The massive global collaboration of small businesses and farming worldwide refers to the   UN Billion dollar launch with World Economic Forum (WEF) and the Communist Chinese Regime (CCP).  This is a global strategy that focuses on transforming the global Food System

The Transformation of the Global Food System will impact on civilians worldwide. Will have very serious consequences, impact on New Zealand’s economy and society as a whole.

A global initiative to hastily accelerate UN Agenda 2030 and its 17 SDG’s, Global Sustainable Development Goals and 169 global targets worldwide. Leaving No-one Behind, that will seriously impact on everyone, everywhere at every age.

Where businesses, customers, services, individuals and whole communities will be judged by their behavior and actions in a points scoring system. A Communist Chinese Credit System of Rewards and Punishments. Compliance and Non-Compliance relates to favorable or less favorable responses by New Zealand Government. The Partnership between Iwi and Crown. With Iwi having veto rights over all peoples in New Zealand.

Not one politician in the cesspit of Wellington are publicly speaking out, they are all in this together.

WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND……… I urge you to join the Farmers Groundswell on 21st November 2021.