The definition of Malthusianism Theory is that the human population grows more rapidly than the food supply until famines, war, disease reduces the population. More than two centuries ago (1798) Thomas Robert Malthus introduced this theory on ‘population growth’ He authored a book ‘An Essay on the Principle of Population’ where population growth if unchecked outstrips the food supply, leading to an imbalance between food and population growth

A ‘Malthusian Fear’ is otherwise known as a  “Malthusian catastrophe” this includes ‘premature deaths like disease, hunger, war, epidemics, famines and other natural calamities. Checks and balances reinstate the balance between population and food supply. My mind wanders to the ‘left’, because I innately believe Ardern is capable of doing anything.  In my minds I appears the words ‘Population Control’, excuse the pun but these words stick out like a pair of dog’s balls, because it sure has been a crazy insane world over the last couple of years.

Back in 1798 Malthus’s time, there was no advanced AI digital technology, not like now where probably 98% of New Zealanders would have no idea how these scientists, researchers in academia come up with their predicted, projected results that are called ‘evidence based’.

Evidence based is a system where a small favoured group of individual scientists, researchers are involved in a ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’, which is simply just a trade off, a win- win situation, here is an example of what I am getting at:- The Prime Ministers Office and Cabinet favours a couple of university scientists, they by AI digital data modelling produce the information (evidence)  the government needs to produce Bills, amend Acts and make Regulations. This has been highlighted more so since COVID19 hit New Zealand shores, this ginormous storybook is being played out across the world to reward self interested parties.

Note how when the pandemic’s first year time and time again there was this revisiting the history of the 1918 war, then Shaun Hendy publicised that there would be masses of deaths daily in New Zealand and the hospitals would be overwhelmed. One news article reported that undertakers in another country was running our of coffins, when I researched this found it to be a blatant lie, the coffin makers had actually gone on their long Christmas break and there was no shortage of coffins at all.

We await the food shortage we hear about. Marsden is closed which means it puts us in a more vulnerable place, however Marsden Point Oil Refinery also provided a by-product used as a reserve in meats, cheats and other foods hence now there is more talk about food shortages. On top of this Ardern plunders our country into further debt and disruption, I am sure her head is full of Zero Carbon because she certainly is obsessed with it as Nanaia Mahuta is with the ‘Three Waters Reform Plan’ hence ‘water on the brain’

Back to ‘Malthusianism’, Marxist Paul Ehrlich’s authored an educational textbook the ‘Population Bomb’ (1844)  The book ‘The Population Bomb’ stated that in the 1970’s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death that nothing can be done to prevent the world’s death rate from rising. The solution would be ‘the world’s population must be bought under control, the growth rate must be reduced to zero’. To achieve growth rate zero, or negative it was suggested a sterilant could be used temporarily, put into water and food supplies, that monetary incentives be given to men who agreed to be sterilised before having two children and those that produce more children were taxed more. Sex selection was suggested and a much bigger plan would be to establish a Dept of Population and Environment to determine population size this would include research into population control. ‘Malthusianism’

Another Marxist named Engels  wrote ‘The productive power of mankind’s disposal is immeasurable’ namely Malthusianism. The Marxist view is that overpopulation is ‘non-sustainable’. In the 1970’s and 1980’s it was predicted ‘due to over-population and major societal upheavals immediate action was advocated to limit population growth.  Taking another step back in history, in the 1950’s and 1960’s there were fears of  population explosion this became embedded in the minds of a worldwide audience, not surprising as Ehrlich’s book ‘Population Explosion’ sold 2 million copies worldwide.

Malthusianism bought environmentalism to be a front-runner for environmental issues worldwide. Population and environment collaborated ‘human number became debated and assessed as to our human future’. Large Malthusian organizations were established name The Club of Rome, The Club De Madrid, Club of Budapest and the Sierra Club, they focused on global issues such as  environmentalism and population. Of course the United Nations have their Population and Environment which includes research and policies relating to population advice for all UN member countries. ‘Malthusianism’.

Neo‐​Malthusian policies aimed at limiting family size have increased female infanticide and sex‐​selective abortion in China and India, skewing the world’s sex ratio at birth to 107 boys per 100 girls. (The natural ratio is 105 boys per 100 girls.). In 2016 nine million abortions that took place in China. A  2019 report had similar findings: “Chinese authorities threatened or imposed punishments on families for illegal pregnancies and births, using methods including heavy fines, job termination, and abortion

Malthusianism is relevant for economic development today (Article 2010). Population and growth have two key components, a positive standard of living on the growth rate of population resulting either from a biological effect of consumption on birth and death rates, or a behavioural response on the part of potential parents to their economic circumstances eg; a negative feedback from the size of population to the standard of living.

The association of lower fertility with higher human capital investment via a quality–quantitative mechanism, and the effect of lower fertility in freeing up the labour for labour output production, in this instance the term ‘Malthusian’ is used. Hence the size of the population such as congestion of fixed resources.

In poorer countries like India and Africa parts of Asia ‘Malthusian’ effects are more likely to exist because poorer countries having the largest populations. Overpopulation in India has been a major concern for amost 5 decades. A UN report stated that India’s population will rise to 1.5 billion by 2050. Therefore in an effort to limit the growth of the population India is using mass sterilisation for population control. Sterilization also being used as a contraception.

The United Nations has been massively involved in population control. A conference held in August 1984 referencing the 1974 Bucharest Conference expanded the World’s Population Plan of Action in order to incorporate the results of their latest research, data provided by UN Member Nations Government.

REFERENCE TO: UN World Population Policies 2021 ‘Policies related to fertility’ has been produced by the ‘Population Division of the UN Dept of Economic and Social Affairs’. This UN agency provides policies in economic, social and environmental spheres  a global interface for UN Nation Member Countries.. The division is an interagency coordination mechanism to monitor trends and to address current and emerging population issues. The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division (2021).- World Population Policies 2021 are related to fertility

My research refers to the UN 2021 World Population Police on Fertility. Globally through 2019 three quarters of governments worldwide had policies related to fertility. Among the 102 countries with available data in 2019, 88 governments considered the fertility of adolescents to be a matter of concern. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic and social changes have affected fertility levels in many countries,  Population experts and national and international leaders began calling for action to stem rapid population growth (May, 2012). Two academic conferences on population, organized or co-organized by the United Nations, were held in Rome in 1954 and Belgrade in 1965.  The World Population Conference, held in Bucharest in 1974, was the first of three intergovernmental conferences on population convened by the United Nations. It attracted a broader audience than the earlier academic conferences, including government officials from 135 countries, and led to the adoption of the World Population Plan of Action. Some population policies, especially in past decades, included specific quantitative targets and were not entirely voluntary, sometimes using strong incentives or coercion to ensure widespread adoption of family planning practices and leading in the most extreme cases to the use of forced sterilization or abortion as means of population control.

In 1962, the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to “conduct an inquiry among the governments of States Members of the United Nations and members of the specialized agencies concerning the particular problems confronting them as a result of the reciprocal action of economic development and population changes”.4 To implement this mandate, the Population Division, currently part of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, conducted the first United Nations Inquiry among Governments on Population and Development in 1963 and, since then, has periodically gathered information on official government’s views and policies concerning a wide range of population issues, including fertility and family planning.

During 2015-2020, four out of eight world regions had below-replacement fertility, namely Europe and Northern America, Australia and New Zealand, Eastern and South-Eastern Asia, and Latin America and the Caribbean. New Zealand’s fertility rates. New Zealand’s population has decreased significantly during the last 10years. Fertility rate for women in 2011 was 2.078 . The fertility rate for women in 2022 in 2022 is recently 1.61.per woman. Please Note: Replacement population is 2.1. One must ask how the government is going to increase population numbers in New Zealand to meet the ‘population replacement’ rate?.

As for New Zealand’s Replacement pPopulation, I believe Ardern will accelerate ‘globalisation’, saturate the country with migrants, refugees from Afghanistan, Syria etc., hence diluting New Zealand’s sovereignty fast tracking ‘global citizenship’ in New Zealand.

UN Agenda 2030 17 global development goals includes extensive migration. During the UN Assembly the NZ representative at the UN recently informed the UN Assembly that the UN Global Compact of Migration would be entered into NZ Policy. Non-Binding UNGCM would hence become binding-lawful).

UN Agenda 2030 a non-binding agreement has already been made binding and lawful by Ardern. This is entrenched with multistakeholder capitalism. To destroy Free-market economy, small businesses and farming in New Zealand. Those that control the water and  land  also control the food hence ultimately control the  people.

‘MALTHUSIANISM’  Whenever food supply increases, population rapidly grows to eliminate the abundance resulting in perpetual human suffering unless we control human population.


NOTE: Click on the image above it will link you to my Rumble Video  which references Helen Clark, John Key, Jenny Shipley as the ‘Elephants that are still in  the room’ – ‘Malthusianism’


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The Godless ‘Black Book of Communism’ the evil ideology hatched by Karl Marx with his ‘Communist Manifesto’. Before he authored this he was writing about hell. In 1827 he wrote this poem:- “Thus heaven I’ve forfeited, I know it full well. My soul once true to God has chosen hell”. Marxism consigned to death more than 100 million souls in the 20th Century only. Marxism and it’s Godless roots of Socialism. Marx was fascinated with the devil.

Engel’s  yet another famous Marxist, together with Karl Marx they developed a body of ideas critiques of political economical and philosophical theory namely ‘Scientific Socialism’ one which favours Communism, Socialism and a Multi-stakeholder economy over a ‘Free-market Enterprise economy. known as ‘Marxism’  Marxian Socialism .  Hence favouring Communism & Socialism, a global, regional and national economic market of ‘Multistakeholderism’  over that of ‘Free-market Enterprise. A ‘Free-market Enterprise results in competition, lowering prices for consumers, people benefit from a higher standard of living. Countries have  the principles of Free-market Enterprise worldwide. Multistakeholderism  (Globalized Marxian Socialism)

In 2009 the WEF convened an ‘International Group’ meeting to formulate a new system of global governance. The meeting was led by  Klaus Schwab, Mark Malloch Brown and Richard Samans. Together they designed the  ‘Global Redesign Initiative’ (GRI). A system of ‘Multi-stakeholder Governance’.  In March 2019 a meeting was convened by the  Transnational Institute in Amsterdam which included -practitioners, researchers, activists  to critically examine, discuss in depth ‘multi-stakeholder governance’

2019 the UN announced they were unlikely to meet their set target to achieve UN Agenda SDGs by year 2030.  The Global Order was struggling hence a massive plan was made between the UN and WEF. Hence on the 13th June 2019 The WEF and UN signed a strategic official partnership the goal being to accelerate UN Agenda 2030 in a timely manner.  Sustainability hence became the global marketing advertising strategy. This was called  a ‘Narrow Window of Opportunity’ and ‘We Must Act Now’. There massive would include everyone-everywhere at every age of this planet, no-one was to be left behind.

Prior to the pandemic in 2019 IA2030-was introduced. ‘The Global Strategy of Vaccines’. (The Decade of Action). Leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age. The  Gates Foundation supported the ‘Alliance of Vaccines & Immunization (GAVI),  all part and parcel of the new restructured ‘Global Order’- A ‘Global One World Public-Private Corporate Partnership’.  Included in this global one world aggressive determination to control people, planet for huge profit for a few wealthy billionaires. This globally promoted genderism being entrenched in Marxism- Socialism.  Self-interested parties found justification to enter genderism into  ‘economics, environment, politics, society and into the education curriculum. These global social changes are seeking to achieve a ‘universal citizenship’ New forms of citizenship status for  lesbian, bisexual, transgender and binary (LGBT) people globally

Under the veil of COVID19 you would have heard  “No-one is safe until all of us are safe’ these words have accompanied racial issues, ethnicity, age, occupation and gender . ‘Build Back Better’ its said will ‘accelerate gender equality’.  International Women’s Day Magazine ‘Make women the Decision Makers’-Launching ‘Gender Equal Cities’

Nationalism is under attack it is seen as a threat, intertwined within a patriarchal framework,-that exists within a sovereign nation  (references to  ’The Image of Man’ (Elias 2008) and ‘The Creation of Modern Masculinity’ (Mosse 1996)-Good modern man being co-opted into nationalism..  That nationalism relies on masculine technologies.

The Great Reset, The New Normal and The New Green Deal all embedded with Genderism.  ‘A Gender Transformative European Green Deal’, ‘Gender Equality and Climate Change’. UN Agenda 2030 SDGs include ‘Gender Equality’. Strengthening the development, awareness of ‘gender’.

The World Bank (2015) is contributing to the effort to reduce gender inequalities and UNESCO reiterates ‘gender transformative ‘policies. Advancing towards gender mainstreaming in water resources (Three Waters Reform)

He Puapua, every  New Zealander’s life to be impacted by UNDRIP  already being enacted out by the establishing of the Maori Health Authority.  15th January 2014 UNDRIP international gathering at the UN New York, the theme of the meeting being ‘UN Native Youth Sexual Health Network  included on the agenda- ‘Justice over our bodies goes beyond sexual health it is also a myriad of expressions of self-determination over our bodies’ (Indigenous Youth).  UNDRIP includes ‘Sexuality Wheel’ depicting, comprehending the concept of  ‘Sexuality’ as ‘Indigenous Two Spirit, LGBTTQQIA’ The UN states “While the UNDRIP does not explicitly name sexual and gender identities, the right to self determine sexual and gender identities are reinforced in the UNDRIP”

Jacinda Ardern was a guest speaker at a  gathering hosted by Melinda and Bill Gates, Ardern  boasted she was entering UN Agenda 2030 into NZ Domestic policies and that other countries should take her lead.. ‘LGBTQ  in included in UN Agenda 2030 SDG’s’ hence linkages between.   LGBTQ Inclusion and UN Agenda the COVID19 Era. This Report is  SDG’s and LGBT’s that support business action.  LGBTQ has also be tagged onto COVID19 Response. UN Women’s Division ‘Beyond COVID19 Report’ determines a ‘Feminist Plan’ for Sustainability to Social Justice which includes- ‘Universal Gender Responsive Social Protection Systems’ hence advancing pathways to ‘Building Back Better’-

‘Transitions to a Gendered Sustainable Future-Systemic Crises’ plus ‘Gender and the Environment’. Enables a ‘Permissive Multilateral Approach ‘ to ‘Global Macroeconomic Governance’ The key levers to a ‘Green Gender’-A Equitable COVID Recovery.  Reinvigorating democracies powered by Feminist Politics. ‘Politics for Transformative Change’.  Diverse Feminist Movements. A ‘Global Feminist Social Contract’, imperative for Transformative Change. The Empowerment of Women and Girls- promote decreasing fertility rates world wide, strengthen and expand women into the workplace, to rapidly decrease fertility rates, population.(Marxist-Socialist Theory)

Genderism is  deeply embedded in the International Labour Org.,(ILO) which was established in 1919, became an agency of the UN when it was founded in 1945. Both the ILO and UN  have promoted depopulation globally over decades. The UN Population Div., produces datasets, selected indicators to measure fertility level tends world wide, linking population increase  and decrease to social, economic development and environmental change. (Malthusian Marxist Socialism). . Famous Socialist Marxist Paul Ehrlich a  Professor at Stanford University authored an Educational Textbook in 1968 ‘The Population Bomb’.. It was written using a’ Malthusian Socialist Marxist theory’.  Accessing consumption vs population levels. Ehrlich made suggested solutions for example   ‘ putting sterilant into food and water as a temporary measure’, .also that America should take the leading role in establishing population control as the US has prominence of the international stage.

Ehrlich’s book ‘The Population Bomb’ bludgeoned  global audiences with fear.  The Director of the Sierra Club -the oldest largest environmental organization in the world, suggested using  the book as a marketing strategy. In the last few decades concerns have shifted from rapid increased population to lowering fertility rates.

The UN Population Replacement Level Rate in 2.1, New Zealand sits on 1.6 and is likely to further decrease even further . Of course there is a pre-planned strategy to close the population replacement gap.. Is this the pre-planned solution? The Global Mayors Conventions discussed ‘Nationalism’ and the planning for many more ‘Smart Cities’ globally. The UN Assembly had already announced that ‘Nationalism is a threat to Multilateralism (Globalization). Could the plan be ‘kill two birds with one stone -Filling the Population Gap  and  targeting Nationalism.  These are the solutions discussed  (1) Fill the population gap by expanding  International and National Migration into Urban/City highly populated condensed areas ‘Smart Cities’  Target Nationalism by saturating NZ with 3rd world migrants hence replace Nationalism with Globalisation.

To achieve UN Agenda 2030 SDGs the global population rate is set at 8.5 billion by year 2030. The Global Development Goals include ‘Reproductive Health’.- Note:-Reproductive Health includes family planning, sterilization, abortions, LGBTQ surgeries and medications to limit fertility levels etc. The SDG’s include ‘expanding and promoting Gender Equality, Empowerment of Women and Girls hence decreasing  fertility level rates(Population Control-Globalised Socialism)

Since the establishment of the International Labour Org (1919) gender issues have been included. Since the establishment of the UN (1945) they have continuously promoted the decline of worldwide population rates, have monitored fertility level rates globally. The International Labour Organization (ILO) is the oldest agency of the UN  adopted ‘Declaration of  Philadelphia in 1919  -The Global Fight for Gender Justice. ILO and UN Agencies are entrenched in Socialism.  The ILO, UN Agencies are entrenched in Marxism and Socialism. The ILO has a membership of 187 UN Member Nation States.  Could this be the reason there is no political opposition to the Labour Party in the stinky political toilet bowl in Wellington?

In the mid 1970’s the ILO and UN held  Global Women Conferences  in Beijing 1995 and another in 2013 in Mexico, these included transnational  legal encasements for a change in gender roles, interested gendered movements jumped on the bandwagon.   The UN called for  Global  Systemic Change to support Inter Sexual, Binary, Trans-sexual and  many more genders to Global Politics. Collaborating political, economical social and cultural rights and  progressive alliances for environmental sustainability, y namely radical  Eco-Feminism. Eco Feminism, Eco Churches that over emphasize the escalation of crises events:- Climate Alarmism and Future Pandemics also intertwining LGBTQ with  ‘renewable energy, sustainable agribusiness  and opposition to  Conservatism and Christianity. (Nationalism)

UN Women’s Division action plan is to transform the global economy, steer it towards gender equality for social justice and sustainability. Enabling a gendered environment based on reinforcing of financing, partnerships also including  computer data modelling as an evidence base which gives  justification for gendered actions. These will incorporate standards that will require enforceable actions if not complied to.  Many UN Member Nations already supportive of this..

LGBTQ movements have vested interests in  Socialist driven Trade Unions, alliances and coalitions, environmental groups they also infiltrate farmers groups and Religious Groups   NZ Trade Unions are pro NZ Govts Fair Pay Agreement that could further destroy businesses. Council Of Trade Union has a history of Socialist Marxism Communism

The UN Women’s  Division’s Feminist Plan includes expanding,  mobilizing  transformation LGBTQ as a broad global agenda. To achieve this  they must fill the evidence gaps in the global metric digital modelling system to strengthen  gender biases into data.

A foreign policy columnist wrote an article in the FP New ‘VOICE’ entitled “You Can’t Defeat Nationalism, so stop Trying article dated 4th June 2019. The most powerful force in the world is ‘nationalism’, a desire to gain national autonomy which drove Britain to leave the European Union. References made to Trump’s ‘Making America Great Again’.

Nationalism is central to China’s President Xi Ping. The UN is very fearful of uprising worldwide of Christian and Conservative national groups that are advancing National Sovereignty worldwide. When the  UN announced that Nationalism is the rising threat to Multilateralism, Donald Trump responded by saying that US taxpayers are the largest contributors  to the UN.

Russia’s UN Representative to the UN responded by cautioned powerful UN Member States not to use their dominance to behave in such a way. He also added that NATO was emphasizing alliance mind sets of catastrophic principles.  Antonio Guterres Secretary General of the UN  pointed out the importance of multilateralism.  NOTE: The key inclusions includes women and girls to enhance, accelerate UN Agenda 2030 SDGS and Targets.

So why is Nationalism such a threat to the UN? Perhaps its because human beings are social animals, we are born to be social beings from the moment we are born. Within our national communities we identify with in groups and out groups.  We have a common language and traditions, cultures which are unique identities. We are loyal to our country, and we honour, respect those that fought in terrible wars so we the citizens of NZ can have our freedoms.  This has become hugely evident that solidarity and loyalty exists during times of crisis. (COVID19 )  There are many loyal courageous  New Zealanders that are willing to stand up publicly for NZ, some willing to make sacrifices for our country.

Countries that have a more unified economies are more productive populations. Populations that stick together, survive together. Where there is a lack of Nationalism a country is at risk of being controlled by a tyrannous regime, an authoritative state especially in a ‘Free- market Enterprise Economy

Nationalism is still a powerful force to be  reckoned with, never doubt it. Yes, there is a huge attempt to plunder New Zealand and Sovereign Nations worldwide by this  Globalized Elitist Leftist Socialist Order that has been aggressively ushered in.

Ardern’s government is immoral, evil and reckless with the way they are treating New Zealanders lives. Sadly I say, many Kiwi’s believe they are good people because they are obedient to the government because they make the rules, and rules must be obeyed. We must awaken their ‘moral courage’ rip off the wool that covers those sheep’s eyes.

I personally believe, have  faith that many more Kiwi sheep will awaken -I pray it will be rather sooner than later. Remember that ‘Nationalism’ comprises of a MASSIVE POWERFUL FORCE that even frightens  the UN One World Global Government and the Wealthy Global Elite of the World Economic Forum.

Have faith, take the high road have ‘moral courage’ and in God’s name we can defeat the Godless. We have the strength of a number 8 wire. We stand in the memory of the war dead those that courageously fought for our freedoms and we will not let them die in vein

I leave you with this message:- When Hope knocks on your Door, let Faith answer it. God Bless.