Simon O’Connor took time out of Parliament to let the people of NZ know what is happening.


Beehive Website:  CHRIS HIPKINS (Leader of the House): I move, That urgency be accorded the committee stage of the Water Services Entities Bill; the passing through all stages of the Residential Tenancies (Healthy Homes Standards) Amendment Bill, the Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Bill (No 2), the Social Security (Accommodation Supplement) Amendment Bill, and the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Extension of Act and Reduction of Powers) Amendment Bill; the passing through of the remaining stages of the Dairy Industry Restructuring (Fonterra Capital Restructuring) Amendment Bill,

 the Climate Change Response (Extension of Penalty Transition for Forestry Activities with Low Volume Emissions Liabilities) Amendment Bill, the Arms (Licence Holders’ Applications for New Licences) Amendment Bill,

 and the Companies (Levies) Amendment Bill; the first readings and referral to select committee of the Grocery Industry Competition Bill and the Fuel Industry Amendment Bill; the introduction and first readings and referral to select committee of the Crown Minerals Amendment Bill

and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Amendment Bill; the first reading and referral to select committee of the Legal Services Amendment Bill; the introduction, first reading, and referral to select committee of the Accident Compensation (Access Reporting and Other Matters) Amendment Bill; the first reading and referral to select committee of the Health and Safety at Work (Health and Safety Representatives and Committees) Amendment Bill;

 the third readings of the Security Information in Proceedings Bill, the Security Information in Proceedings (Repeals and Amendments) Bill, the Māori Purposes Bill, the Remuneration Authority Legislation Bill,  and the Statutes Amendment Bill; and the passing through of the remaining stages of the Organic Products and Production Bill, the Natural Hazards Insurance Bill, the Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill, and the Civil Aviation Bill.

The passing of the Queen in September meant that Parliament lost a week of parliamentary sitting time and the granting of this urgency motion will allow some of that time to be made up.  DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT, WE DO NOT HAVE STUPID WRITTEN ON OUR FOREHEADS.

There are a number of bills that address issues that do need rapid attention of the House. An example is the Social Security (Accommodation Supplement) Amendment Bill, which will ensure that no disruption or change to the accommodation supplement benefit individuals currently receive.

Both the Dairy Industry Restructuring (Fonterra Capital Restructuring) Amendment Bill and the Climate Change Response (Extension of Penalty Transition for Forestry Activities with Low Volume Emissions Liabilities) Amendment Bill must be enacted by the end of the year.

Seven first readings are including in the motion. Without them, it would not be possible to get these bills off to select committee before Christmas, and some of them, including the Grocery Industry Competition Bill, we do expect will attract a large number of submitters. O

Other bills will have a significant impact in their own areas and they would have considerable delay coming into effect were we not to use urgency in order to progress them further.

The meetings started at 9am and finish at midnight and will most certainly continue all this week.



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Mark was awarded an N Z Award for bravery for his actions in a dangerous situation, yet a government agency is treating him like a crim. I personally believe we do not have a govt on NZ, we have a regime. One that treats its law abiding citizens like crims.  A man who saves many lives, is compassionate and courageous.  In support for this New Zealand hero I have decided to add my voice to this and share with you some information that we should not put to one side. We should support this man as much as we can as he battles a government agency.







It is clearly evidenced that soon after the Local Government Act 2002 was introduced that there was a serious  legal loophole which actually blows Ardern’s biodiversity, eco-socialism right out the window of anticipation.

RNZ published several news articles in 2021 referred to this loophole that the government has deliberately ignored for almost 20 years, that has often bought to their attention by local council representatives and other water experts. RNZ news reports refer to ‘Trade Waste Water Breaches, literally hundreds of them in one year, some of these companies have breeched these trade  waste water consents multiple times in one year. Some of these companies are well known brand names and market themselves as ‘sustainability’. No company has been prosecuted or fined for leaching contaminants down drains.

RNZ  reported an amendment to close an loophole in the Local Government Act 2002 has been ignored by a succession of govts.

Christopher Luxon  was approached by RNZ, he had some choice words for these companies but has any political party done anything about amending this major loophole in the Act ?-NO.

Luxon replied “ Being a former CEO of Air NZ  and at Unilever as well, its quite shocking companies would breach trade consents. But Luxon does not let the cat out the bag that Unilever has been named multiple times in the news for plastic pollution. News articles such as  Nestle, PepsiCo and Unilever plastic pollution. ‘Conflicts, companies, human rights and water.(Link, › documents › research )

Three Waters–NZ Govt would not fix their own fkups so be real do you really trust them after-all like crooks they are robbing tax payer assets. Mining and oil production uses large amounts of water, and pollutes water … the drinks (and food) companies Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle and Unilever,..

Unilever named as one on the top companies in Indonesia for plastic waste pollution along with Santos, Jaya Abahi and IndoFoods (LINK › ..2022  )

There was a drafting error in the law which meant the regulations of the Local Government Act that has caused the problem of companies polluting water ways for almost 20 years.  Regulation to fine, prosecute companies therefore could not be written. It was a drafting error- governments fault perhaps we should throw them under the tractor instead of the farmers.

Mahuta was approached by RNZ, she responded saying “ the new water regulator Taumata Arowai would be looking at ways waste water is treated”. In another interview Mahuta.the polluter referred to an educational approach to these companies that breach trade waste water consents. She also said it would be at least another two years before the new waste water regulating body tackles the problem”

Use this response by Mahuta and all those other political cronies in cesspit of Wellington, this will surely give you some idea that Three Waters is already a problem in the making.

RNZ named some of the companies in one of their news articles that have breached trade waste water consents- Talleys, Ernest Adams, Yoplait are just a few of the hundreds of companies that have breached trade waste water consents in just one year. Some companies have dumped toxins, high nitrates, ammonia, chemicals, blood and yellow yukky glob down drains.

This includes bakeries, supermarkets and other businesses. A lot of gunk over almost 20 years. Dumping contents of grease traps. Some of the biggest manufacturers and brands discharging contaminants, many of them are dangerous, and some have breached consents multiple times.

RNZ reported they had obtained data from 68 city and district councils that revealed a grim pictures of non compliance of trade waste water consents of at least 267 companies

RNZ 5th February 2021 news article referred to a description of some of the evidence they were provided with “blood red water and globs of yellow animal fat, greasy liquid clogging filters and coating ultraviolet lights used to disinfect the effluent. These same scenes were being played out right across NZ. An expert reported that even once treated, the waste being dumped can destroy biodiversity, choke rivers, wreck havoc on marine life. Some company’s have dumped toxic chemicals, eg., ammonia, sulphides into sewers. RNZ reported that in Timaru every trade waste water  holder had  breeched consent conditions.

In Hawkes Bay 6 out of 8 companies breached consents, companies that call themselves sustainable such as ‘the sustainable fishing company Sanford’, DB Draught Brewery, frozen food manufacturer-McCains, Heartland  Potato Chips, Medallion Pet Food, the Wallace Groups rendering plant and Sth Canterbury By-Products.  In Palmerston North 8 out of 9 consent holders breached consents multiple times, including 2 sites belonging to Fonterra, Goodman Fielders Ernest Adams and Yoplait factories also the largest Maori owned fishing company in NZ “Moana NZ’

RNZ revealed that no every council keeps track on consent breaches & not every council is transparent.  In several regions its hard to get an accurate picture on how companies behave because some councils do not have rules about what is dumped in the sewers, some rarely monitor dumping, some companies are left to manage this themselves. RNZ also reported that Auckland Councils Watercare services which manages the largest wastewater network in NZ refused to answer questions posed by RNZ about companies breaching consents. They responded ‘for privacy reasons’

The point is the government is hugely  responsible for the serious issues of toxins, contaminants and  dangerous chemicals being dumped into sewers and drains because they deliberately let this happen for almost 20 years. They ignored this serious problem time and time again. Despite all of this dumping of contaminants RNZ reported ‘ not one company has been slapped with fines or prosecution’. Some companies that are breaching their trade waste water consents are also potentially costing rate payers, tax payers a heap of money

Because for instance ammonia and other chemical eat away underground concrete pipes, damage public infrastructure that has to be paid for my rate payers. One trade Waste Water expert reported that industries have deliberately pushed their consents so close to the mark to maximise shareholder value. This expert said that  “trade water is usually a lot more toxic than other things can have a major impact, it can kill rivers” and “chemicals poured down the drain can produce sulphuric acid which can dissolve concrete infrastructure. Expensive infrastructure that’s put in the ground at a minimum cost of $5,000 per metre, is now being eaten away. “ That pipes have burst, there have been situations where vehicles and people have actually fallen into pipes which have collapsed under the ground”.  He said that “Contaminated waste water can kill microorganisms inside a waste water treatment plant and suffocate creatures in the waterways where its eventually discharged, as contaminants which suck  up all the oxygen.

Nanaia Mahuta has held this portfolio since 2017, when asked about this serious issue she told RNZ “I ‘will  have to seek some advice” and “this concern has only just been raised with me” Her reply 10 days later to a LGNZ plea was “While I recognise the law is not working as well as it could, it is not clear to me that infringement offences are always effective in changing behaviour”. Mahuta said Bylaws give councils flexibility to establish rules suited to their circumstances in order to control behaviours in public places. It is my view that careful consideration should be given before extending powers” Mahuta’s key adviser, Michael Lovett, Dept of Internal Affairs Deputy Chief Executive was also unconvinced a law change was needed. He said “Why change the legislation when you can change the infrastructure”. Precisely, no accountability and no transparency, accept no responsibility. No instead they throw the farmers under their tractors, use them as the govts whipping boy, but allow serious polluted shit in drains and sewers that escape into rivers.

Nanaia Mahuita and her ‘Three Waters Reform’ how in hell could anyone trust this govt, almost 20 years of shit, toxic chemicals, contaminants and successive govts ignored this. Nanaia Mahuta and her Three Water Reform- Mahuta the Polluter. Never mind the insanity of the Fart and Belch Tax the general public need to get wind of this.

And what does Mahuta say about the new waste water regulator -Taumata Arowai that’s been created to oversee reforms of the Three Waters Reform. Oh, they won’t be tackling this trade waste water pollution for another 2 years at least. Said Mahuta the Polluter  Well its been almost twenty years now, whats another 2 years. It was reported that some trade waste water officers have had to stand down and when they would not, they have been moved out of their jobs. I have provided links to the RNZ news articles on my website.

Lastly one of RNZ news articles named companies that had breached their  trade waste water consents, including one company that  discharged too much contaminants. Discharged too much sulphide, zinc, chromium and ammonia. RNZ referred to 267 breaches to trade waste water consents in one year. Remember the Labour Govt, Aunty Helen when she tried to introduce the fart tax several years back. National MP Shane Ardern driving the tractor up the stairs of Parliaments

I had to laugh after reading the Rural News on Fart Tax where one person said that vegans and vegetarians in the country should pay a greater tax contribution under the ETS “By eschewing high quality meat proteins for a bean based diet, they will be adding considerably more to global emissions”. Note: An article published on the fraud on the European Union Emission Trading Scheme, that the ETS scheme has grown in size and value and has become an increasingly attractive playground for fraudsters.

The Guardian reported that Australia’s carbon credit scheme ‘largely a sham, says whistle-blower who tried to rein it in. Prof Andrew MacIntosh said the system, which gives credits for projects such as regrowing native forests after clearing, is a fraud on the environment, tax payers and consumers. He described the govts emission scheme overseen by the govt and the clean energy regulator as ‘largely a sham’, as most of the carbon credits approved did not represent real or new cuts in greenhouse emissions, describing the fraud as hurting the environment and wasting a billions dollars of tax payer funding. MacIntosh is an environmental law and policy professor at the Australian National University.

Ardern continues to be seen as the world  eco socialist leader if this Fart and Belch Tax comes about NZ will be the first country in the world to charge farmers on this insanity. The payable amount will depend on how much stock the farmer owns and the size of the farm, the type of fertilizer used.

NZ relies on the meat and dairy industries for our economy. However it appears that the  Eco Socialist globally are looking at Ardern as their leader with her Wellbeing Budget, 4th year running and her happiness indicator index. This is none other that destructive strategies for the degrowth of New Zealand. Transformation for a Red-Green Future.

Productive forces that are really destructive forces, destructive Marxist strategies. You will own nothing and you will be happy. The plundering of NZ.

Land grabs, Water Grabs, Water as an algorithm on the stock market. Follow the money, always follow the money. Massive exploitations of populations worldwide. NZ the outpost of the UN and the guineapig state of the world Economic Forum

No Farmers No Food.  Time to speak out about this hypocritical government that deliberately attacks farmers as they have been highly influential players in mass pollution and huge infrastructure costs over almost twenty years because they deliberately ignored the serious problem that the drafting of the Local Govt Act loophole was never amended

Why Not??????

And why should we replace a free-market enterprise economy with a multistakeholder corporate one that destroys the farming industry and small businesses?

PLEASE NOTE: Again I add that the people are the solution. The solution are the people. There is no such thing as democracy in New Zealand. New Zealanders are living in a democratic deficit. I urge the people of New Zealand to talk with minor parties who have established themselves as political parties for the coming NZ General elections – 2023 to speak with them about adopting a policy that gives citizens end decision making rights.. ‘A Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum. The Citizen Initiated Referenda Act in Non Binding therefore no matter how many signatures you have that support your issues and concerns you have no end decision rights. All end decision rights belong to the government. Carol Sakey. ‘WakeUpNZ’




The minor parties are not publically speaking about what lies behind the bigger picture of the Governments narratives. WHY NOT???

UN NEWS 2022…The Green Party welcomes the next steps towards implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in Aotearoa, and calls on the Government to get on with the mahi of upholding Tangata Whenua rights.

“Implementing UNDRIP has been a long time coming, especially as Aotearoa was one of the last countries to support it, even though Māori helped write it, so let’s just get on with the mahi and do what Māori have consistently said for decades,” says Dr Elizabeth Kerekere, spokesperson for Māori Development.

“Thousands were involved in the consultations for Matike Mai; these voices form the foundations of the whare that we need to build together here in Aotearoa.

“These practical steps to uphold Tangata Whenua rights through the implementation of UNDRIP are important, and the feedback clearly shows this requires a restoration of tino rangatiratanga. This should form the basis of our journey towards constitutional transformation.




Under New Zealand legislation on Oil Security = The 1976 International Energy Agreement Act (IEAA) and the Petroleum Demand Restraint Act these provide the legislative framework for NZ’s Oil Emergency measures.

The Governor General has the power to make regulations, control the use of petroleum, prohibit production, acquisition, distribution- supply of petroleum or Petroleum products under Article 4 (1) (c) IEAAAt all times when she deems there are insufficient oil supplies in NZ.

The Governor General is authorized to make regulations, demand, or to reduce the consumption of petroleum or petroleum products (Art 4 (1) IEAA

Under Article 4 of the ‘Petroleum Demand Restraints Act the Governor General may regulate the use of vehicles, vessels. Ration petrol and petrol products.

The Governor General may put in place monitoring, enforcement of an emergency regime- therefore may enter premises, search properties pertaining to homes, vessels, vehicles.

This is referenced as to a ‘Given Persons Compliance with any applicable Ministerial direction. (Art 17 IEAA- Petroleum Demand Restraints Act.

According to Articl6 (1) IEAA NZ does not have a ‘Stockholding Agency’, legal stockholding obligations- (International obligations refer to 90days emergency stockholdings to be held by each country.)

The determination whether an emergency exists or not as to petroleum supplies in NZ is determined by the Governor General. This is namely the ‘triggering ‘ of operation within an Emergency Response System. (Art 3) 1 IEAA.

The 1991 Crown Minerals Act and the 2002 Civil Defence Act also contain provisions which maybe relevant to applying these emergency measures of the Petroleum Restraints Demand Act

2.The closing of Marsden Point New Zealand, petroleum supplies in NZ are reliant on tankers shipping in refined oil from overseas. Z Energy reported that its estimated 175 tankers per year are required to deliver these supplies (fuel stocks)to NZ

Marsden Point Oil Refinery was a critical link to NZ economy. 8% of Northlands Economy. 600 plus jobs were lost at the closing down of Marsden Oil Refinery.

The Oil refinery had excellent references to its reliability, safety and how well it mas maintained. NZ now relies on oil supplies from Sth Asia, there are serious ongoing concerns, tensions in the oceans as to China’s presence.

China has built military bases in islands off the coast of the Philippines and there is a continuing presence of China in small pacific islands such as the Solomon Isles.

Even though this is a contravention of International laws, this stops nothing. Therefore shipping lanes relevant to supplying Oil to NZ will remain at risk.

MP Megan Woods stated NZ goes no obtain Oil supplies from Russia, but they did obtain 2% of these from Russia. However, questionable indirectly are NZ Oil supplies from other countries, are they getting their oil supplies from Russia.

If they are indirectly yes we do obtain our oil supplies from Russia. The head of Northern Australia’s Strategic Policy Centre called out NZ Govts ‘as being naïve’ buying into outdated globalization. As the Australian Govt subsidized their two oils refineries.

NZ Government refused to subsidize the Marsden Point Oil Refinery. The Reserve Bank had $60 Billion sitting there, it’s a drop in the pocket out of $60 billion, they could have purchased Marsden Point Oil Refinery for the people of NZ.

The Australian buyer was approached by the Bill Gates team to buy Marsden Point Oil Refinery for the storage of Green Hydrogen Fuel/gas

3.Marsden Point Oil Refinery produced 58% of our petrol, 85% of jet fuel and 67% of our diesel. The pipeline infrastructure carried the refineries products to Auckland for storage and further transmission.

Coastal Oil Logistics Ltd were the shipping venture that transported the refined oil to other ports around NZ. (Source Info MBIW-GVT)

Marsden point Oil Refinery also known as ‘Refining NZ’ announced in 2020 it would develop plans to simplify refinery operations, structurally reduce costs, whilst focusing supply across NZ.

A competitive advantage to Marsden Point Oil Refinery. The company announced it would continue to evaluate a possible future staged transition to an import terminal, including exploration of a commercial framework with customers.

In 2017 during Arderns electioneering campaign she spoke about an additional pipeline from Marsden point Oil Refinery saying “ t if Marsden Point Oil Refinery “ this would leave the aviation industry endangered and vulnerable”

Question: How much petroleum does NZ hold in stock for emergencies? NZ hold ‘Ticket Stock Contracts’ for emergency use. NZ retain approx 17 days of emergency fuel stock. The Contract Ticket Stock’ is held in Spain, UK, Japan.

Already this year NZ has released approx.., 483,000 barrels of  crude oil that was held min Spain and also 299,000 barrels of Diesel held in the UK of NZ’s Emergency Stocks.

When the hydo lake levels are low, the wind stops turning the turbines and the sun goes to sleep   NZ is completely reliant on coal for these Electricity Companies. The Electricity Companies that have major government investments made in them.

Hence Climate Emergency, is bullcrap as the government in declaring an emergency was importing dirty industry nasty cheap polluting coal from Indonesia.  The Govt destroying N Z Economy deliberately so.

INFORMATION RESEARCHED BY CAROL SAKEY   Please subscribe to my website