy society we the people must put checks and balances in place. I personally believe even more so than ever we need a written peoples constitution to keep those political cronies in the political cesspit in check.  Demand accountability from them, make them accountable, responsible for their insane pandemic laws, orders and acts that have destroyed our Human Rights and Civil Liberties. To stop them from making us the people their servants to serve their political interests rather than that of the publics.

The COVID19 Health & Response Bills, Acts, Orders I have had a guts full of it, like many of you have. NZ Government exploiting, controlling peoples lives seriously impacting on  mental health and wellbeing, destroying New Zealand’s economy,  small businesses and employment.

This daily splurge by the propaganda machine dribbles out lies daily, one lie after another  as they character assassinate millions of people worldwide who are protesting, demanding their Human Rights are returned to them.

Think about it, Beijing and Hongkong, the Chinese Government ripped up the ‘one country, two systems’ arrangement and imposed a draconian national security law which ends political freedoms and only those that are pro-CCP to run for office.

New Zealand introduced ‘COVID19 Health Response Bills, Acts, Orders’ which entitles Ardern and her political cronies in Wellington an entitlement to control the people of New Zealand as to how, and when she wants to in whatever form she chooses. (COVID19 Health & Response Act (NZ) equates to the ‘Enabling Act)

Hitler also under a so called emergency introduced an ‘Enabling Act’ which allowed him to do as he wanted to too, and we all know the evilness, cruelty that happened after that. Hitler too had the German people believing that he only had the German peoples wellbeing at heart.

What about Ardern’s Wellbeing Budget, I’d say her budget on wellbeing amounted to Zero-Zilch.

Ardern just like Hitler did has totally used the propaganda machine to influence peoples minds on a daily basis, sometimes many times a day- psychological abuse using behavioural engineering.. social engineering to negatively restructure peoples lives by destroying peoples ability to seek happiness, smiling, singing, praying together, masking peoples faces peering above are a sea of eyes.

Just think about this a baby that was born 2 years ago, who is a two year old now, this is all this child has ever known.  Five years old, first day at school, a day to remember, parents have to wait outside the school, masked a metre apart as they wait anxiously.  Many seeking eyes above masks wondering “ how was my little girls, boys first day at school, were they scared, did they cry or were they happy, did they make friends”?, So many questions cross mum’s and dads minds.

Prior to these stupid insane restrictions mums and dads, nan’s and grandads, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters would wait just  outside the child’s classroom, an opportunity to  in an effort to spy on your child, praying their day has gone well, that they are happy.  This has now been robbed from parents and children by Ardern and her political cronies.

Now parents must wait anxiously masked up outside the school gate until little ones emerge, a sea of eyes over masked faces appear that seek as parents and children seek each other out.  Their smiles, expressions would normally have been shared, but now they are concealed.  All of our human senses are used to help us learn, to be alert and aware, to breathe, to take in oxygen, to think.. however it has been demanded, ordered by Ardern and her political cronies two of these important senses, the nose and the mouth be masked.

When referencing the wearing of facial masks just think of a mosquito flying through a hurricane wire fence.

High levels of nano-plastics and other harmful dangerous chemical  pollutants have been found in disposable face masks including lead, antimony and copper within the silicon based and plastic fibres of common disposable face masks by Swansea University Scientists. This was linked to a new cause of pollution. They are seriously concerned as to the impact on peoples health who wear these facial masks.  Warning that repeated exposure could be hazardous as the substances found have known links to cell death, genotoxicity and cancer formation.       https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/05/210504112637.htm

The production of face masks in China has reached approximately 200 million per day, mask manufacturing is unregulated. Therefore since the onset of the pandemic how many people worldwide have warn these masks on a daily basis for hours at a time for two years.?????  What about those children who are wearing them day after day after day.????

China manufactures approximately 85% of the world’s facial masks, no safety restrictions in place and unregulated.

U S and Canadian groups call for a ban on face masks containing toxic nano-materials, they have communicated with FDA and provided them with evidence demanding a ban on the importing of these face masks which they say can result in harms to human health due to daily inhalation by medical and civilian mask wearers.  https://www.centerforfoodsafety.org/press-releases/6341/us-and-canadian-groups-call-for-ban-on-face-masks-containing-toxic-nanomaterials

US Surgeon General Dr, Jerome Adams posted a message on Twitter “Seriously people -Stop Buying Face Masks”   “They are NOT effective in preventing general public from catching #Coronavirus” At this point of time CDC was also publicing that wearing face masks to protect yourself from COVID19 is unnecessary. However CDC make up the rules as they go along, now they have changed their mind and say they are necessary.

Dr. William Schaffner, a preventive medicine professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, told CNN the rush to buy masks is a “psychological thing.”

There are many doctors advising there should not be a mandating of facial masks for adults or children, others say the opposite. What do you think, have you researched this through valuable resources.??

There is a fair bit of information through the UN WHO website which shows evidence that those who have decided not to trust the COVID19 Jabs are to be targeted. Design descriptive studies setting 194 member states of the UN to target populations, they call this an important pillar in the war against COVID19, making high vaccine uptake essential.

Psychological babble, mass hypnotherapy, cohesions and bribery and the scare mongering mind fecking propaganda machine are just some of the nasty tactics being used by authorities, the political cronies in the cesspit of Wellington. Then on top of that the severe restrictions of no jab-no job and added restrictions are about to be introduced including that of medical examinations etc., (All being discussed in Parliament right now).

A Newshub article 13th February 2022 headed ‘ Coronavirus: Compulsion might become NECESSARY  to get vaccine coverage high enough’ said law expert. Its all about high vaccination numbers.  Join the dots ‘prior to pandemic 2019 the introduction of the ‘Decade Of Vaccine 2020-2030’ The UN Global Strategy Of Vaccines-Leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age. (Word for word UN Website)

Using the tool of mandatory vaccines as a weapon to severely restrict, control, enslave populations globally to reshape, redesign economy and society. PPP -People, Planet for Profit ( Massive wealth for the 0.01% billionaires). Join the dots WEF-UN Partnership prior to the pandemic 13th June 2019.  International Law Makers partner Multistakeholder Corporations. Goal -end free market economy replace it with Multistakeholder Corporations that don’t give a feck about Human Rights.. All about Wealth NOT Health. https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/politics/2021/09/coronavirus-compulsion-might-become-necessary-to-get-vaccine-coverage-high-enough-law-expert.html

Hitler also promoted, encouraged the German people to nark on their neighbours, family members, work mates if they opposed Hitlers Nazi Regime. NZ Government through political policing have their nark in your loved one, neighbour system too through using political policing strategies.

Millions of people have been labelled as insane dangerous anti- vaxers that spread misinformation. New Zealand’s autocratic government led by Ardern are as authoritarian as they get… socialist, Marxist with the over-riding characteristics of communism (Comrade Ardern).

Ardern and her political cronies in the stinky bowl of Wellington professing to be the one source of truth. In our secular country of New Zealand which was once called ‘God’s Own’ its time to remind Ardern and those in the political cesspit in Wellington we have our God and she is not and never will be God over us, and we will never become beneath ourselves to be a part of her team of 5 million.

Time to pop the bubbles, step out of them and be free. Unmask the truth, the truth will set you free.  ‘Fear is a liar’. Do not be threatened into silence, God gave us the precious gift of a voice so we each one of us have the ability to speak out, express our feelings, thoughts. This my friends is our ‘God Given Right’.



Thank you for reading my blog for today..Carol Sakey