The evil radical Islamic attack on Moscow and the massive persecution of Christians throughout the world….

THIS SHOULD BRING IT HOME TO EVERYONE’ 2023 report Vatican News’ Over 360 million Christians suffered persecution in the world in one year 2023.  1 in 7 Christians suffer high levels of persecution. 2022- 2023 was the worst year for Christians worldwide, because of the intensify violence, discrimination, exclusion. There is a drastic increase of kidnapping, abductions of Christians. 30,000 incidents have been recorded. Churches have been targeted. Thousands of Christian women raped, forced marriages, forced conversion. This is only the top of the iceberg. There are 50 countries in an updated report that face the most extreme persecution for their Christian faith.

The World Watch List is Open Doors’ annual ranking of the top 50 countries where Christians face the most persecution and/or discrimination for their faith.  Since 1993, the annual report has revealed the scale and severity of the persecution of Christians, with the number of countries where Christians suffer high and extreme levels of persecution having almost doubled to more than countries since the report’s inception.

Last year 4,998 Christian were killed for their faith worldwide (World Watch 2024). By Islamic militants, armed bandits, some countries allowing, enabling this Islamic militancy to flourish. Christians deemed either friends or foe. Foreign influence repress religious freedom, Two-thirds of all attacks and closures of churches and public Christians properties were in China, where tightening religious laws and intrusive surveillance have forced many churches to splinter into a myriad of small, less visible groups. Even many of those regulated by the state have been closed and amalgamated with larger churches

Yesterday a concert hall in Moscow was attacked, this was a bloody attack by the Islamic State. Its reported there were four gunmen and dozens of Christians are dead. The Islamic State published a photo of the 4 attackers, it is reported that they planned and conducted this evil assault on the Moscow Concert Hall and that 130 lives have been lost. Brutally murdered.

Its reported the men were wearing baseball caps and face scarfs pointing to the sky with one finger, a gesture that has become associated with the Islamic State terrorists. In the background an Islamic State poster. The extremist Islamic murderous Islamic terrorists carried out an intensive monitoring operation before the attack, according to the statement. The four evil Islamic terrorist  bastards were armed with machine guns, knives, bombs they sought to inflict as much damage as they possible could on a large crowd of Christians. The extremist Islamic state wounded people in total. The Islamic State terrorist stating they are ‘waging war between the Islamic State and countries fighting Islam”

A senior counter terrorism official has confirmed as such to the New York times that this is the Islamic State known as IS-K (New York Times reported) This being an offshoot of the terror group active in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. IS-K is an offshoot of the terror group active in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. Earlier this month the US Embassy in Moscow issued a warning of potential terror attacks by extremist advising US citizens to avoid large gatherings, including concerts. Earlier this month, the top US general in the Middle East said IS-K could attack US and Western interests outside of Afghanistan “in as little as six months and with little to no warning.”

But by Saturday US Officials privately admitted the terrorist alert had been partially based on recent intelligence indicating the IS-K branch of the terror group was active inside Russia

LETS REVISIST NEW ZEALAND HISTORY. A KNIFE ATTACK ON SHOOPERS AT A NEW LYNN MALL BY A CHARACTER OF ISLAMIX EXTREMISM BEING MONITORED  BY POLICE OUTSIDE THE MALL AS HE WAS INSIDE THE SUPERMARKET IN THE MALL. SHOPPERS WERE BADLY INJURED, TRAUMATIZED. This quickly died a natural death by the Mainstream media propaganda machine. Then before that the police officer down south who had his police car rammed, a hatchet carrying, knife wielding Islamic terrorist hacking at the police cars bonnet as this maniac shouts out Ala akaba, the police officer managed to radio for help, climb out a passenger door window, as he was chased by this Islamic hatchet wielding evil bastard. It was reported the police officer feared he would be decapitated.

Going back further in  NZ history: And now thinking about how law abiding citizens have been harassed, targeted by police, surveillance, report in the CH Ch Royal Inquiry stating that Police and SIS had listed 1700 NZrs on a suspect  watch list. The Inquiry concluded their was no evidence for them to have these 1700 Kiwi names listed.  Since the Australian Citizens attack on CH CH Mosques we have been targeted as being ‘white supremacists, extreme right, islamophobics and the list goes on, the character assassination of law abiding Kiwi citizens has been huge.

Lets go back to the Beehive 6th November  2014 John Key speaks in the House. He announces the response to threats against NZ’s National Security by International Terrorism. He said this is serious and he takes his responsibilities seriously for those NZrs at home and abroad. He announced a review of NZs Security settings around foreign fighter, outlined urgent changes that was needed to address the evolving threat environment. The rise of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) posing a threat not just internationally but regionally and locally. Saying that ISIL is thought to have 3000 foreign fighters in its ranks holding western passports from a range of countries

John Key stated “We’re extremely concerned about New Zealanders being attracted to this brutal regime – as in other Western countries, ISIL has been successful in recruiting New Zealanders to its cause,”. “Government agencies have a watch list of between 30 and 40 people of concern in the foreign fighter context. These are people in, or from New Zealand who are in various ways participating in extremist behavior.”

Some of the watch list group have travelled to Syria to engage in fighting and remain there. Others are ISIL supporters who have tried to travel but been prevented by the cancellation of their passports.            The remaining people on the watch list are involved in funding terrorism, radicalizing others or are becoming radicalized themselves. Another 30 to 40 individuals require further investigation in addition to the watch list group. Responding to the evolving terrorist fighter issue the Cabinet approved limited focused legislative changes . And a funding injection of almost $7 million to the NZ SIS to increase staff numbers

In addition to this the Government has committed a funding injection of almost $7 million to the NZSIS to increase the number of staff able to work on investigations. Along with these changes the NZ Govt continued to consider NZs potential contribution the international coalition against ISIL. Key concluded he will take a careful considered approach to the rising threat of ISIL which is presented locally, regionally, internationally

17 Community questions to those whom survived the CH CH mosque attacks and their families. “Whom were you scared off before 15th March 2019, the time of the terrorist attack by an Australian Citizen REPLY ‘Daesh’ ISIS. Prior to Ramadan. Tarrant made several visits to Turkey and also a 42 day stay there, at the time that Tourist agencies were reporting that westerners should stay away from Turkey because of kidnappings, killings of westerners, it was dangerous. Strange that Tarrant felt safe enough to stay in Turkey. FOOD DFOR THOUGHT and Prayers for those murdered seriously harmed in that blood bath in a Moscow Concert Hall full of Christians by evil bastard Extremist Islamic Terrorists   So Ardern for your CH CH Call globally. So Luxon your embracing support for Arderns CH Call.




They committed no crime and they continue to suffer extreme trauma. Murderous, horrific killings.  Ardern’s Christchurch Global Call are devoid of these horrendous actions.

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