On July 22nd 2020 Jacinda Ardern gave a speech in the Beehive Wellington regarding the NZ Goventment’s diplomatic relations with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. THe NZ Government established diplomatic relationships the Socialist Republic of Vietnam back in 1975 and launched a ‘Comprehensive Partnership with them in  2009. In 2015 John Key also made a statement enhancing the Comphrehensive Partnership with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 2015. THe PM of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has met with Andrew Little, Mallard, David Clark and Jerry Mateparae.  Jacinda Ardern also met up with PM of Socialist Vietnam in 2018

NZ Govt and Socialist Republic of Vietnam have a robust in depth  relationship within bilateral and multilateral frameworks. Arderns more recent communication with the PM of Socialist Republic of Vietnam was via virtual meeting. Ardern in her beehive speech spoke about building on the momentum, growing shared interests, a common outlook, mutual trust- aspiring to open a new chapter and taking the NZ Govt and  Socialist Republic partnership to a  much higher level

Ardern’s speech included that the NZ Govt agreed that they would consult and work closely together, wherever possible with Socialist Republic of Vietnam on key international issues such as multilateral trade initiatives, including cooperation on climate change.  Both Leaders agreed to encourage investment, including in areas such as high-tech agriculture, green and renewable energy and infrastructure.

Defence and security: The two sides acknowledged the recent positive developments in bilateral defence cooperation such as the signing of the New Zealand-Vietnam Three Year Defence Cooperation Action Plan 2018-2021 and the Peacekeeping Operations Training and Cooperation Implementing Arrangement, as well as high-level defence visits in both directions. The two leaders also welcomed further broader security and defence cooperation, including in military industries and research, cyber security.

On this occasion, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced two new projects, namely, a three-year partnership supporting Vietnamese farmers and food processors to modernise production, generate safer food and improve incomes (NZ$1.5million); and a pilot renewable energy project supporting the Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam with the tools to develop the wholesale electricity market enabling greater efficiency and renewable energy uptake (NZ$0.5 million).

The Strategic Partnership is aimed at further strengthening the overarching framework for engagement and cooperation between Viet Nam and New Zealand, for the benefits of our people, contributing to peace, stability and prosperity in each country, the region and the world. To provide leadership and guidance to this strengthening relationship, New Zealand and Viet Nam commit to deepening bilateral political cooperation through frequent high-level exchanges between political parties, parliamentary and governmental delegations, particularly regular meetings between Prime Ministers, and annual meetings between Foreign Ministers, Trade Ministers and Defence Ministers, held in either of our countries, in the margins of multilateral meetings, or by video-conference.
Ardern stated in her speech in the Beehive that NZ Govt and the  Socialist Republic of Vietnam Prime Minister have agreed to promote investment in both directions and encourage inclusive growth, we will also foster cooperation in the development of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), indigenous or ethnic minorities businesses, women entrepreneurs and other important areas.

Also to commit to further enhancing bilateral agriculture cooperation, including through joint research, collaboration and action on climate change in agriculture and forestry, agri-tech, technical assistance on plant health laboratory accreditation, plant breeding, food safety management and electronic certification, trade in legal timber products, and commercialization of agriculture products. We welcome the commencement of a regular Agriculture Dialogue between officials.

Ardern stated -We welcome the positive impacts made by New Zealand’s sustained bilateral and regional official development assistance, particularly in areas of New Zealand’s strength and Viet Nam’s priority such as high-quality human resources development, climate change and economic resilience, sustainable water management, agriculture, and disaster risk management.
We reaffirm our commitment to closer defence cooperation as a priority in the Strategic Partnership, including through high-level defence visits, port calls, policy consultations, strategic dialogues, education and training, United Nations peacekeeping operations, intelligence exchanges, maritime security cooperation and enhanced coordination in the ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting-Plus forum.

NEW ZEALAND POLICE AND SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAME ‘MINISTRY OF PUBLIC SECURITY:  Building upon the 2019 arrangement between the Ministry of Public Security of Viet Nam and the New Zealand Police, we agree to convene annual meetings between the leadership of the two agencies and explore the possibility of additional cooperation that provides a framework for preventing and combating crimes, thereby enhancing regional security and the well-being of our people. Through such joint efforts, we will make our respective communities safer.

The new Strategic Partnership is founded on a shared commitment to international law, multilateralism, and regional economic integration, and an understanding of our converging strategic interests. We emphasise the importance of maintaining close cooperation in multilateral and regional fora in both governmental and parliamentary channels.  We reaffirm our commitment to ASEAN Centrality and its role in the evolving regional architecture that is open, transparent, inclusive, and rules-based, built upon ASEAN-led mechanisms, and which safeguards the sovereignty and interests of all states, regardless of their size.

New Zealand re-emphasizes its strong support for Viet Nam’s roles as ASEAN Chair for 2020 and non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council for 2020-2021. We welcome the continued strengthening of the ASEAN – New Zealand Strategic Partnership and celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Dialogue Partnership and the 5th anniversary of the Strategic Partnership in 2020. Acknowledging that the prosperity and sustainable development of the Mekong sub-region is crucial to achieving the ASEAN Community Vision, New Zealand also commits to strengthening cooperation with Mekong countries in areas such as, disaster management, water-food-energy security, smart agriculture, public health and human resources development.

Ardern said in her Beehive speech that NZ Govt and the Socialist Republic of Vietname welcomed the recent  signings of the below Government to Government arrangements, which indicate the breadth of our mutual interests, the dynamism of the relationship and our concrete determination to continue to strengthen our partnership now and into the future and  the arrangement between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Finance of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam with the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries on the Facilitation of Border Clearance of Agricultural, Forestry and Aquatic Products through the use of Electronic Certification; Also the following:-

Viet Nam New Zealand Strategic Engagement Plan on Education 2020-2023;

Memorandum of Arrangement on Financial Cooperation between the Ministry of Finance of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam and the New Zealand Treasury;

Arrangement between the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, and New Zealand Government to Government know how relating to cooperation in vocational education and training and skills development.

The significance of information sharing and strengthening cooperation on a range of bilateral, regional, and international issues such as pandemics, climate change, e-government, human rights, science and technology, and countering terrorism and violent extremism. In that light, we welcome the commencement of a regular Oceans Dialogue between officials.

So, why should New Zealand Citizens be so concerned about this, be aware this information has not been made public to for the citizens of NZ .

Amnesty International reported repressive laws, intimidation and harassment, and much more. There are reports of torture and other ill-treatment of prisoners remained widespread. In March, Amnesty International revealed that political activist Nguyễn Văn Đức Độ, who was serving an 11-year prison sentence, had been kept in solitary confinement since May 2020 in inhumane conditions at Xuân Lộc prison in Đồng Nai province. His prolonged solitary confinement and ill-treatment by prison guards severely affected his mental health. (This is but one incidence of many)






Socialism is deeply embedded in the labour Party, as it is also deeply embedded in the UN and has been for decades.

The disadvantages of socialism any many. Socialism  slows economic growth, less entrepreneurial opportunity and competition, and a potential lack of motivation by individuals due to lesser rewards. Ardern was still a key member of the Internationa Youth Socialist Movement when she entered the Labour Party.
Reducing child poverty was Jacinda Ardern’s stated reason for becoming a politician, but once again it’s all spin and no delivery
Newshub June 2022 18,000 more children in New Zealand pushed into poverty.


26th May 2022 DAVOS- The President of Alibaba   launched an individual  digital ecosystem tool to measure carbon footprints. A Chinese type social credit systems  toolkit.  This can also be applied with a SaaS application for business carbon emissions  tracking – ESG Scoring

June 2020 Founder of WEF Klaus Schwab said “Now is the time for a Great Reset.. The world must act swiftly, jointly to revamp all aspects aspect  of our societies and economies from education to social contracts even working conditions “We must build entirely new foundations for our social and economic systems”

COVID19 Pandemic has produced many windows of opportunity as billionaires have grown immense wealth under the veil of COVD19.   Individual Carbon Trackers- Imagine limiting your travel, not being able to drive your car, not being able to eat certain foods you now enjoy. Think of the farmers and the small businesses, democratic, human rights all destroyed.   Already these apps are on Android and other applications

In the following video I will share with you what is happening on our own shores in New Zealand as the Eco-System Toolbox has already started invading thousands of kiwi lives





Building Back Better is about Re-inventing Capitalism.  Big ideas using Big Data to redesign the globally economy, to re-engineer behaviour to accept corporaate capture whilst destroying small businesses, jobs and the livilihood of farmers etc., A global inclusive collective action to accelerate a worldwide systematic changes in times of crisis through the powers of political demands on populations worldwide.

23rd July 2021 Labor Party to unlock new industries to ‘Build Back Better’.  14th April 2022 Spinoff News NZ  reported ‘Build Back Better’, a repeated message  Ardern publicizes not only to Kiwi’s at home but also on the world stage.  Build Back Better refers to the Post COVID19 era.  Ardern’s Budget 2021 sharpen the focus on NZ’s Economy sge said “To Build Back Better”

At the opening of APEC Ardern’s speech referrred to “A sustainable inclusive global economical recovery to ‘Build Back Better’.

A World’s Politics Review article documented  ‘Build Back Better’.  The Green COVID Recovery Plan, the ‘Build Back Better Plan’.  Dan Andrews,  Boris Johnson, Trudeau,  Ardern, UN Agencies, NGO’s, Governments, WEF, WTO you name they are also quoted the same old phrase, jumping on the bandwagon of ‘Build Back Better’    The Neo Marxist, Socialist catch phrase.   Biden also referenced the term of ‘Build Back Better’.

Yes Ardern captured the world’s imagination but she has severely  failed New Zealand’s citizen’s, there is no  sign of conscience, takes no blame and feels no shame. A person with no conscience in the seat of power without a shaddow of doubt is very dangerous.

Just one example of how NZ Citizens are being effected by Ardern and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington…Food Grants 2017 WINZ went to 100,000 people, todate this  now amounts to 500,000. Add increased suicides, increased poverty, increased rents, increased mortgages, increased inflation and increased mental health issues. So how’s that ‘Build Back Better’ going? Definitely not in the interests of NZ Citizens.

Build Back Better plan is for post COVID19 Pandemic.  The plan and the solution had already been made, all they had to do was to put the plan in action, wait for it all to destroy populations around the world economically socially then announce the solution is to ‘Build Back Better’

‘Build Back Better’ equals high corporate investments post crisis events. Namely Climate Alarmism and also the Plandemic.   ‘Build Back Better’ be aware of Marxism, Socialism and dangerous negative impacts on society at large.

Investopedia- The socialist system all legal production, distribution  decisions are made by the Government individuals rely on centralized government for everything they need for basic survival from food, water, roof over their heads to healthcare and education etc.,  All the name of ‘Build Back Better’.  Destroy local economy, small businesses, farmers livelihoods then ‘Build Back Better’ .  Land Grabs, end of Private Property Rights all in the name of  Corporate Capture.

Super powerful forces are at work globally to ‘Build Back Better’. Local businesses risk bankruptcy.

‘Build Back Better’  incorporates Central Bank Digital Currency’. The International Settlements Bank has published a report, pilots are already being deployed and initiated. This is going to have short and long term negative impacts on society.   8th February 2022 NZ Reserve Bank Concepts of Design for CBDC. The key to NZ’s future, the future of money is at a crossroads this is necessary to build a sustainable future they report. The technology exists to ‘Build Back Better’

The World Economic Forum laid the groundwork for explaining the Central Bank digital Currency at a meeting at the DAVOS meeting in February 2020 the theme being ‘ Financial Inclusion’ . namely the ‘CBDC Policy Maker Toolkit’ a collaboration with Central Banks, Governments, International Organizations and Financial Institutions to ‘Build Back Better’

The Goal to accelerate the UN Agenda 2030 Global Development Goals by way of managing, monitoring, controlling everyone’s behavior on this planet.  ‘To Build Back Better’ hence prioritizing corporate wealthy interests and bugger the interests of the general public.

The UK Government   ‘Build Back Better’ Council main interests were in favour of  HSBC,  Blackrock  and other corporates.  ‘Build Back Better’ the revolving door between politics – economy- finance. Influencing governments worldwide.

The communies ressponse to the UK Government ‘Build Back Better Council Plan’ :-  “As long as big corporations are guided solely to churn out greater profits at the expensive of the collective environment of the populations wellbeing  they will keep on passing through the corridors of power, we will never be able to break free from the endless cycle of destruction.  Governments need to embrace small businesses.  Small businesses have been shut out for too long. Corporate Capture must be exposed for what it really is”

‘Build Back Better’ must be exposed for what it really is.  Yes Building Back Better is great as long as the citizens of New Zealand are planning the ‘Build Back Better”.  To ‘Build Back Better’ firstly lets drain the swamp.. Obviously all the political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington are very aware of the planned ‘Corporate Capture’ of the Governments ‘Build Back Better’ plan.  Hence they are all allies of the ‘Build Back Better’ global plan. Building Back Better means they must leave the political halls of power and never return again.

Ardern’s ‘Build Back Better’ includes destroying democratic rights, increased surveillance to monitor, control make NZ Citizens  compliant whilst a Corporate Capture of NZrs  takes place.

‘The Three Waters Reform, He PuaPua an Iwi Co-governance. The Iwi elite, the Maori Party, the Maori Health Board, all part of the government’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan.  The Governments Disinformation Plan, Identity Politics- Critical Theory all have been introduced under the veil of COVID19 namely to ‘Build Back Better’.  I equate it to deliberately setting up New Zealanders to destroy each other.  Hey, but the Government have had egg thrown in their face as we all cultures, ethnic groups in solitude and peace come together to stand up to this evil powerful force.

Matthew Tukaki who represented Australia at the signing of the UN Global Compact is more than aware  what is happening, the land grabbing corporate capture of New Zealand.. In an overview of one of his 6 books little books he wrote he had a good relationship with thousands of Corporates.  That would be right.

World Trade Org., (UN) represent those  stakeholder corporates that are rewarded by the UN Global Compact.  Tukaki calls out Racism, however he has Maori blood yet look at what he is doing to other NZ Citizens with Maori Blood.  Every culture, ethnic group collectively have been name called, character assassinated as being ‘The River Of Filth’.    ‘Build Back Better’, yes lets expose it for what it is and ‘Build Back Better’, on the peoples terms not on the governments. Drain the Swamp would be to ‘Build Back Better’



The reason given by the Prime Minister for Speaker Trevor Mallard’s resignation is not the full truth and can be nothing other than an attempted cover-up.
On the 25th May the Speaker received a letter from my Solicitors concerning his decision to trespass me and hundreds of others during February’s parliamentary protest.
In that letter, it was made clear that there would be court action taken against Mr Mallard if he did not provide specific explanations, documents, and referenced authority with which he, in a free and democratic society, trespassed hundreds of New Zealand citizens from the Nation’s Parliament.
Both Mallard and the Prime Minister knew that he was facing potential prosecution for his actions and can be no coincidence that the announcement of his resignation comes just two weeks after my Solicitor’s letter was sent to his office.
If the Prime Minister didn’t know, then Mallard has deliberately kept this information from her.
If the Prime Minister did know, then there can be no other explanation other than this is an attempt to cover-up Mallard’s behaviour and to allow the government to save face.
Mallard has brought the position of Speaker into disrepute by attempting to quietly retire to a diplomatic post without facing the consequences of his actions.
The fact that both the Prime Minister and Mallard believe he is still suitable for a diplomatic post after his diabolical behaviour throughout his tenure, is an affront to both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to New Zealand.
New Zealanders deserve better, and they deserve to know the truth – that is why, having sought replies from the Speaker that address the seriousness of this matter and failed, I have now instructed my Solicitors to issue proceedings forthwith.