Climate change: Mike Smith wins right to sue seven polluters including Fonterra, Z, Genesis Energy. Smith is an influential member of the Iwi National Leaders Forum, whom have back door entry to the Te Pati Maori Party in Parliament. Smith refers to the role of tikanga Maori and Smiths relationship to coastal waters. This appears to be the case of building up more renewable energies. Smith had already had his case thrown out of Court but the Supreme Court has now decided that he does has a case to be answered, so he gets his day in court once again

Smith states the government is failing its duties under the Treaty of Waitangi to protect Maori, whom he said are much more vulnerable to so called catastrophic climate change than any other peoples. Saying that agriculture sector contribute to approx. ½ of NZ’s Greenhouse emissions. Smith says the government was failing unless it reduced total greenhouse gases by half by 2020 and zero by 2050.

2017 Government  stock take on adapting to Climate Change identified Maori as a most vulnerable group because of their significant reliance on the environment as a cultural, social economic resource. With Climate Change Minister James Shaw saying that Maori are disproportionately impacted by the effects of climate change. Surely this case of Smiths now permitted by the Supreme Court will open the flood gates to claims by those whom have much self interested gain. Follow the money

Researching a book authored by David Seymour titled ‘Own Your Own Future’ A Liberal Vision For New Zealand in 2017..Page 22 ‘MMP allows small parties to have a large influence. The Maori Party have proven this by being prepared to threaten John Key with a walk out, which would leave the balance of power to Peter Dunne. They have managed to negotiate million after millions of taxpayer funding for various Maori centric projects and separatists legislation this being a gradual shift in the entire way in which government operates

Fast forward to page 162 on Environment in Seymour’s book. Green MPs are the biggest users of free parliamentary air travel, they spent more on air travel than NZ First MPs. This is a Party that flew three MPs to Paris to talk about Climate. Green Party only having one scientifically trained MP. The political right have two doctors, a geneticist, a zoologist and a neurological scientist and a few agricultural scientist

Page 163 The Free market economy make better environmental custodians. Seymour calls the free market economy as 4v P’s, Property Rights, Pricing, Prosperity and Private Initiatives. Saying the problem with the Green Party and their doing  environmentalism by posture of principle.

On page 170 ‘Chapter titled ‘In ACT We Tend to be Optimistic’ “ The reason the doomsters get the future wrong is that they under estimate or even ignore technological change. If you predict the future on the basis of current technology you will be wrong. Not just a little wrong but wildly wrong. There are a few  pessimists gone wrong over the years eg Malthus on population 1798, Ehrlich in 1968 (The Population Bomb) The Club Of Rome in 1972 (Limits to Growth) to Al Gore claiming in 2006 that we had only 10 years left to save the planet.  Al Gore has been very influential, as to Obama and now the WEF as made a fortune from his inconvenient truth.

“That in the last 30 years we have witnessed the greatest reduction in global poverty in the history of the planet. Tragically the Labour Party, Greens, NZ First still don’t get it that free-markets and globalization thing

Saying on page 171 “Forecasts of global fossil fuel use is based on current technologies will be wildly overstated. I think we should all be skeptical of the intense politicization of climate science debates. It is always suspicious when science issues seem to line up with political positions. The left/Right divide tends to correlate with alarmist sketic positions, and that’s weird whatever side you come from. Seymour stating he is a Luke  warmist as outlined by Matt Ridley when it comes to man made climate change. Is skeptical about the degree as to how dangerous man made climate change is, he just has a moderately informed opinion

What does Matt Ridley say:- Climate Change is doing more good than harm. The message he gives is “carry on warming” in an article in the Spectator as he challenged the widespread belief that climate change has a negative effect on the world.  Saying that current scientific consensus is largely ignored by mainstream media. Matt identifies economic benefits of climate change

Fewer winter deaths, a better chance of life benefits lower energy costs, cut heating bills. An increase in global plant growth High CO2 level is actually good news, has a positive effect on plant growth, on food supply and agricultural yields, in the Sahel region of Africa where levels of famine have declined. There’s no evidence that climate change has caused higher rates of death in extreme weather. This is a predicted conclusion by IPCC, An independent study by Indur Goklany that shows that the death rate from droughts, floods and storms has dropped 98% since the 1920’s. People have better protection and have got much richer.

The trouble is that the mainstream media, and even the IPCC, cherry-pick the bad news whilst ignoring the good. This leads to damaging anti-climate change policies: Negative economic and environmental impact. Matt contends that these policies have “driven people into fuel poverty, made industries uncompetitive, driven up food prices, accelerated the destruction of forests, killed rare birds of prey, and divided communities”.

Large input – negligible returns..Britain will spend around £1.8 trillion over the course of this century on climate policies, in the hope of lowering the air temperature by just 0.005°C.                    For Matt, the key question is: is it worth trying to impede a change in the future at the expense of causing a great deal of harm in the present.

Seymour says he is a luke warmist as outlined by Matt Ridley and here you have it. Hence its all down to NZrs contributing to being good global citizens and all this renewable energy will do nothing to change the climate.

Seymour’s says there is a strong case for us New Zealand’s to contribute to being good global citizens on page 172 of his book. We effectively have Zero impact on global warming outcomes. But of course, always follow the money… The World Bank directs grants to Indigenous Peoples, works closer with Indigenous Peoples, the financing, transitioning to carbon markets. Indigenous Peoples Rights to mitigate climate change, wind and solar farms. Climate Investment Te Pati Māori Climate Policy Plan for unique Indigenous Biodiversity

Te Pati Maori ‘whanau, hapu, iwi must remain at the forefront of climate action and solutions, they must be our own, Crown supports Iwi/Maori led clean energy projects, start up funding, partnerships, financing. Ensuring that Crown works with Iwi to establish climate change adaption. Iwi/Maori lead transition to Zero emissions economy, producing industries in the Maori economy, economic, social opportunity for Iwi businesses to be the cutting edge of green technology, as Maori economy continues to grow

Maori Party established a  $1 Billion scheme responsible for supporting Iwi/Maori owned community energy projects, solar energy and insulation, funding projects to create Maori jobs, bring down energy costs for whanau.

The Crown reviewing renewable energy, meaningful action in terms of involving Iwi/Maori. The Maori Party establishing a national Maori strategy for renewable energy, partnership agreement between Crown (Govt) and specific Iwi/Hapu that are keen to lead renewable energy with significant investment in large scale projects. With partnership finance. Maori Party ban coal mines phase out coal burning by 2030. Fund Iwi/Maori as to adaption of managed retreat policies. Economic social opportunities for Iwi/Maori businesses to be the cutting edge of renewable green technology, growing asset bases.

Back to Mike Smith, Influential member of the National Iwi Leader Forum that has a revolving door into Parliament through the Te Pati Maori Party. That has been in many talks with Christopher Luxon. Of course Christopher Luxon does not want Seymour’s Treaty Principle Bill to go to national referendum. NZ has no democracy. There is no democratic state of New Zealand.

Hence this is why I personally believe the supreme Court has now allowed Smith to take 7 large companies to Court as to Man Made Climate causing himself and idegous peoples harm. Just follow the dam money.








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Carol Sakey


She says “The fortunes of Indigenous peoples (Certain Iwi/Maori elite)  is now about a shared future to stabilize global temperatures, she acknowledges King Charles for making a stand, that his voice is a moral compass to the Western World that requires Indigenous peoples to be owners and custodians of earths biodiversity, to lead climate solutions. She says “King Charles understands that he has facilitated millions of dollars of finance to IPLCs. (Indigenous Peoples and their local communities)

The voice, the author of the Herald Article that attended Dubai was Mere Takoko vice president of Conservation International Aotearoa. She established a ‘blue carbon plan to promote sustainable economic development for Nga Hapu o Ngati Porou an exclusive economic zone. (Victoria University)- The Moana Project.Promoted by several local governments Auckland,  Bay Of Plenty, Opotiki and also other universities plus the UN (Mere Takoko NZ Herald Article ‘The King and I’ and a few thousand others.

Reuters reports 6th October 2023 ‘Wall Street urged to back Indigenous Peoples as protectors of Forests and Oceans. Mere Takoko visits Helsinki  at the the initiative as to financing Ocean Pacific Climate financing (The Nordic Development Fund). To finance, mobilize private investment to climate adaption

Stepping back in history and the ‘Church Bells Across NZ Rang’ and a golden narrow window of opportunity was created. 16th October 2009 Pacific Scoop NZ reports ‘Church bells toll up and down NZ on Saturday 24th October 2009 a press release by the Anglican Church in NZ. The ringing support for ‘350; a global pointer to cut carbon dioxide concentrations in the air” reported Llyod Ashton. The Anglican Church doing its bit. A resolution was made that all churches are encouraged to take part in the 350 day bell ring. Lloyd Ashton was the Anglican Church’s Media Officer whom had spent a decade in working on creative films and production lines

The UN declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples- The Right to own, use, develop and control lands, territories and natural resources that they posses by reason of traditional ownership even if owned legally by others. Veto Rights that others do not have. Veto Rights over Parliamentary Laws Adopted 13th September 2007 Rosemary Banks represented NZ Govt. NZ Govt rejected the UNDRIP was not compliant with NZ Constitution and for all the reasons I just mentioned were included.

John Key in 2010 made a deal with the co leader of the Maori Party Pita Sharples. Sharples travelled to the UN ratified the Non-Binding UNDRIP under a complete veil of secrecy. It is this ratification of the UN Declaration that is being used to bring about apartheid in NZ. Te Pati Maori ‘ All people with Maori Ancestry are not what you publicise as your people ‘ (touted as Our People). But Waititi defends this apartheid.

‘How can it be racist when you’re trying to empower people?’

Maori nationalism is on the rise in New Zealand, with the country divided over co-governance, language and indigenous rights. As an election looms, are the players stoking tensions for political advantage?reports the Australian. Words belonging to Waititi

Its time to rethink the idea of the ‘Indigenous’ – The decolonization of everything and anything. To expose the urban radical  activists that endorse themselves as  images of them as children of the forest. The romanticizing of Tribal Feudalism and the UN Labour Organization that has totally embraced the coining of Indigenous Peoples. U.N. Working Group on Indigenous Populations, which was founded in 1982, and—in part because it benefitted from more regular meetings, the resources of the U.N., and the promise of drafting international law

Researched by Carol Sakey