Conflicts Of Interest In Clinical Trial: 

References Clinical Trial 30th December 2020. Efficacy and Safety of the mRNA Sars Cov-2 Vaccine.  Vaccines are needed to prevent coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) and to protect persons who are at high risk for complications. The mRNA-1273 vaccine is a lipid nanoparticle-encapsulated mRNA-based vaccine that encodes the prefusion stabilized full-length spike protein of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes Covid-19.

The Conflict Of Interest Statement Kicks In: However the researchers then stated serious adverse events were rare as to the conclusion of their study. However it is important to note that there was a conflict of interest statement the researched study was funded by the NHI to conduct clinical trials in collaboration with Janssen and Moderna. Receiving grant support from Pfizer, Merck, Pasteur, Eli Lilly. Consulting fees were funded by Horizon Pharma and GSK for fees on data monitoring,. Dr Bennet who was involved in the study owning stock and stock options in Moderna, Dr, Pajor another person involved in research owing stocked and being employed by Moderna, other doctors working in the research study too owned stock in Moderna and employed by Moderna.

Research finds COVID-19 Spike Protein binds to cells in the heart and couls help explain some effects of severe infection (28/08/2021). The Spike Protein found on the surface of COVID 19 virus cells causes damage to cells in the small blood vessels of the heart, according to early findings presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress.

Researchers from the University of Bristol have found that, in cells in a dish in the lab, the spike protein binds to cells called pericytes which line the small vessels of the heart. This binding triggers a cascade of changes which disrupt normal cell function, and can lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation. This happened even when the protein was no longer attached to the virus. There is some previous evidence to suggest that following Covid-19 illness, the spike protein can remain in the bloodstream after the virus has gone and travel far from the site of infection. This research could help explain and ultimately treat some of the effects of severe Covid-19 infection, where levels of the virus are particularly high.

Research has shown that vaccination is a safe and effective way of reducing your risk of severe Covid infection, so is the best thing you can do to reduce your risk of Covid-19 complications, including heart damage. Researchers took small vessel cells from the heart and exposed them to the spike protein. They found that the spike protein alone was enough to disrupt normal cell function, and lead to the release of chemicals that cause inflammation.

They then blocked the CD147 receptor and found that this prevented the spike protein from causing some of the changes to the cells. However, the inflammation continued. Now the researchers hope to find out if a drug blocking CD147 in humans can help to protect people from some of the complications arising from Covid-19. Professor James Leiper, Associate Medical Director at British Heart Foundation, which funded the research, said: “Covid-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge for the cardiovascular research community. There is still a lot that is unknown relating to how the virus can impact our health in the long term







Simon O’Connor took time out of Parliament to let the people of NZ know what is happening.


Beehive Website:  CHRIS HIPKINS (Leader of the House): I move, That urgency be accorded the committee stage of the Water Services Entities Bill; the passing through all stages of the Residential Tenancies (Healthy Homes Standards) Amendment Bill, the Land Transport (Clean Vehicles) Amendment Bill (No 2), the Social Security (Accommodation Supplement) Amendment Bill, and the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Extension of Act and Reduction of Powers) Amendment Bill; the passing through of the remaining stages of the Dairy Industry Restructuring (Fonterra Capital Restructuring) Amendment Bill,

 the Climate Change Response (Extension of Penalty Transition for Forestry Activities with Low Volume Emissions Liabilities) Amendment Bill, the Arms (Licence Holders’ Applications for New Licences) Amendment Bill,

 and the Companies (Levies) Amendment Bill; the first readings and referral to select committee of the Grocery Industry Competition Bill and the Fuel Industry Amendment Bill; the introduction and first readings and referral to select committee of the Crown Minerals Amendment Bill

and the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Amendment Bill; the first reading and referral to select committee of the Legal Services Amendment Bill; the introduction, first reading, and referral to select committee of the Accident Compensation (Access Reporting and Other Matters) Amendment Bill; the first reading and referral to select committee of the Health and Safety at Work (Health and Safety Representatives and Committees) Amendment Bill;

 the third readings of the Security Information in Proceedings Bill, the Security Information in Proceedings (Repeals and Amendments) Bill, the Māori Purposes Bill, the Remuneration Authority Legislation Bill,  and the Statutes Amendment Bill; and the passing through of the remaining stages of the Organic Products and Production Bill, the Natural Hazards Insurance Bill, the Digital Identity Services Trust Framework Bill, and the Civil Aviation Bill.

The passing of the Queen in September meant that Parliament lost a week of parliamentary sitting time and the granting of this urgency motion will allow some of that time to be made up.  DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT, WE DO NOT HAVE STUPID WRITTEN ON OUR FOREHEADS.

There are a number of bills that address issues that do need rapid attention of the House. An example is the Social Security (Accommodation Supplement) Amendment Bill, which will ensure that no disruption or change to the accommodation supplement benefit individuals currently receive.

Both the Dairy Industry Restructuring (Fonterra Capital Restructuring) Amendment Bill and the Climate Change Response (Extension of Penalty Transition for Forestry Activities with Low Volume Emissions Liabilities) Amendment Bill must be enacted by the end of the year.

Seven first readings are including in the motion. Without them, it would not be possible to get these bills off to select committee before Christmas, and some of them, including the Grocery Industry Competition Bill, we do expect will attract a large number of submitters. O

Other bills will have a significant impact in their own areas and they would have considerable delay coming into effect were we not to use urgency in order to progress them further.

The meetings started at 9am and finish at midnight and will most certainly continue all this week.




The immoral criminal acts of Socialism, Marxism and Communism.

Our post modernised world of critical theory, sexualizing and politicking of children in our schools.

What is it about socialism? It seems that the arguments against it, no matter how finely tuned, have to be made over and over again in every generation.

The example of the world’s most notoriously evil regimes, including Lenin and Stalin’s Soviet Union (the USSR, or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), Hitler’s Third Reich (“Nazi” is an abbreviation for National Socialists), Mao’s China and the present-day CCP (Chinese Communist Party, working for the socialist revolution), and many more horrific examples?


In general, socialism refers to the set of philosophical, political, and economic theories that extol communal ownership of property and the confiscation of private property to be disposed of by the state

I will generally treat socialism and communism interchangeably, since socialism is the broader category to which all communism belongs.

In his 1983 Templeton Address, Alexander Solzhenitsyn maintained that “the principal trait of the entire twentieth century,” and the cause of its many conflagrations, was that “Men have forgotten God.”



FIVE DIFFERENT KINDS OF SOVEREIGNTY:  Nominal and Real Sovereignty- Legal Sovereignty – Political Sovereignty -Popular Sovereignty . Defacto Sovereignty- De Jure Sovereignty, Indigenous Sovereignty, Parliamentary Sovereignty, Titular Sovereignty

THE CURRENT NOTION AND ELEMENTS OF SOVEREIGNTY: Territory, Population, Authority and Recognition. Having a permanent population, a defined territory, one government with the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states. Sovereignty is the ‘Ultimate Power’. The capacity of the state is independent, differs with other organizations. The English word ‘Sovereignty’ is derived from a Latin word  ‘Superanus’ meaning ‘extreme or superficial’. It’s noted that Aristotle repeatedly used the words’ extreme power of the state’

THE TERM SOVEREIGNTY: was first used by Jean Bodin in his book entitled ‘The Republic’. As a political thinker he defined sovereignty to mean the ultimate power of a ‘state founded on citizens and subjects that is not regulated by law.’. Another political writer Hugo Grotius defined sovereignty as the supreme political power entrusted to a person who is not under anybody else, and whose will is impossible to violate. Locke’s theory was the idea of limited monarchy and mass sovereignty, the people possessing the real power. According to Rousseau. Sovereign power is supreme, indivisible, non-transferable, permanent and united. The source of power is the people. No mention of a King or Queen.

THE CROWN HAS NO POWERS OVER NZ CITIZENS ‘TITULAR SOVEREIGNTY’:-Does not have capability of exercising powers. An example of this is King Charles ( the Crown). The Crown  is a symbol of tradition, possessing high honor, its actually the people who have the real sovereign power. No authority over the citizens of New Zealand.

INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL MEANS OF THE SOVEREIGN POWER OF THE STATE: Exercises ultimate power over all persons, groups, institutions within the sovereign, geographical, territorial boundaries of the state. The state can impose severe punishment on an alleged lawbreaker by calling it a ‘Internal Sovereign’. An Internal Sovereignty has supreme authority within ones territory. External Sovereignty is where the state by which no foreign state will be attacked by a foreign state, if it is attacked can complain to UNI for help by asserting ‘External Sovereignty’. External sovereignty is free from control, the will of another state. Freedom to establish diplomatic relations with other foreign states.

THE ULTIMATE POWER OF THE STATE ‘LEGAL SOVEREIGNTY’: Cannot be questioned, is absolute. Unrestricted power of the state, citizens must not disobey the power of the legislative body.  Rights of citizens are a gift of legal sovereignty. The Power behind ‘Legal Sovereignty is ‘Political Power, this is  vague, not exact, its been suggested there is no justification for making a distinction between ‘Legal Sovereignty’ and ‘Political Sovereignty’ that the division of sovereignty is impossible.

THE PRACTICAL CONTROL AND JURISDICTION ‘DE FACTO SOVEREIGNTY’: Over territory eg.m the legal system, sovereign laws that govern the territory as in ‘De-jure sovereignty’.  De facto sovereignty is a type of political question

SOVEREIGNTY LIES IN THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE ‘POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY’: First reflected through protests of the monarchy in the 16th and 17th centuries.. In  the 1677 revolution . Refers to two treaties on Civil Governance (John Locke) that clearly declared that the kings rule depended on the consent of the people, this also refers to American Independence (1766), the October Revolution in Russia (1917), People Revolution in China (1949)- To advance sovereignty of the people.  The characteristics of ‘Popular Sovereignty’ is that of a party system & elections are the source of governance. Public participation remains active in all govt depts including administration. The basis of election will be an universal adult franchise. The people will govern the government directly or substantially. The goal of the ‘Sovereign’ will be for the welfare of the people and the establishment of democracy.

.STATE SOVEREIGNTY ‘GLOBALIZATION’: The power of making state policy is not fully controlled by any ‘Sovereign State’. International events determine what is the national policy of a country. The power of the ‘Sovereign State’ has, is significantly reduced. A handful of major powers has jeopardized the ‘sovereign’ and individual existence of the national state. NZ Government pandering willfully to International and domestic non-elected entities. The massive emergence of International Organizations ‘NATO’, UN Agencies WTO, WTO and WEF, a variety of regulatory bodies have developed disciplines like space, ocean, commerce, land, water, food etc.,  The formation of transnational- multinational companies-corporations, militarization,  world politics has undergone huge changes.

THE WORLD BANK AND IMF ‘ECONOMIC SOVEREIGNTY: Conditions imposed on third world countries eg reducing govt spending, depreciating currencies, stopping subsidies. These sort of conditions undermine economic sovereignty of third world countries. Losing ‘sovereignty’ can happen through indebtedness to international entities. (The African Dream-China to the rescue= indebted to China). A mass of restrictions, regulations ‘International Laws’ significantly affect the sovereignty of nation states. NZ a party to at least 1900 UN Agreements. The UN -WEF 13th June 2019 Official Strategic Partnership Agreement to accelerate UN Agenda 2030 17 Global Goals. WEF represent multistakeholder corporation. WEF the whisperer in the ear of the UN. Multistakeholder Corporations destroy Free market economy, hence destroying small businesses and small holder farming.

ZEW ZEALANDS DEPLETED ‘SOVEREIGN ECONOMY: Ardern boasted that NZ was the first country in the world to adopt UN Agenda 17 Global Goals into NZ’s domestic policies. Multistakeholderism to replace the Free-market economy of New Zealand. The Closing of Marsden Point Oil Refinery, Coal Mines, Off shore Oil Rigs hence dependent on other countries depleting, destroying NZ’s ‘Sovereign Economy’ that’s now reliant on the outside world to keep our home fires burning, so to speak. (De-Growth of NZ)

ABSOLUTE UNLIMITED AUTHORITY LEGAL SOVEREIGNTY ‘POLITICAL SOVEREIGNTY’:- The will of ‘Legal Sovereignty’ is actually sharpened by many influences which are unknown to ‘Law’. These influences are the real power behind ‘Legal Sovereignty’ which is namely ‘Political Sovereignty’. The democratic deficit under NZ’s ‘Political and Parliamentary Sovereignty’. The political Sovereignty where lawyers recognize  under ‘Legal Sovereignty people cannot go against the will of Political Sovereignty because citizens of the state have to be obedient to the dark side of Legal Sovereignty which is Political Sovereignty. There is absolutely no justification for the distinction between the definition of  ‘Political Sovereignty’ and ‘Legal Sovereignty’, the definition is impossible, its is vague and not exact..

‘POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY’ RESIDES IN THE PEOPLE:- The people are the supreme authority. The people decides what is right and wrong. The government are the tools, the servants of the people, there to serve the people for the good of ALL people of NZ. Must be held accountable and responsible for their actions for the good of the people of our Sovereign State of New Zealand. The basis of a modern democratic system is  forcefully being challenged by Ardern’s government.

CHALLENGES THE UN DECLARATION FOR THE RIGHTS OF INDIGENOUS PEOPLES 2007 (UNDRIP):- ‘Popular Sovereignty’ has become a challenge to the UN and those governments, institution, organizations that are promoting the entrenchment of the UNDRIP into all of New Zealand’s society, economy, education, health, infrastructure, policing, govt policy making. (NZ UNDRIP-Vision 2040 and He Puapua)

NEW ZEALAND A POPULATION OF MULTICULTURAL PEOPLES: Ardern’s government is busy planning and implementing institutionalized racism into New Zealand. (Vision 2040 Toolbox – He Puapua). The UN Declaration for Indigenous Peoples Rights was introduced in 2007, Labour opposed this at the time, as did Nanaia Mahuta. Arderns

BEHIND THE CLOSED DOORS OF PARLIAMENT:Govt is now totally pro the UNDRIP, the Green Party Eugene Sage wants it implemented into NZ’s Constitution. In 2010 John Key leader of the National Party sent Peta Sharples leader of the Maori Party to the UN to sign the UNDRIP.(Source Beehive and UN News)

BICULTURAL AND MULTICULTURALISM:-We have a huge mix of cultures that call NZ their home. We are definitely not a ‘Bicultural Sovereign Nation’. The introduction, implementation of UNDRIP into New Zealand is undemocratic, institutionalized racism, apartheid, a divide and conquer strategy perpetrated by Ardern’s Govt and previous governments before. A deliberate strategy to cause civil unrest.  It MUST be Stopped NOW

WE WERE WARNED BY ‘HOROMIA’ MINISTER OF MAORI AFFAIRS: (Beehive Speech Sept 2007)- Horomia stated he was surprised, disappointed the Maori Party was prepared to back up the signing of the UNDRIP. He referred to 4 provision in the UNDRIP. That the UNDRIP is fundamentally incompatible with NZ Constitutional & Legal arrangement and the Treaty Settlement Policy. UNDRIP Art 26 ‘Indigenous peoples have the right to lands, territories & resources they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise acquired’. Horomia said “This covers the entire country of NZ “It appears to require recognition of rights to lands now owned by other citizens, both indigenous and non-indigenous, this ignores contemporary reality.

INDIGENOUS PEOPLES RIGHT TO VETO OVER PARLIAMENTARY LAW: Horomia stated “this implies two classes of citizenship, indigenous people have veto rights that are not held by others”, that the Treaty is an unparalled system for redress, he stated  “the Treaty has awarded Maori claims to nearly 40% of NZ fishing quota, claims to over half of New Zealand land area.” And added “We have the most extensive consultation mechanisms in the world within the Treaty Of Waitangi and have enshrined the Treaty into the Resource Management Law. He said “Maori Party have their heads in the clouds”

NZ HAS NO SINGLE CONSTITUTIONAL DOCUMENT:-  NZ has a uncodified constitution often referred to as an ‘unwritten constitution’, an amalgamation of written and unwritten sources… Firstly NZ inherited the Westminster form of government, which was one of the few countries without a written constitution. The transferred privileges, immunities and powers were  transferred by the ‘Legislative Act 1908’. As of 1st January 1865  were transferred to  NZ Parliament. The’ English Laws Act 1858’ basically did the same when it came to the existing body of English Law. Earlier the Westminster NZ Constitution Act 1852 created a General Assembly for the colony of NZ to make laws for the Peace, Order and Good Government of NZ that sewed the seed of ’Parliamentary Sovereignty’


PARLIAMENTARY SOVEREIGNTY: Defines that the ‘Judiciary’ cannot interfere with decisions of Parliament (the legislature) such as the decision to pass a law. The judiciary can review the actions of the ‘Executive to see if they acted within the powers given to them by legislation’. Parliament’s House of Representatives has the exclusive power to regulate its own procedures.

POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY:- Means ALL People have the power of Sovereignty. Indigenous Sovereignty would mean the minor party of Iwi Elite would have the power to control that of which is ALL peoples rights.  ‘Political Power’ does not belong to the state it belongs to all the people whom are citizens of this state, they are the true bearers of sovereignty, supreme authority- from the people for the people. We, the people are not here to serve the political regime, they are here to serve us. We are not Stalin’s pheasants in the fields.   ‘Popular Sovereignty equates to ‘people power’. A legitimate sovereignty where the people have a fundamental right to determine the best interests for all not international and domestic non-elected entities determining the future for all New Zealanders.


Implement ‘Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum’. Presently this does not exist. NZ Citizens have NO end decision making rights.-

Debunk ‘He Puapua’-.Debunk Institutionalized Racism

Debunk implementation of the Non-binding UNDRIP becoming Binding (Lawful)-

Debunk ‘Three Waters Reform’. Stop Ardern’s government from criminally robbing NZ Ratepayers of their infrastructure Assets

Stop the Govts De-growth of NZ’s Economy-

Stop the farmers from being targeted with the insanity of Climate Alarmism-

Stop Non-Elected International and Domestic entities from controlling New Zealanders lives-

Stop the use of the unofficial naming of New Zealand-Aotearoa. –

Stop Sexualization, politicizing children & young people in schools.-10.Debunk Political Sovereignty. Promote Popular Sovereignty.

Implement a written constitution by the people for the people, embed with NZ Bill Of Rights 1990 and other Human Rights Declarations, agreements.

Revisit the Resource Management Act and any plans to remove this, to implement the replacement of the RMA with three new legislations. (with open, public debate without government influences and political persuasions.

Keep getting the truth out to the general public, speak up– find your Moral Courage.

NOTE: Democracy does not exist in NZ. New Zealanders are suffering a ‘Democratic Deficit’





It is clearly evidenced that soon after the Local Government Act 2002 was introduced that there was a serious  legal loophole which actually blows Ardern’s biodiversity, eco-socialism right out the window of anticipation.

RNZ published several news articles in 2021 referred to this loophole that the government has deliberately ignored for almost 20 years, that has often bought to their attention by local council representatives and other water experts. RNZ news reports refer to ‘Trade Waste Water Breaches, literally hundreds of them in one year, some of these companies have breeched these trade  waste water consents multiple times in one year. Some of these companies are well known brand names and market themselves as ‘sustainability’. No company has been prosecuted or fined for leaching contaminants down drains.

RNZ  reported an amendment to close an loophole in the Local Government Act 2002 has been ignored by a succession of govts.

Christopher Luxon  was approached by RNZ, he had some choice words for these companies but has any political party done anything about amending this major loophole in the Act ?-NO.

Luxon replied “ Being a former CEO of Air NZ  and at Unilever as well, its quite shocking companies would breach trade consents. But Luxon does not let the cat out the bag that Unilever has been named multiple times in the news for plastic pollution. News articles such as  Nestle, PepsiCo and Unilever plastic pollution. ‘Conflicts, companies, human rights and water.(Link, › documents › research )

Three Waters–NZ Govt would not fix their own fkups so be real do you really trust them after-all like crooks they are robbing tax payer assets. Mining and oil production uses large amounts of water, and pollutes water … the drinks (and food) companies Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle and Unilever,..

Unilever named as one on the top companies in Indonesia for plastic waste pollution along with Santos, Jaya Abahi and IndoFoods (LINK › ..2022  )

There was a drafting error in the law which meant the regulations of the Local Government Act that has caused the problem of companies polluting water ways for almost 20 years.  Regulation to fine, prosecute companies therefore could not be written. It was a drafting error- governments fault perhaps we should throw them under the tractor instead of the farmers.

Mahuta was approached by RNZ, she responded saying “ the new water regulator Taumata Arowai would be looking at ways waste water is treated”. In another interview Mahuta.the polluter referred to an educational approach to these companies that breach trade waste water consents. She also said it would be at least another two years before the new waste water regulating body tackles the problem”

Use this response by Mahuta and all those other political cronies in cesspit of Wellington, this will surely give you some idea that Three Waters is already a problem in the making.

RNZ named some of the companies in one of their news articles that have breached trade waste water consents- Talleys, Ernest Adams, Yoplait are just a few of the hundreds of companies that have breached trade waste water consents in just one year. Some companies have dumped toxins, high nitrates, ammonia, chemicals, blood and yellow yukky glob down drains.

This includes bakeries, supermarkets and other businesses. A lot of gunk over almost 20 years. Dumping contents of grease traps. Some of the biggest manufacturers and brands discharging contaminants, many of them are dangerous, and some have breached consents multiple times.

RNZ reported they had obtained data from 68 city and district councils that revealed a grim pictures of non compliance of trade waste water consents of at least 267 companies

RNZ 5th February 2021 news article referred to a description of some of the evidence they were provided with “blood red water and globs of yellow animal fat, greasy liquid clogging filters and coating ultraviolet lights used to disinfect the effluent. These same scenes were being played out right across NZ. An expert reported that even once treated, the waste being dumped can destroy biodiversity, choke rivers, wreck havoc on marine life. Some company’s have dumped toxic chemicals, eg., ammonia, sulphides into sewers. RNZ reported that in Timaru every trade waste water  holder had  breeched consent conditions.

In Hawkes Bay 6 out of 8 companies breached consents, companies that call themselves sustainable such as ‘the sustainable fishing company Sanford’, DB Draught Brewery, frozen food manufacturer-McCains, Heartland  Potato Chips, Medallion Pet Food, the Wallace Groups rendering plant and Sth Canterbury By-Products.  In Palmerston North 8 out of 9 consent holders breached consents multiple times, including 2 sites belonging to Fonterra, Goodman Fielders Ernest Adams and Yoplait factories also the largest Maori owned fishing company in NZ “Moana NZ’

RNZ revealed that no every council keeps track on consent breaches & not every council is transparent.  In several regions its hard to get an accurate picture on how companies behave because some councils do not have rules about what is dumped in the sewers, some rarely monitor dumping, some companies are left to manage this themselves. RNZ also reported that Auckland Councils Watercare services which manages the largest wastewater network in NZ refused to answer questions posed by RNZ about companies breaching consents. They responded ‘for privacy reasons’

The point is the government is hugely  responsible for the serious issues of toxins, contaminants and  dangerous chemicals being dumped into sewers and drains because they deliberately let this happen for almost 20 years. They ignored this serious problem time and time again. Despite all of this dumping of contaminants RNZ reported ‘ not one company has been slapped with fines or prosecution’. Some companies that are breaching their trade waste water consents are also potentially costing rate payers, tax payers a heap of money

Because for instance ammonia and other chemical eat away underground concrete pipes, damage public infrastructure that has to be paid for my rate payers. One trade Waste Water expert reported that industries have deliberately pushed their consents so close to the mark to maximise shareholder value. This expert said that  “trade water is usually a lot more toxic than other things can have a major impact, it can kill rivers” and “chemicals poured down the drain can produce sulphuric acid which can dissolve concrete infrastructure. Expensive infrastructure that’s put in the ground at a minimum cost of $5,000 per metre, is now being eaten away. “ That pipes have burst, there have been situations where vehicles and people have actually fallen into pipes which have collapsed under the ground”.  He said that “Contaminated waste water can kill microorganisms inside a waste water treatment plant and suffocate creatures in the waterways where its eventually discharged, as contaminants which suck  up all the oxygen.

Nanaia Mahuta has held this portfolio since 2017, when asked about this serious issue she told RNZ “I ‘will  have to seek some advice” and “this concern has only just been raised with me” Her reply 10 days later to a LGNZ plea was “While I recognise the law is not working as well as it could, it is not clear to me that infringement offences are always effective in changing behaviour”. Mahuta said Bylaws give councils flexibility to establish rules suited to their circumstances in order to control behaviours in public places. It is my view that careful consideration should be given before extending powers” Mahuta’s key adviser, Michael Lovett, Dept of Internal Affairs Deputy Chief Executive was also unconvinced a law change was needed. He said “Why change the legislation when you can change the infrastructure”. Precisely, no accountability and no transparency, accept no responsibility. No instead they throw the farmers under their tractors, use them as the govts whipping boy, but allow serious polluted shit in drains and sewers that escape into rivers.

Nanaia Mahuita and her ‘Three Waters Reform’ how in hell could anyone trust this govt, almost 20 years of shit, toxic chemicals, contaminants and successive govts ignored this. Nanaia Mahuta and her Three Water Reform- Mahuta the Polluter. Never mind the insanity of the Fart and Belch Tax the general public need to get wind of this.

And what does Mahuta say about the new waste water regulator -Taumata Arowai that’s been created to oversee reforms of the Three Waters Reform. Oh, they won’t be tackling this trade waste water pollution for another 2 years at least. Said Mahuta the Polluter  Well its been almost twenty years now, whats another 2 years. It was reported that some trade waste water officers have had to stand down and when they would not, they have been moved out of their jobs. I have provided links to the RNZ news articles on my website.

Lastly one of RNZ news articles named companies that had breached their  trade waste water consents, including one company that  discharged too much contaminants. Discharged too much sulphide, zinc, chromium and ammonia. RNZ referred to 267 breaches to trade waste water consents in one year. Remember the Labour Govt, Aunty Helen when she tried to introduce the fart tax several years back. National MP Shane Ardern driving the tractor up the stairs of Parliaments

I had to laugh after reading the Rural News on Fart Tax where one person said that vegans and vegetarians in the country should pay a greater tax contribution under the ETS “By eschewing high quality meat proteins for a bean based diet, they will be adding considerably more to global emissions”. Note: An article published on the fraud on the European Union Emission Trading Scheme, that the ETS scheme has grown in size and value and has become an increasingly attractive playground for fraudsters.

The Guardian reported that Australia’s carbon credit scheme ‘largely a sham, says whistle-blower who tried to rein it in. Prof Andrew MacIntosh said the system, which gives credits for projects such as regrowing native forests after clearing, is a fraud on the environment, tax payers and consumers. He described the govts emission scheme overseen by the govt and the clean energy regulator as ‘largely a sham’, as most of the carbon credits approved did not represent real or new cuts in greenhouse emissions, describing the fraud as hurting the environment and wasting a billions dollars of tax payer funding. MacIntosh is an environmental law and policy professor at the Australian National University.

Ardern continues to be seen as the world  eco socialist leader if this Fart and Belch Tax comes about NZ will be the first country in the world to charge farmers on this insanity. The payable amount will depend on how much stock the farmer owns and the size of the farm, the type of fertilizer used.

NZ relies on the meat and dairy industries for our economy. However it appears that the  Eco Socialist globally are looking at Ardern as their leader with her Wellbeing Budget, 4th year running and her happiness indicator index. This is none other that destructive strategies for the degrowth of New Zealand. Transformation for a Red-Green Future.

Productive forces that are really destructive forces, destructive Marxist strategies. You will own nothing and you will be happy. The plundering of NZ.

Land grabs, Water Grabs, Water as an algorithm on the stock market. Follow the money, always follow the money. Massive exploitations of populations worldwide. NZ the outpost of the UN and the guineapig state of the world Economic Forum

No Farmers No Food.  Time to speak out about this hypocritical government that deliberately attacks farmers as they have been highly influential players in mass pollution and huge infrastructure costs over almost twenty years because they deliberately ignored the serious problem that the drafting of the Local Govt Act loophole was never amended

Why Not??????

And why should we replace a free-market enterprise economy with a multistakeholder corporate one that destroys the farming industry and small businesses?

PLEASE NOTE: Again I add that the people are the solution. The solution are the people. There is no such thing as democracy in New Zealand. New Zealanders are living in a democratic deficit. I urge the people of New Zealand to talk with minor parties who have established themselves as political parties for the coming NZ General elections – 2023 to speak with them about adopting a policy that gives citizens end decision making rights.. ‘A Citizens Initiated Binding Referendum. The Citizen Initiated Referenda Act in Non Binding therefore no matter how many signatures you have that support your issues and concerns you have no end decision rights. All end decision rights belong to the government. Carol Sakey. ‘WakeUpNZ’