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19th May 2021 National Party opposed the Green Party motion on Israel Palestinian conflict. The National Party would not support a motion proposed by the Green Party regarding the violence between Israel  and the Palestian Authority HAMAS, said Gerry Brownless National’s Foreign Affairs Minister. National opposes Green’s motion on Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Nationals position being on a ‘two State system’. The Green Party is proposing a motion for Parliament to recognise and support the right of Palestine to self-determination and statehood and recognise the state of Palestine. The Palestian Authority being HAMAS

The Green Party use the HAMAS Slogan  as the NZ Jewish Council has condemned the inflammatory comments and incorrect statements made by two Green Party MPs, was reported as ‘risk stroking antimerism and endangering Jews in NZ (Report 19th May 2021

The New Zealand Jewish Council has condemned the inflammatory comments and inaccurate statements made by two Green MPs in recent days, which risk stoking antisemitism and endangering Jews in New Zealand. After an anti Israel rally Green MP was Ricardo Menendez March posted on Twitter and Facebook photo’s of himself and other Green Party MPs with the caption “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free”.This slogan is used by the HAMAS Terrorist Organization, the Islamic group that governs Gaza, whose charter calls for the elimination of Israel and murder of Jews everywhere, whose military wing is classed as a terrorist organization in NZ. But NZ is only one of the Five Eyes that have not designated HAMAS on the cabinets listed designated Terrorist List.

Despite an outcry on social media, Mr Menendez March has not removed the posts, and they have been shared by at least one other MP including co-leader Marama Davidson. NZ Jewish Council president Stephen Goodman said  “Taken at its most mild possible interpretation, this slogan erases the right of Jews to self-determination.  At its most pernicious (and in the way intended by Hamas), it promotes genocide and ethnic cleansing.  And that  “Its an outrage that a member of a political party in New Zealand would use this HAMAS slogan. Other members of the Green Party including its co leader endorsed it by re-tweeting it. ‘Its arguably incitement to violence” said Stehen Goodman

Green Party MP  Golriz Ghahraman about the conflict containing errors on facts and serious omissions which should have raised questions about her suitability as a Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson and her credibility . She has been reported as making incorrect statements about events that have happened. As it is recorded that rockets have killed Israeli children causing serious damage and significant trauma

The New Zealand Jewish Council’s president Stephen Goodman wrote to the co-leaders of the Green Party James Sha and Marama Davidson, accusing the Green Pary as having a “a significant problem of antisemitism.” He also pointed out that the Anti American Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt wrote  “when protesters chant Palestine will be free from the river to the sea,’ it is appropriately interpreted by most people as a call for the erasure of Israel – and it is anti- Semitic.”

Stephen Goodman referred to certain members of the Green Party promoted genocide and ethnic cleansing. Goodmans letter states that “Ms Ghahraman’s statement also incorrectly accuses Israel of “indiscriminate bombing”, whereas, as international media and observers confirm, Israel’s strikes are targeted, and include warnings to minimise civilian casualties.

Goodman has stated Ghahraman’s is clearly completely incorrect, hundreds of HMAS rockets have landed in high density areas in Israel, where there have been casualties and loss of life, forcing families, communities into bomb shelters. But she did not correct her statement even though her inaccuracy was bought to her attention. Goodman said “This is not the case of a simple error, she has ignored the loss of life on the Israeli side, that it fits her political narrative.Ms Ghahraman. Has been accused of making frequent errors of fact, distortions of truth and inflammatory and harmful rhetoric call into question her suitability in the role of foreign affairs spokesperson. The cumulative effect suggests a deeply entrenched bias, a lack of accountability, a recklessness with facts, and a callous disregard for the impact of her behaviour.”

Stephen Goodman ended by writing: “We ask for an apology and retraction regarding the “from the river to the sea” slogan, and in the light of that, a clear re-affirmation that the Party supports self-determination for the Jewish and Palestinian people and a right for them each to live in peace and security. We also ask that your party condemns the rocket attacks by Hamas, given its previous omission”. The Green Party failed to respond to the Jewish Council’s letter, as requested within 24 hours.


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Researching Stats NZ (Govt) I came across a news article by Stuff N Z dated 30th January 2022 ‘ Can we trust the official unemployment number?’ And how low estimates of unemployment can make Policy makers look so good, and so many people trust the stats produced by Stats NZ (Govt). I have heard people say, this is the most non transparent government ever. When it comes to Stats NZ I have to wonder if they have ever been transparent and honest, I think not. A stuff NZ article reported ‘unemployment stats are probably about double the number they headline or perhaps higher’

Stats NZ produces a variety of measures of spare capacity in the labour market. This is how Stats NZ count unemployment rate. They do not count beneficiaries or the number on Job Seeker Support. The official unemployment numbers are based on face-to-face and phone interviews with 15,000 households, each of which will have been selected to participate in Stats NZ’s Household Labour Force Survey for a period of two years. Households are selected to be a representative sample of households, and people have to take  part in the survey if selected. The employment rate is expressed as a percentage of the labour force, which is the sum of people employed and the officially unemployed. Its seasonally adjusted, taking into account unemployment tends to swing a bit between winter and summer. If you tell Stats NZ you are unemployed then you are counted as unemployed. Then the stats are seasonally adjusted to take into account unemployment that swings a bit  between winter and summer.

If you tell Stats NZ you are unemployed, are you counted in the  statistics as unemployed? Nope, its not quite like that. To be counted as unemployed in the survey, people must not have a part time job, even if its just an hour every week. For example if someone is on a Jobseeker allowance who had not been looking for work because they were taking part in some training then they probably wont be counted as unemployed

When Stats NZ updates the unemployment numbers they also measure what is called the ‘under utilisation rate’. Counts two groups of people as potential job seekers. Its not a matter of just counting the real  numbers unemployed.  But there is a case to argue that most people think about what Stats NZ consider as unemployed. When describing people with only an hour or so work per week not added to the unemployment numbers. Its all designed to make the govt look good. This is much like other key stats eg ‘inflation’ data. Is it all designed to make the government look good? Stats NZ compiles its labour market stats based on International rules, determined by the UN International Labour Organization. Thus labour market stats are comparable internationally all the way back to 1986. Zilch transparency.

Its not just as simple as one might think, there is certainly a lot of non transparency. Stats NZ (Govt) should one trust them ‘NOT ME’


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The China Construction Bank owned by the CCP being a debt gap filler in NZ. Now very involved in NZs Infrastructure. The Puhoi- Warkworth Highway, Thermal power Plants, and other Highways, Housing infrastructure, Funding of the Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington Airports. Also the Lyttleton and Wellington Port with extensions planned for those Ports. .

Then the enquiry into Michael Woods Airport shares as he did not declare $13,000 shares in Auckland Airport. It was reported he was reminded to sell his shares 12 times.

Rural Communities are now appealing to the Govt to stop NZ Post price hike, this will effect rural communities and businesses as the hike of postage increases from 1st July 2023. Over the last 5 yrs the cost of sending mail increased 100%. (The Govt State Owned Post). There will also be a change to delivery frequency of post to your letterboxes. To post a standard letter $2.00.

Again is this another ploy of track and trace along with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) ?

Roads and footpaths are in a dire need of maintenance yet Wellington awarded $650k for cycleway network, as Wellington Mayor Tory Whanau says “how exciting it is for the Capital of Wellington to receive Global Recognition”

The Bloomberg Initiative for Cycling Infrastructure is a grant that supports cities that are connected to the ‘sustainable cycling infrastructure. 270 cities applied for this grant, it was filtered down to 10 and Wellington was one of them.  Wellington Mayor said “this is an opportunity for Wellington to become a world class destination”

Tarmac NZ  is a for ‘Transport Associated Road Maintenance Action Coalition’. On their Facebook page  post an article that should make us all sit up  referring to ‘tenders are being called for by Waka Kotahi to identify the Maori experiences with NZ Transport.

Waka Kotahi recently submitted a tender to the Government Electronic Tender Service (GETS) this regarding research in Maori experiences and expectation of the transport system in NZ. A tender outlines he request for proposals into researching, identifying Maori experiences, expectations, priorities for transport in NZ to inform key the development to key agency responses in helping build capacity within agencies like Waka Kotahi. It seeks to inform the development of key agency responses and help build capability within agencies like Waka Kotahi. The Research will build on Waka Kotahi this is called ‘Phase 1” where Maori will work with Te Manatu Waka (Ministry Of Transport) and Waka Kotahi referring to the following questions, which include:-

(1)How Maori perceive the transport system in NZ, and how these perceptions came about?

(2) How are Māori impacted by the transport system day by day?

(3) How are Māori responding to government priorities for transport, such as the road to zero strategy and mode shift?

(4) What are the gaps in data and other evidence that can be used to characterise Māori experiences and impacts on them of the transport system? (5) What responses are required to close data and evidence gaps, and how would these responses be prioritised by Māori?



Jacinda Ardern adopted the Happiness Indicators into her first Wellbeing Budget. Forbes reported NZ ditches GDP for Happiness and Wellbeing 11th July 2019 to increase the welfare of NZ’s population instead of the nations Gross Domestic Product. Stating that this is a shift that many govts have theorized about, as GDP becomes under scrutiny. NZ Government using a Happiness Index as a focus on the wellbeing of NZ Citizens

GDP has been a very useful and dependable tool in which we can use to hold governments to account for their spending of our tax payer funded money. To measure our economy, our goods and services.  Its an economic tool for basic living standards has been used in one way or another since 1654. It measures the economic wealth of the country. But under Arderns governance it was agreed upon within the political toilet bowl of Wellington that the Happiness Index would replace GDP. Under Ardern’s Governance it was seen throughout the world that Ardern was to be embraced as the first to lead with adopting the Happiness Index, embraced more so outside the borders of NZ than inside.

The London School Of Economics called this NZ’s game changing event, a standard for progressive policy, that no other country has explicitly adopted. And that the Happiness Index would be in Metrics (Numbers its all in the numbers). Ardern and her political cohorts stated the spending in the Budget of Happiness and Wellbeing Indicators is a transitioning to low emissions a sustainable economy, a thriving digital age. After all she had on the behalf of all New Zealanders made them guineapigs to the WEF Digital Identity experiment.

The NZ Government in their budget therefore under the Metric Happiness Wellbeing Index would address ‘inequalities faced by ‘indigenous Maori, Pacifika and low emissions and they would theorize what would be effective use of your tax funded money when making govt decisions. And the govt decided on climate change and social inequality over innovation and growth of the economy. They chose a communist degrowth of the economy

How do you measure ‘Happiness”, happiness means difference things to different people, happiness has its waxes and wanes. Everyone has their own individual unique experiences and the way they deal with those may or may not bring them happiness. Also depends on ones DNA, characteristics, past experiences and what they see for themselves in the future in their in dividual world. Happiness in a population cannot be measured.

No ‘The Happiness Index’ did not firstly become NZ’s very own, the first in the world. In 2008 The Independent Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalaya’s was known for its Happiness Index. Its suppose to be the most peaceful, content happiest places to live, visit.  But Bhutanese people are Buddhists, are into inner spiritual contentment and peace, living simple non materialistic lives, very different to the way people in other nations live their lives. But Bhutan has a very dark secret, that mainstream media will not divulge to the world that introduces their ‘Inclusive Metric Happiness Index.

The people of Bhutan and their inner contentment and the training of the mind, yes authoritarian governments are rights into retraining peoples minds. The Bhutanese training the mind to be at one with nature, the natural world rather than the world of material growth and innovation, their would being simple non-complex.

Authoritarian regimes insulating our nations mindset to be of a Buddhist psyche. To be like the tiny kingdom of Bhutanese. To dismantle individualism to all be of one thinking and one behavior. The one that is not determined by you but by them.

Lets step back in history to the Bhutanese as there are huge flaws to be found. Bhutan deported 100,000 inhabitants that were of Nepalese ethnicity on the grounds of non-adoption of the traditional Bhutanese traditions, language, dress and religious practices.

 Thus not Gross Happiness but Gross Sorrowfulness. An ethnic cleansing. Happiness the meaning of everything and the meaning of nothing. Ideology coverups.

The Guardian 10th April 2021 wanted to focus on how Arderns Happiness and Wellbeing Index is going. Reporting of the faltering and failing the unaffordable housing crisis, the failing state of the health system. Yes the Government Budget still embraces the Happiness and Wellbeing Index-Indicators, which have been saluted far and wide.

NZ the worst suicide rate for youth suicide in developed nations, 21/7/2021 24,000 people on the public housing list 31/5/2022  27, 234 on the public housing list.

NZ Herald reported 30/1/2023 37,779 people waiting 4 months or longer on hospital waiting lists to see a specialist for first time appointments. Middlemore hospital patients in Ed waited for 6 hours or more to be seen by a doctor. 67,000 people in hospital backlogs, overdue for treatment.

The Mental Health system is broken. Stuff. NZ reported 30th March 2023 that more than half of students fail pilot on writing standards. Children left rudderless and disengaged. Education that serves division and not scientific evidence. The dumbing down of Education, robbing our children, tell enough lies and lies are eventually believed as the truth.

Sexualizing, politicizing our children, young people in the education curriculum. In every subject is embedded sexuality. Children encouraged to watch porn talk openly about sexual desires. That’s institutionalized child abuse. Sexual abuse.  This is the way that this government measures the population happiness. It’s a very accurate way of measuring the sorrowfulness that has been deliberately plundered our nation.

The World Happiness Index was developed by the UN General Assembly in 2011, when UN Member States were invited to measure public happiness and use it as a guide for their policies.

This has led to mass corruption, red tapism, the most needy left scavenging for crumbs whilst the lions share is diverted to the most wealthy and powerful in the world, that the NZ Government under this Labour Authoritarian regime collaborates and promotes through what is namely their Budget ‘The Happiness and Wellbeing’ Metric Index of the health and wellbeing of our nation.